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As the weeks went on Severus had watched Harry closely and was happy to see that the morning sickness and the constant want of wanting to sleep had gone thanks to the potions he was taking.

The only only thing that got worse was Harry's mood swings. These days, all Severus had to say was 'good morning' and Harry would snap his head off. He would then head into the bathroom to wash up for the day and find Harry crying in the shower, telling Severus not to look at him as he was getting fat and how could Severus love him.

One thing that the Slytherin did notice though was that Harry was showing a lot for what stage he was at. Severus actually told Harry this and ended up getting yelled at. "So you do think I am fat." Harry had yelled at him. "I knew you was lying. Bastard."

Severus actually stood his ground and answered back. "Why is it me you are only pissed at Harry?"

"Because you are the one that got me in this state."

Severus did bite back saying it takes two to get Harry how he is which resorted to Severus spending two nights on the sofa.

Harry had let him back into their bed on the third night saying it was only because Harriette was asking questions, but Severus knew it was because Harry had missed him as the first thing Harry did was latch onto Severus.

When Harry went for his check up when he reached his fourth month mark Severus had told Hermione his concerns about Harry's mood swings and how he is bigger than what he should be. Harry was about to yell at his husband again when Hermione spoke.

"I agree Severus. Harry shouldn't be that size at this stage. Lie down Harry whilst I run further tests."

Harry did as he was told and held Severus' hand despite being mad at him moments before, Hermione saying she wanted to run more tests scared him.

"Well Harry I have ran all the tests I can think of and I have found something."

Severus helped Harry sit up and put an arm around his Gryffindor when he felt his husband squeeze his hand. "What did you find Hermione?" he found himself asking.

"Another baby. Congratulations to you both, you are expecting twin boys."

Harry blinked. "I'm sorry, what?"

"That makes perfect sense." Severus muttered.

"Twins?" Harry got to his knees on the bed and flung his arms around a slightly shocked Severus and attacked him with kisses. "Twins Severus. Twins." Harry laughed. "I love you."

Severus came out of his surprised state at Harry's words. "Oh so now you love me again. Now I am your husband and not the evil bastard that got you like this just to make you suffer?"

"You know I don't mean it Severus. I hate these mood swings as much as you do."

"Well then you will both be happy to know that in a couple of weeks, Harry won't have his mood swings and snap at you Severus. Harry will soon have a very... how did you put it last time? 'an increased sexual appetite' on you." Hermione informed the potions professor.

"So it goes from constant nagging to constant sex."

Hermione blushed and cleared her throat. "Yes. Make sure you rest up and eat plenty Harry."

"I will do. Thank you Hermione."

Harry and Severus left the hospital wing hand in hand, not being able to wait until they tell their daughter that she will have twin brothers.

To say Harriette was excited would have been an understatement. She squealed and hugged her parents before standing on her tip toes. "I will be their big sister. It is my job to look after them."

Harry laughed as he sat down next to his daughter who placed her small hands on her daddy's bump. "What are you going to name them?"

"Well your father named you so how about you name one and I name the other?"

Harriette sat and thought for a full minute before answering. "Albus."

Harry looked at Severus who nodded. "I like it. Albus it is. What about Albus' twin Harry?"

"He can be named after his grandfather."

Severus frowned. "James?"

"No Severus. Tobias. Toby for short."

"Harry are you sure?"

"I am."

Severus stood from his chair and leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his husband's lips. "Thank you Harry."

"You are welcome Severus, I know you didn't have happy memories with him but with your son you will make new and happy ones."

Harry sighed. He was bored. When Harry got to seven months he was ordered to do nothing but rest. Severus knowing Harry couldn't just do that actually chuckled when he went into their bedroom and handed Harry a load of different sized parchments. "Severus what's this?"

"This pile here is fourth year potion homework." the Slytherin explained.

"And this smaller pile is first years homework. Don't go too easy on the marking, despite being happily married with a daughter and two sons on the way I still have my reputation of the snarky bastard who is the potions master to uphold."

Harry reached up with his arms and pulled Severus down so his husband's face was level with his before attacking his mouth with vigour. Severus fell forward a little at Harry's eagerness and quickly moved his long arms either side of Harry, his hands on the bed. Harry tangled his fingers in his husband's hair and tightened his grip.

"Hey Harry I have just come to drop-ugh."

Severus growled in frustration and pulled back and turned around to see Ron stood in his and Harry's bedroom doorway with his daughter on his hip. He turned and looked at Harry. "I best get back. You need anything let me know."

"I will Severus. And thank you."

The Slytherin walked over to the door and paused, giving Harriette a kiss on her forehead as his thumb stroked her cheek. "See you in a bit sweetheart."

"Bye father."

Ron placed Harriette on the bed and sat on the edge. "I can't believe I just saw a caring side of Snape."

"Severus." Harry corrected. "That side you just saw is how I always see him Ron, the side you never saw when you wondered what I saw in him when we first started to date."

Ron nodded. "So how are you holding up mate?" he asked, changing the subject.

"I am bored. Severus knows I hate being like this which is why he brought me these so I can mark them and actually have something to do. What you walked in on was me thanking him, you came in and interrupted before we could take it further."

"Harry I don't want to know the details. It is still weird to me that he got you pregnant. Wedding night is traditional and then with Harriette and now the twins. It's still weird to think of Snape getting you pregnant. I don't want to think about it."

"Uncle Ron if you don't want to think about it, why talk about daddy and father having sex?"

Harry gasped. "Harriette darling where did you learn that word?"

"I heard aunt Hermione telling Uncle Ron she is pregnant and Uncle Ron asked how it happened and aunt Hermione said in a funny voice that having sex might have something to do with it."

"I don't want you saying that word for a very long time to come sweetheart. And Ron?" he said, looking from his daughter to his best friend. "Congratulations. I am so happy for you."

"Thank you mate."

"Hermione will be down here later to check me over. I can give her my congratulations then. How far gone is she? Have you told anyone?"

"Seven weeks and no. We want to wait until Hermione gets to twelve weeks, she said something about how muggles wait until they hit the twelve week mark or something."

"Yeah. Most women do wait as some miscarry before the twelve week so they say it is bad luck, to a certain extent, to tell people before they reach twelve weeks. Not everyone does it, but most do."

To say that Harry was on bed rest, the time went fairly quickly, what with either Severus coming to sit with him during breaks or dinner or free periods. The weasley family came from time to time to talk and keep him company, it was Fred and George that came to sit with Harry when he was getting frustrated, getting to the point where he didn't want to be pregnant any more.

Severus was a brave man, after all he had risked and gone through during the war, he could take on anything, but a eight and a half month pregnant Harry who was pissed off and would snap at anyone who would say hello, Severus wasn't stupid enough to sit and talk to him, he left that to the Weasley twins and went back to Harry when he was in a better mood.

It was a week later when Severus walked into the bedroom to check on Harry when he saw his husband out of bed and with his back to him, leaning forward with his hands on the bedside table a small puddle of wetness on the floor near his feet.

His daughter was standing on the bed beside Harry and holding onto his arm. "What do I do daddy?"

Severus rushed over and held on tight to Harry. "Harriette sweetheart, remember what I told you about the floo and what I taught you."

"Yes father."

"Do you think you can do it?"

"I can try."

"Good girl." Severus gave her one of his very rare smiles and started to rub Harry's back and soothe him.

Harriette ran into the living area and chucked a bit of floo powder. "Hermione's office." she said as clear as she could and waited a few seconds before Hermione's head appeared. "Harriette darling what's wrong?"

"It's daddy. It's time."

"Stand back."

Harriette walked backwards and watched as Hermione came through the floo and picked her up and carried her into her parents room. "Severus I will drop Harriette off with Ron and get everything ready, get Harry to the hospital."

Severus nodded and cast a featherlight charm on Harry and picked him up. "Severus." Harry gasped, fisting Severus' robes. "Hold on Harry. I will get you there and be with you every step of the way."

Harry rested his head against Severus' shoulder and let himself be carried to the hospital wing as he continued to stroke his stomach.

Severus placed Harry on the closest bed in the hospital wing and removed the featherlight charm. "Right then Harry, you are not going to be awake throughout all of this but rest assure I know what I am doing and Severus is not going to leave your side."

Harry looked at Severus who kept his husband's gaze and held his hand. "I will be the first person you see when you wake."

Harry nodded and laid back, silently letting Hermione know she can start. Severus removed Harry's top and the last thing Harry saw before all went black was Hermione waving her wand over him.

When Harry awoke he felt someone holding his left hand, opening his eyes he saw Severus stood facing him, his left hand holding Harry's but Severus wasn't looking at him, he was looking to his right. Harry followed his husband's gaze and saw that Severus had his hand in a cot which Harry saw held two babies. His sons.

He saw Severus' hand in the cot, his hand outstretched between his sons so he was touching one son with his thumb and the other with his little finger. It was a time like this where Severus was showing his softer side that Harry wished he had a camera.


Dark eyes locked with his. "Harry you're awake." Severus brought his right hand up and cupped Harry's face placing a small kiss on his lips. "I told you I would be the first person you see."

"That you did. How are our sons?"

"Why don't you see for yourself." Severus leaned over and picked one of his sons up that was wrapped in a blue blanket and carefully laid him in Harry's arms. Harry smiled and stared down at his son who had a full head of hair and a small button nose. Harry looked over to Severus who sat on the edge of the bed with his his sons twin in his arms. Looking down and seeing his other son with just as much black hair on his head but his nose wasn't a button nose it was slightly longer and bigger, whereas the baby Harry was holding had plump cupid bow lips, the baby Severus was holding had thinner lips with only a hint of plumpness in them.

Yes. His son in his husband's arm will grow up to be his father's double. "They are not identical then, at least we can tell them apart."

"Which one are you holding Harry?"

"This is Albus Severus Snape."

Severus leaned forward and kissed Harry when he was told the middle name. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. And you are holding Tobias Arthur Snape. From the looks of him he is going to be your double."

Just then Hermione walked over to them both and checked over Harry, happy that he was well, Hermione smiled. "The family is outside and wanting to come in and little Harriette is anxious to meet her brothers."

Harry chuckled, "let them in."

When Hermione walked away to open the doors, Severus went to move but was stopped by Harry's hand on his leg. "Don't you move."

All the weasley's gathered around the bed and Harriette climbed up the bed when Ron placed her down. Everyone cooed over the twins and Severus seeing the Weasley twins made him remember something. "And when my sons are old enough to talk don't you go teaching them to finish one another's sentences. You got it."

"Absolutely." they said in unison.


"Severus you and I have to talk. I am their mother and I can't get them to do as they are told." Molly said as she cooed over Tobias.

Harriette was on her knees and looking from one brother in her father's arms to her other brother in her daddy's arms, a small frown on her face as she looked from one to the other. "They don't do much do they?"

Harry chuckled. "Well they won't do darling. They have only just come from my tummy."

Harriette nodded. "They only got in your belly because you and father had sex." Harriette looked at her father who looked at his daughter horrified. "Right father?"

The end.

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