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This is my second Snarry and is the sequel to 'Harry's Secret'. It is now four years later and when Harry falls pregnant again it is down to him and Severus to tell their daughter Harriette who is all questions.

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Harry woke up and rolled over, flinging his arm out in hopes of snuggling up to his husband only to find a cold and empty space. Harry sighed, Severus had got up early again, Harry took his wand out and cast a tempus charm, "five minutes past six in the morning? Serious Sev." Harry mumbled.

Having no intention of getting up yet, Harry shuffled across the bed and buried his face in his husband's pillow, breathing in his scent.

"All the times I used to hate you because I thought you was like your father when you are more like that mutt, sniffing my pillow like that." a voice sneered behind Harry that had him turning over and seeing his husband, arms crossed in a strict manner, his trousers on but the rest of his robes undone, showing Harry his chest.

"It's not my fault you decided to get up and out of bed before I woke up, I normally wake first and bury my face in your neck."

"I know you do as I am awake when you do so."

"Why are you up so early?"


"Is she alright?"

"Bad dream, I put her back to bed when she fell asleep and came to have a shower and get ready for the day as I knew I wouldn't get back to sleep."

"You should have woke me."

"No point in us both getting up. Why wake you up?"

"We could have had morning se-"


Harry looked from Severus to the door which had just been flung open, banging against the wall as his four year old daughter Harriette came running in, a soft cuddly snake snuggled tight under her arm, a toy which Severus was determined for her to have, as far as he was concerned, his daughter will be a Slytherin.

Harriette ran up to the bed and after several failed attempts to try and climb up the bed, the little girl with shoulder length, jet black hair like her father turned to him in the bathroom doorway. "Father up pwease." she said, her cuddly toy still snug under her arm as she lifted both, wiggling her fingers until Severus walked forward and picked his daughter up, placing a small kiss on her cheek before chucking her in the air, making her land on the bed beside her daddy, giggling as the bed bounced with her.

"What are you doing up? I only put you back to bed thirty minutes ago."

"I'm not tired."

"You was asleep in my arms."

"Pretending." Harriette confessed, giggling at the look on her father's face. "Daddy lets play."

"It's six in the morning darling."

"I wanna play." she said, doing a good imitation of Severus with her arms folded.

Harry looked at the pout on his daughter's face and couldn't resist. "Okay sweetheart." Harry went to throw the covers off him and get out of bed when Severus stopped him. "No."

Harry looked at his husband who widened his eyes a little. Harry turned to his daughter. "How about hide and seek? I will count to one hundred and then come and find you. Only in your room or living area though sweetheart."

Harriette beamed and nodded as she crawled down to the bottom of the bed and with the sheets being silk, Harriette sat and slid off the bed and landed with a 'oomph' on the floor before standing up and running from the room.

Harry threw the covers off him, showing Severus his naked form as he stood up and went over to the drawers to get some boxer briefs out. "I wish she wouldn't do that, she could seriously hurt herself."

"If you had taken the time to notice Harry, all around our bed is soft for when she does it. She doesn't listen to us when we're telling her not to so I have simply gave up and put a spell on the floor around our bed so it is soft landing no matter where she lands."

"You think of everything Severus."

"When you are raising a girl like our daughter you have to."

"What do you mean 'a girl like our daughter' Severus?"

"She has been spending too much time with those Weasley twins. I taught them for seven years. I know what they are like."

"As do I Severus, her being with them won't do her no harm."

"Harriette not being with them won't do her no harm either."

Harry smiled, if Severus was anybody else, he would be pouting. "Severus' daughter loves the two biggest pranksters going and is the granddaughter of one, are you afraid she will grow up like them instead of being like you."

"Don't be stupid Potter."

Harry smirked and moved forward wrapping his arms around his husband's neck. "I think you are." he whispered before standing on his toes to join lips with those of his Slytherin's.


Harry and Severus broke away and turned to see their daughter stood in the doorway. "Daddy you are to come and find me."

"I was darling."

"I am not in father's mouth."

Severus looked from his daughter to Harry who looked as though he was trying his hardest not to laugh. "Weasley twins. I told you didn't I." he said as he turned and walked back into the bathroom.

Harry laughed and walked over to his daughter picking her up. "We'll play hide and seek later sweetheart, lets get breakfast ready."

"Okay daddy." Harriette sweetly said as she wrapped her small arms around her daddy's neck.

It was later that day when Harry was rushing about their quarters, "Harriette sweetheart where are you?"

Harry and his daughter where playing hide and seek and after five minutes of not finding her and calling out for her, Harry started to panic. He took out his wand and laid it flat in his palm. "Harriette Snape, point me."

Harry's wand spun before pointing slightly north-west, occasionally looking up to see he didn't bump into anything, he stopped when he saw the door he was heading to. It was the door that led to Severus' potions class. Oh please no. Anywhere but there Harriette. Harry thought. Before he could reach the door however it flew open and Harry watched as Severus walked in holding Harriette at arms length who was crying. "Harry control our child."

Harry quickly took his daughter and held her close, shushing her as he gently rocked her. "I have to finish this class full of first years and then I will be going on a murder hunt."

"Murder hunt? Who are you planning to kill Severus?"

"The Weasley twins. Who else do you think would give our daughter a slingshot and find it funny in doing so. It was lucky I saw an ingredient flying through the air in time to put shield charms up around the cauldrons."

Harry had one arm around Harriette whilst his free hand was stroking her shoulder length black hair. "Shh darling."

Severus heard his daughter mumble something into his husband's shoulder. "No darling," Harry said in a soothing voice. "Your father isn't angry with you, he was just worried that you would get hurt."

Harriette sniffed and pulled her head back. "Really?"

"Really sweetheart. Your father was just worried for you." Harry explained and held his daughter out to Severus who took his daughter after seeing her with tears running down her cheeks. Harry smiled and moved towards the potions classroom. "Where are you going?"

"I am a teaching assistant Severus. I am going to take over your first year's class whilst you calm our daughter who you scared into thinking you are angry with her." and Harry left the quarters before Severus could answer back.

Looking down at Harriette, Severus sighed and reached out to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Harriette bit her lip and sniffled so Severus moved to the sofa where he sat down with his daughter in his lap. "You know how much I love you don't you? And how scared I get when anything bad happens to you, well today something bad could have happened to you and I was so scared Harriette, I am sorry I scared you but do you understand how dangerous it is to throw things in a potions classroom. You know you shouldn't have been there in the first place. Daddy told you your bedroom or the living room only," Harriette nodded even as tears welled in her eyes, "I'm sorry," she said in a small voice. And Severus drew her close burying his nose in her hair and holding her tightly "I know you are, I love you."

"I love you too father." Harriette said, smiling as she held onto Severus and laid her head against his chest, Severus holding her close.

It was thirty minutes later when Harry had dismissed Severus' first years and walked back into the quarters and stopped at the sight in front of him. Severus was sat on the sofa fast asleep with his arm around their daughter who was snuggled up close to her father, her head on his chest.

Harry crept over to the cabinet on the wall and pulling out the camera, he took a couple of photos and then lowered the camera.

"Am I to keep my eyes shut for you to take some more pictures?"

Harry smiled, "no Severus, you're fine." Severus nodded and stood up slowly, being careful not to wake the little girl asleep in his arms.

Severus walked from his daughter's room, quietly closing the door behind him, and saw Harry in their small kitchen.

Harry jumped slightly when he felt arms circle him from behind. "Why so jumpy?"

"I thought you were still putting our daughter down for her nap."

"She was already asleep, I just laid her down and covered her up."

"Are you sure she is asleep and not just pretending like she was this morning?" Severus grunted in response and buried his nose in Harry's neck, inhaling his scent. "Now who is acting like a mutt?"

Severus pulled back and spun Harry around. "How about Harriette stays with Hermione tonight and have a night to ourselves."


"Mm-hm." was Severus' answer as he buried his face into Harry's neck, Harry submitting and moving his neck to give Severus more access as his arms came up to wrap themselves around his husband. "Mm, okay, I know Hermione loves having her. Although Hermione doesn't read her bedtime stories, she reads her a book about what potions are best used in medical emergencies."

"She can stay with Hermione more often, knowing Fred and George they are telling her the makings of their latest set of pranks."

Harry chuckled and moved back. "Let it go already, I have got rid of the slingshot, she not see it again."

"Daddy I'm hungry." Harry looked over Severus' shoulder and saw his daughter walking tiredly towards them. "I am just fixing you something up now sweetheart."

"No you weren't. You were kissing father. Again."

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