A/N: Just a heads-up, there is massive fourth wall breaking below! XD Other than that, enjoy!

A World Beyond The Hub: Bloopers

(Chapter 3: "curiosity"- Take 1)

P-body: And do you know what humans say about curiosity!


(Take 2)

P-body: You know what they say about curiosity?

Atlas: She was a cat...that...uh...burned to death?

P-body: *face palms, giggles*

Atlas: *chuckling*

(Chapter 3: "sleeping together"- Take 1)

Kronos: *asleep next to Katie*...

Katie: *pretending to be asleep, trying her best not to smile*...

random crew member: *roll whistles*

Katie: *covers her face with her hands, snorts with laughter*

(Take 2)

Katie: We were...you know what...weren't we?

Kronos: *can't help but smirk* YES!

Katie: *tries to hold back laughing, fails* You can't smile when saying that!

Kronos: *laughing* I'm sorry!

Katie: *giggles* Jeez, you looked like such a creep...

(Chapter 4: "where he came from"- Take 1)

Katie: Shut up! It was an accident!

Defective: Suuuuurrre it was. *wiggles eyebrows*

Katie: *face palms*...

(Take 2)


Defective: Yeah RIGHT! I bet you think about it every DAY! Woo! Pelvic thrust! *does a pelvic thrust*

Katie: ! *snorts with laughter, looking away* Dear God, never do that again.

Kronos: *laughing along with some crew members*

(Chapter 12: "unused dialouge"- Take 1)

GLaDOS: This is ridiculous...I'm wasting valuble testing time by putting him into a human body when I could just rebuild him. I have his memory and the blueprints. So, why am I doing this? So he can kiss my daughter. Where did I go wrong?

Kronos: *offstage* Spoiler Alert!

GLaDOS: *sigh* Story of my life...

(chapter 13: "Potty break"- Take 1)

Human Kronos stunt double: *makes a face* Actually, I feel a bit weird...

Katie: ? *giggles* What was THAT look? You looked like you stubbed your toe or something.

HKSD: *laughs, makes the same face* Ahh! I need to pee! And I stubbed my toe!

Katie: *giggles*

(Take 2)

HKSD: I feel...tingly...

Katie:...*smirks, trying not to laugh* What do I say again? Line?

director: "It means you have to go".

Katie: *giggles* Sorry, I keep forgetting.

(Chapter 4: "where he came from"- Take 3)

Defective: *laughs* She's like, "DO NOT WANT".

Kronos: *laughing*

Katie:...*puts a stunt gun to her head*

(Take 4)

Kronos: *trying to act all cool* Dude...

Katie and Defective: *both trying not to laugh*

Kronos: *smirks, also tries not to laugh* We're, like, not together...m-man.

Katie and Defective: *can't take it anymore, snicker*

GLaDOS: *offscreen* God, you're immature. We never had this much trouble in Portal 2...

Kronos, Katie, and Defective: *all bust out laughing*

(Offstage With Defective and Kronos )

Defective: *whispering, looks at the camera he's holding* They're doing the King Turret scene... *points it onstage where a view of Katie and Kronos can barely be seen*

Katie: *grabs Kronos's arm* We have to get out of here!

Kronos: ! *freezes, staring up at the King Turret, then collapses in a ball* MOMMYYY!

Defective: I have to say, he does that very well...

director: Cut! That was a good take, let's break for lunch.

Defective: *grins* Ooh, lunch break!

(OWDaK: At lunch- 1)

Defective: *is with Kronos, looking into the camera* Here's somebody you guys might know. *turns and points it at Rattman*

Rattman: *sitting next to his companion cube while eating his lunch* What are you two doing with that?

Kronos: We're doing "Offstage with Defective and Kronos". Where we record what goes on when we're not filming, or what happens backstage when we ARE filming.

Rattman: *chuckles* Don't you mean "Behind the Scenes with Defective and Kronos"?

Defective:...*turns the camera to Kronos*

Kronos: *blank expression* Oh... *glances at Defective*

(OWDaK: At Lunch- 2)

Katie: *sitting next to GLaDOS* Want some cake, GLaDOS? *holds out her fork with a bit of cake on it*

GLaDOS: Katie, you do know I can't eat, right?

Katie: Oh...right...

GLaDOS: I don't know why they want to portray me as your mother. I'm not good with kids. *turns back to her monitors* Green, I can see you back there.

Defective and Kronos: *both make a run for it, until Kronos suddenly explodes*

Defective: ! *dives and covers his head from debris*

Kronos: *reassembled shortly after* Ow...that hurt.

Atlas:*nearby* And that's why you never make GLaDOS angry.

Kronos: She does that to you EVERY time you go outside the official courses?

Defective:THAT's why I'm glad to not be a test subject.

(OWDaK: Preparation)

Defective: They're preparing Kronos for his "oil leak". *points the camera at Kronos and two makeup artists*

Kronos: *has a realistic looking rupture on his core* This takes forever...

P-body: *walks over* Kronos?

Kronos: ? *turns and looks at P-body* Mom? What are you doing here?

P-body: Hold on, you have a smudge. *rubs Kronos's core*

Kronos: *squirms* Mommm, not now we're doing offstage time!

A/N: This was made just for fun cause I was bored.