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Oct. 18, 2003.

'There is no one else I can imagine spending my life with.' Dudley smiled at the woman across from him, her blue eyes sparkling. Taking her hand in his, he took a deep breath, before saying: 'Michelle Creevey, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?'

A smile spread across Michelles face, as she cried out, 'Yes, yes, yes!' Laughing, she threw herself into his arms, 'Dudley, I love you!' She smiled, as he slid a ring on her left hand.

'And I love you.' Closing his eyes, he wrapped his arms around her. Burying his face in her hair, he smiled; and for the first time in his life, felt happy.

Feb. 22,2004.

'Do you, Dudley Vernon Dursley, take this woman to be your bride?' Reverend Andrews asked.

'I do.'

'And do you, Michelle Alexis Creevey, take this man to be your husband?'

'I do!' Michelle said, a smile on her face.

'Then, it is my pleasure to pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss your bride!' Smiling, Reverend Andrews clapped with the rest of the guests, as Dudley pulled his wife to him. Smiling into her eyes, he slowly lowered his mouth to hers. He smiled, and held her close, while rubbing his lips against hers. Only breaking when he heard the applause of their twenty-five guests; and the wolf whistle of his new brother-in-law.

o ~ O ~ o

Later that evening, as Dudley held his wife in his arms, he smiled down at her and asked, 'Any regrets, Mrs. Dursley, my love?'

Shaking her hair back from her face, she grinned, and let her husband twirl her around the dance floor. 'Why would I have regrets about anything, when I'm married to you?' She said, with a laugh.

Grinning, Dudley shook his head, 'Good!' Lifting her hand, he brought her fingers to rest against his lips, and slowly smiled at her. Taking in her flushed cheeks, and sparkling blue eyes. Staring into those blue eyes, he murmured, 'Did I tell you how gorgeous you look this evening?'

Smiling, Michelle nodded, while a blush graced her cheeks, 'Multiple times, actually.'

'Awe! She's blushing!' A friend of Michelles called.

Dudley smiled and, ran a hand up and down the spine of the woman in his arms. Softly, he said, 'My blushing bride.' Pulling her close once again, Dudley lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers. Once. Twice. Then a third time; which was longer, and sweeter than the two before it.

'Alright, alright!' Mr. Allock, one of the senior partners at the firm Dudley worked at, said with a laugh. 'You've only got to last a quick minute longer Dudley.' Grinning, the older man clapped him on the shoulder, before turning to look at his young employees wife. Leaning forward he brushed a quick kiss against her cheek, 'You look absolutely lovely, Michelle. Make sure this boy treats you right!' With a wink, and a laugh he was off.

Laughing, Michelle smiled at her husband, and stepped back into his arms. Standing on her toes, she leaned forward and kissed his chin. 'Do you have any regrets, Big D?' She asked, pulling back slightly to meet his gaze.

Dropping a quick kiss to her forehead, he shrugged. 'Only thing I wish was different... I have a cousin.'

'Uhm.. I'm sorry?' Michelle laughed, and looked at him, a puzzled expression on her face.

Dudley gave a low chuckle, which made Michelle smile. Nodding at a co-worker as he walked by, 'I was kind of an ass towards him when we were younger. And I regret it now.' Smiling, he spun his wife out, and pulled her back in, 'I should've invited him is all.'

'Oh.' Giggling when she found herself being dipped backwards; she spoke to the feet of the couple dancing behind them. 'Why didn't you then?'

Pulling her back up, he grinned, 'Don't know how.'

'You don't know how?' Dudley placed his hands on her waist, and grinned. 'What does that meeeeean?' Squealing, Michelle gripped his shoulders, as he swung her up in the air. Spinning in a quick circle, Michelle slid her arms around his neck, and leaned down to kiss him.

o ~ O ~ o

After the last of the champagne was poured, the couple made their way to doors. Turning quickly on her heels, Michelle whistled, and hollered: 'Single ladies, CATCH!' Throwing the bouquet of blue and silver carnations into the air, Michelle grinned at her husband as the sounds of screeching and giggling erupted behind them. 'Let's go!'

Once in the limo, that Dudleys parents had rented for the couple, Michelle turned towards her husband and gave him a nervous smile. 'Dudley?' Biting her bottom lip, Michelle took a deep breath, 'I've got to tell you something.'

Reaching for her hand, Dudley pulled her into him. Settling his arm around her shoulders, he let his fingers wonder into the ends of her hair, and began to gently tug on the strands. 'Hmm...?' He asked; a content smile on his face.

'Darling, there's something I need to tell you.' Turning to look at him, she shot him a giant smile, 'It's just a little thing, I didn't tell you.' She held her thumb and index finger an inch apart.

'Really?' Dudley studied his wifes face, and frowned, 'Are you already married?'

'No.' Shaking her head, Michelle scrunched up her nose.

'Do you have a pet snake hiding out in your apartment?'

'Never!' Michelles eyes went wide, and she scoffed, 'I would never have a pet snake! Maybe an eagle though.' She said with a small grin.

Rubbing her shoulder, Dudley gave her a encouraging smile, 'You can tell me, dear.'

'Okay.' Kicking her shoes off, Michelle turned in the seat, until she sat on her knees facing him. 'Okay. So the thing is.. now, it might be hard for you to understand at first. But, just know, it's not a bad thing!'

Smiling to himself, Dudley raised his eyebrows, 'Well now, I'm definitly intrigued.'

Blowing out a large breath of air, Michelle gave a small smile. 'The thing is.. I may or not be a witch.' She started wringing her hands together, waiting for his response.

'A - a witch?' Shaking his head, Dudley let out a laugh. Leaning his head back against the seat, he grinned. 'Of course you are. That's definitly my luck. The only woman I want to spend my life with, is a witch.'

Narrowing her eyes at the man beside her, Michelle frowned. 'I'm serious, Darling.' She reached out, and pinched his chin between her thumb and index finger. She turned his head until he was looking at her, and raised her brows, 'Why are you laughing?!'

With a grin, Dudley stares into the wide eyes of his wife. 'Well, let's see.' Holding up a finger, he started ticking off facts, 'You've just told me that you're a witch.' A second finger goes up, 'Out of all the woman I could fall for; I fall for a witch.' Opening his hand, he reached out and cupped her face, before leaning down and kissing her. 'Oh, I love you.'

'You believe me?' She asked, her brows meeting in the middle, with a slight frown. 'Just like that?' She snapped her fingers, and looked at him when he nodded. 'Why?'

Laughing again, Dudley shrugged out of his jacket, and said: 'Because the summer I was fifteen, I almost was kissed by a Dementor. Or there was the time when this huge, giant of a man gave me a curly pigs tail.' Grimacing, Dudley shook his head. 'I was kind of a pig when I was younger.'

'You - a Dementor?' Frowning, Michelle cocked her head to the side, 'Are you a wizard?'

'Nah.' Shaking his head, Dudley ran a hand through his hair and glanced out the window. 'My cousin was. The one I was mean to when I was younger. Did you go to Hogwarts?' He asked, looking at her. When she nodded, he grinned, 'So did Harry.'

Frowning, Michelle sat back, and tried to wrap her mind around what her husband said. He believed her. Because, even though he's a muggle, he's related to a wizard. And has had a pig tail magicked on him, and almost lost his soul to a Dementor. 'Good Godric.' Closing her eyes for a moment, Michelle let a slow smile cross her features. Rubbing her hands together, her smile transformed into a grin. 'Harry who? I might know him.'

Pulling her towards him, Dudley picked her up until she was straddling his lap. 'Hmm... oh. Potter. Harry Potter.'

'WHAT?!' Michelle asked, her voice loud in the narrow space of the limos backseat. 'You mean to say, that Harry freaking Potter is your cousin?'

Shrugging, Dudley muttered, 'Yeah.' And leaned down to start nuzzling her neck. Placing kisses against her cool, exposed skin. He asked, 'You know him?'

'Know him?' Laughing, Michelle leaned back, and wrapped her arms around his neck. 'Everybody knows him!'

'Huh?' Frowning, Dudley asked, 'How does everybody know him?'

'He defeated you-know-who! That's how!' Giggling, Michelle grinned at her husband and leaned forward to place her lips near his, 'I like you more though.' She whispered, before leaning forward and gently tugging on his lower lip with her teeth.

'Mhmm.' Dudley smiled against her mouth. 'I think I'm going to like being married to you!'

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