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August 27, 2013.

Dudley stood alone in his kitchen, watching the sun rise above the horizon through the window, a cup of coffee in his hands. Though the view in front of him was brilliant, his mind was focusing on thoughts from years previous.

August 31, 2008.

'But daddy, what if no one there will like me?' Dudley watched his daughter bite her lip. The worry clear in her eyes. So he sat on the couch, and held his arms open; she raced into them, her head resting on her shoulder. 'What if, Lily forgets that me and her are friends?'

Dudley tightened his arms, 'Honey, that could never happen! You and Lily are the best of friends. And of course people would like you, how could they not?' He asked, holding her away to look into her eyes. 'Your smart, and funny, and just about the cutest thing Ive ever seen!'

Rayelle looked at her father, and smiled. 'Yeah. But, what if?'

'Would it help, if we went over to Harrys? And you can see Lily, and see that she still likes you?' Rayelle slowly nodded, and Dudley smiled. 'Well, come on then!'

Father and daughter crossed the room, and Dudley took a handful of powder, called out 'Potter Place' tossed it in, then stepped in; Rayelles hand clasped in his.


Ginny was sitting at the kitchen table, reading over a piece of parchment when her fireplace lite up. She smiled when she saw Dudley and Rayelle step through. 'Well hello there! What do I owe this suprise?' She asked. Glancing down, she saw unshed tears in the little girls eyes.

Dudley cleared his throat, 'Is Lily home?'

Nodding her head, Ginny said, 'Shes in her room. Go ahead up 'Elle.' She watched as Rayelle let go of her fathers hand, and slowly made her way up the stairs. Looking at Dudley, he sighed:

'For some reason, Rayelle thinks that once she starts Miss Sally's, Lily is going to forget that they were ever friends. Then no one there will like her. And she'll have to go to a school with nobody, all by herself.' Shaking his head, he looked at the red head across from him.

Ginny smiled, and layed her hand untop of his. 'I remeber right around this time last year, Hermione came over with Rose. She was having the same trouble.' She chuckled to herself, 'For some reason little miss confident Rose was scared out of her mind. Thinking Albus was gonna ditch her, and she'd be all alone as well.'

Dudley sighed, and smiled. 'Yeah, well nothing I said appeased the thought in her mind, so we came here to confront it head on.'

'Me and Lily had a conversation.. oh, about two days ago. Shes scared Rayelle is gonna find someone new to be 'bestest friends' with.' The adults chuckeled, and continued talking over coffee.

Meanwhile, upstairs.

Lily was laying on her bed, playing with toys, when Rayelle pushed the door open and stepped in. 'Hi, Lily.'

Glancing up, 'Rayelle!' Lily hopped down, and raced to her cousin, pulling her into a hug. 'I didnt know you were coming to play today!' The girls crossed the room, sitting on the bed.

Rayelle looked down at her shoes, 'I wasnt gonna. But... Im sad.'


'Cause. Were gonna be going to Miss Sally's in a couple of days.' Rayelle glanced up. 'And were not gonna be friends no more.' A tear rolled down her cheek, and she sniffled.

A look of sadness crossed Lily's face. 'Well, why not?'

'Cause. Your gonna make new friends. And forget about me!' Lily shook her head,

'No I wont! Your my bestest friend, forever!' She cried. The girls hugged, and smiled.


Dudley chuckled to himself, finishing his cup, he went upstairs to wake Rayelle up. They were going to Diagon Alley to get her school supplies today. He stood outside her bedroom, watching her sleep.

November, 2006.

Dudley stood outside his daughters bedroom, watching her sleep. Her brown hair, so much like her mothers, spread out around her head. Crossing to her bed, he lightly shook her awake. He smiled, watching her blink away.

'Hi daddy!' Yawning, she smiled up at him.

'Hi!' He helped her outta bed, and got her dressed. Sitting in the kitchen he listened to her rambling on about her grandmothers new cat. All throughout the meal, she talked, and giggled. Afterwards, when he was in the kitchen cleaning up, he heard her scream.

Running into the living room, he saw her sitting untop of the bookcase, about 6ft off the ground. He crossed to her and helped her down. 'How in the world did you get up there?'

She shrugged. 'Dunno. I wanted up, then I was up.' She giggled, and as soon as he put her down, she ran out of the room laughing.


Dudley thought back to the time when she was four, and his mother decided to cut her bangs. Even though she didnt want them cut, and fought with her about it. They weren't even that bad, maybe half-an-inch in her eye. But everytime Petunia snipped a little off, and inch would grow back, immeadiately. By the time she was done, the little girls bangs were longer then the rest of her hair by at least 6ins.

After Dudley woke Rayelle up, and when she was in the shower, singing an american muggle song, he went into his bedroom to get dressed. As he was buttoning his shirt, he remembered the time, she was about eight or nine, Dudley got called out of work to get her from school. A couple boys one from her class, one from a year ahead, had been picking on one of her drawings. It was her version of her 'Aunt Lunas' wracksprut. She had drawn a purple... thing; and the two boys were relentless.

He remembered walking into Miss Sallys office to see Rayelle sitting on a couch, between two purple young men. He thought back, the one from her class was Caydan Zabini, the other one was Scorpious Malfoy. He remembered sitting next to the two boys fathers, and listening to Miss Sallys speech:

'Mr Dursley, I completely understand that children have trouble controlling their magic when they are this young.' She shook her head, a faint smile crossing her lips, 'But.. your daughter went out of her way to find these two young men, and, how she managed to get what she wanted so clearly is beyond me.' Her smile slipped through a little more, 'But she did manage to turn them... purple.'

Dudley turned around in his chair to look at the two boys. 'You mean to tell me, my daughter turned these two boys.. this way?' He looked back at Miss Sally, who nodded. 'Huh.'

The blonde man sitting next to him cleared his throat, before he started speaking. 'Mr Dursley, my name is Draco Malfoy. I find it... prudent to inform you of the entire situation, before you speak to your daughter.' Dudley turned to look at the man beside him. 'From what I gathered from my son, he and Caydan had been going out of their ways, to harrass your daughter about a drawing that she made or a ... wrackspurt? I may not know what that is. But it doesnt matter. Scorpious knows better, and teasing is not something that he is to do to others.'

Dudley glanced at the two boys, so alike in apparence, because of their newly accquired skin color. Guessing the boy, who was currently looking at his shoes to be 'Scorpious'. Draco once again cleared his throat, 'Scorpious,' the little boy glanced up at his father, 'Is there anything you would like to say to this young woman?'

'Sorry Rayelle.' He mumbled, barely audible.

'Yeah! Sorry!' Dudley glanced at the other boy, who turned back to an Olive shadding skin tone, before his eyes. Glancing to the man on his other side, Dudley saw he held a wand in his hand, a smirk on his face.

Draco looked to Miss Sally. 'How long do you figure he will be purple for?'

She looked takenback. 'We figure it will only last two days, at the longest; unless, like Mr Zabini, you wish to remove it yourself.' Draco nodded before addressing his son:

'Scorpious, you know better. Your mother and I raised you to be better then this. As your punishment, you will be to continue school today, and tomorrow, as you are.' Scorpious had looked at his father, tears starting to form in his eyes:

'I said I was sorry!' Draco smiled softly,

'Yes, but just because your sorry, son, doesnt mean what you did was alright.' Looking back at Miss Sally, 'I must return to work, if their is nothing else, mam.'


Dudley smiled at the memory, his daughter is definitly one of a kind. He knew he wasnt going to have to worry about her, while she was at Hogwarts, but knew that he would no matter how well she could stick up for herself. 'Rayelle!' He called up the stairs. 'Hurry up! We need to get to Harrys within the hour.' He paused, listening. 'Unless that is, you dont want to go get your school stuff today. Which means, because I dont know how to get to Diagon Alley, that you wont be getting anything at all.' He chuckled when he heard the water switch off, and his daughter run across to her room.

August 27, 2013. 1pm.
Diagon Alley.

Rayelle stood next to Lily in the doorway of Florish and Blotts. Her head swinging from side to side; taking it all in. 'Come on, Elle!' Lily grabbed her hand. 'You act like you've never been here before!'

Rayelle smiled, and looked at her cousin. 'Well, last time I was here, I was like.. what? Seven.' She giggled, and looped her arm through Lily's. 'Now Im ten, and, Im officially a witch!'

'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yay. Im happy for you! Really I am!' Lily rolled her eyes, 'But mum and Uncle Dudley said that if we could go and get our robes by the time they were done at the book store, that we could get ice cream before going to Mr. Ollivanders.'

Rayelle sighed. 'Yes, I heard that too.' She stopped, and smiled at her cousin. 'Im sorry Lil's. Im just so excited. I was so scared I wouldnt get in.'

Lily opened her mouth to reply, but before she got a chance she heard laughing behind her. Turning, she saw Caydan Zabini, and a blonde boy. She looked at Caydan, one eye-brow raised. 'Can we help you?' She asked, tapping the toe of her trainers.

A smirk crossed Zabinis face, and he took a step closer to them, the blonde boy looking in the window of Quality Quidditch Supplies. 'You see Potter; I couldnt help but over hear you and Miss Dursley here.' Smirking, he looked at Rayelle. 'It most be so exciting going to Diagon Alley.' He laughed, 'It must suck though, doesnt it Rayelle?'

'Huh?' Rayelle glanced up quickly. 'What?' Her brows furrowed, looking from Zabini to the blonde, who had glanced up; staring at him, she realized that he had a slight pointed chin, and silver eyes.

'Having to spend time with the Weasleys.' Caydan spat out the name, as though it was contaminated.

'What is your deal Caydan?' Lily demanded. Her anger turning her ears red. 'What is it? Seriously?' She shook her head, and took a step closer. 'Im proud to be part Weasley. At least we stand up for what we believe in!' She glared at him.

'How dare you?' Zabini's face filled with anger, 'Who do you think you are? You don't know anything about my family; where do you thi-'

'Caydan!' The blonde boy finally spoke up, putting a hand on his friends arm. 'Whats this about mate?' He whispered under his breathe, so just he could hear. 'Why are you harrasing these two?'

Caydan sent his friend a look, before storming off. Running a hand down the back of his head the young boy cleared his throat. 'Sorry about him.' He tapped his fingers against his leg, and looked at the red head. 'You're Lily, arent you? Albus' sister?'

Lily shot him a look. 'Yeah. So?'

'Oh.. uh..' the boy glanced at Rayelle, who merely shrugged her shoulders, 'Im Scorpious? Im friends with Al at school..' When Lily just continued to stare at him, 'Uh.. yeah. Sorry again.' He headed up the street, pausing to glance back once. He looked from the back of the red head, to the girl with the pretty brown hair, and shook his head.


Lily and Rayelle hurried through Madam Malkins. Getting fitted in record time; they raced through the streets to the IceCream Parlour, running in they saw Albus and James sitting with the blonde kid, Scorpious. Lily slammed herself down across from him, glaring. Leaving Rayelle to take the seat right beside him.

'Hey Lil's, Elle.' James smiled at them, noticing the look in his sisters eyes he jumped up. 'Um.. you guys want what you usually have?' After they both nodded, he headed for the counter.

'So, yeah. Scorp, this here is my sister, Lily, and cousin, Rayelle.' Scorpious smiled at them.

'Yeah uh.. we met, kinda.. earlier.' When Albus gave him a confused look, he continued. 'Um, so one of the kids I grew up with, Caydan Zabini, was kinda giving them a hard time.' Shrugging he looked at Lily, then Rayelle, who gave him a small smile.

Lily saw the look, and huffed. 'Yeah, and you waited till the bloody last second before stepping in!'

Albus leaned back in his chair, and chuckled. 'Lils? You realize that no matter when he stepped in, it would have been the last second. Right?' Rayelle smiled behind her hand, and watched her cousins eyes flash.

'Anyways.' Rayelle cut in, deciding to change the subject, she looked to Albus, Scorpious, and James, who had just got back with their ice cream. 'Whos the best teacher?'

Al grinned, 'Neville. Hands down.' Nodding his head in agreement, James licked his cone.

'Or Professor Mercey.' The boys laughed at that, while James blushed.

'Professor Mercey?' Rayelle asked, sitting forward. 'What does.. she?' When they nodded: 'What does she teach?'

James looked down, 'Muggle studies...'

Lily looked at her brother curiously, 'Why are you taking that class? If you really had a questions about muggles, you could ask Rayelle.' She pointed out.

Scoripous looked at Rayelle, and watched her blush. 'Uh, yeah.' She took a bit, then smiled. 'I can answer almost anything!' They all looked at James, who was staring at his cone.

'Well you see. I know it sounds horrible, but I really dont care about muggles.' He looked up at his family, and friend. 'Like yeah, I respect them and all that... but. Mercey is just...' He looked at them, and shrugged.

'Mercey is just... what, James?' James looked at Rayelle, and blushed. The girls looked at each other and giggled. 'Huh? She most be very, very intellectual for you to be willing to take on another class!' More giggling.

'Uh.. just shut it! Alright?' He stood up, and threw out the rest of his cone, before walking to the door. Albus and Scorpious exchanged looks, before doing the same. Lily, and Rayelle stayed there, having a giggle fit, until their parents came to collect them.

At Mr Ollivanders, Lily went first. The wand that choose her was seven and a half inches. With a dragon heartstring as the core. It was made out of Elm Wood. Smiling, Lily looked out the window and grinned at Zabini, who was just walking by. She pointed to her wand, and mouthed, 'Bat-Boogey Hex'.

When Rayelle stepped forward, it took her a little longer. But on her fourth try, she got it. Oak, eleven inches. The core, a unicorn hair. The girls smiled at each other before following their parents out. They stopped and got their cauldrons, and potion ingrediants that they needed. Ginny shrank all their purchases and put them in a bag. Smiling she looked up at Dudley, 'Undetectable Exstention Charm. 'Mione taught it to me when me and Harry got married.' Shaking her head, 'He told me to only bring one bag. Just one! Can you imagine?'

Dudley laughed, and pulled Rayelle aside. Smiling at her he said, 'You know. You're allowed to take an owl, a cat, or a toad with you. And I know cats are cute, but...' Dudley sighed, and looked at his daughter, 'Do you mind, if you were to get an owl?'

Rayelle gasped, before smiling, and throwing herself at her father. 'Really? I can have my own owl?' She laughed, and raced to the Owl Emporium. Twenty minutes later, Rayelle was the proud owner of a white Eagle owl.


'I've decided to name her.. Melly!' Rayelle exclaimed, later that night.

'Melly...?' Dudley asked her. 'Thats a strange name for an owl, dont you think?'

Rayelle smiled sweetly at her father. 'Daddy? My name, Rayelle? Thats a strange name for a child; dont you think?' Dudley chuckled softly to himself, then stood.

'Alright. Whatever.' He shook his head, and smiled at the bird. 'You poor thing.' The owl looked at him, 'Melly.' It hooted and he smiled. 'Well.. off to bed.'

Rayelle hugged her father, then raced to bed. Eager for the next few days to pass, so she could be on the Hogwarts Express, learning magic!

September 1, 2013 10:45am
Kingscross Station.

'Dad!' Rayelle stormed over to her father, who was just staring at the brick wall between platforms nine and ten. 'I thought Uncle Harry said that they'd meet us by the platform?'

'Er..' Dudley scratched his head. 'Maybe he's waiting on the other side?'

Rolling her eyes, Rayelle crossed her arms and sighed. 'Great. My first day of school and Im gonna be late!'

Dudley smiled at his daughter, 'You wont be late darling,' glancing at his watch: 'If they dont show up in five minutes then we'll just have to cross ourse-'

'Blimey!' Dudley turned his head, and took a step back, just as James ran towards the platform, and crossed through. Albus soon followed suit, yelling over his shoulder, 'Mum, and Dad are just back there!'

Rayelle looked up at father, a grin on her face. 'I was so worried!'

Dudley smiled at her, 'Yeah well we could have figured it out!'

'Mhmm.' Rayelle smiled, and looked at Lily, who just joined them.

'Well? What are you waiting for? Come on!' She walked towards the brick wall, and disappeared. Rayelle took a deep breathe, and followed. Dudley stared at the wall, and felt a hand clap his shoulder.

'Well mate? You gonna go through?' Harry gave him a slight push forward, and Dudley crossed through. Standing still, he looked around at all the children running about. Some were already in their school robes, while others were in their muggle clothes. He saw Rayelle, Lily, and Roxy talking to Percy.

Rolling his eyes, he crossed to them, 'Hey Perce!'

Percy looked at him and smiled, 'You ready for Rayelle to be out of the house for the next couple months?'

Dudley groaned, 'Im trying to forget that part. I have no idea what Im going to do.' He siged and smiled when his daughter wrapped her arms around him.

'I love you daddy!' He hugged her tight.

The train whistled, and he cleared his throat. 'I love you too baby.' He gave her a slight push, 'Now go!'

Rayelle smiled at him, before grabbing Lily's hand and rushing onto the train.

Hogwarts Express
September 1, 2013

Rayelle, and Lily had just settled in a compartment with Caroline Bell when Aiden opened the door. He grinned at the girls, then sat down next to Rayelle, 'Hey Dursley.' Pushing against her shoulder, 'Told you, you'd get in.'

The girls rolled their eyes at him, and laughed. They spent the ride to Hogwarts talking about their summers. 'Yeah for real though. France is amazing!' Caroline gushed. 'I was really suprised Mum let me go with Dad on tour.' She smiled. 'I think it was Dad's doing though. I mean his off season is when Im at school, and thats when we usually 'bond', as mum would say.'

Shaking his head, Aiden was staring at a photo in his hands. 'I still cant believe you really got me an autograph.' He looked up, 'I mean blimey, I thought you were just messing with me.' He looked back down, and Oliver Wood winked up at him, before racing out of the picture. 'Why do you have your mums last name?'

Rolling her eyes, Caroline crossed her legs. 'We've been over this before, Aiden.' She looked at the girls, who just shook their heads. 'My dads and international Quidditch player; they didnt want people to be friends with me cause of him. Duh!'

'Huh.' Aiden looked down. 'It still really cool!'

The girls laughed, 'Elle, what house do you wanna get in?' Caroline asked.

'I dunno. Gryffindor I suppose. I mean thats where all my family is.' She smiled at Lily, 'But I guess any would be good.' Just then the door opened, and Caydan and Scorpious stepped in.

The girls looked up, and with a glare, 'What do you want Caydan?' Smirking she stood, 'I've got a wand now.'

'Woah. Watch out Scorp, we got a bad ass over here.' Laughing, he looked at Lily. 'I was merely walking with Scorp. He wanted to say hey or somthing.' The girls looked at the blonde boy, whos cheeks had a slight blush to them.

'Uh, yeah. Well you are my friends sister, so uh. Hey.' He gave them a vauge wave, and rushed out.

'What was that all about?' Alfie asked, standing in the doorway. The girls looked at eachother, and broke into a fit of giggles, only stopping once the trolley appeared.

After that, they sat there, eating their treats, and talking about Hogwarts.

Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The first years were in a large group, just outside the doors of the great hall. They heard laughter and chatter through the doors, but couldnt share any of it with their friends. They stood their in silence, waiting. After about ten minutes, a little man, no more then four feet came out, 'Hello, hello! Welcome!' He said, in a squeaky voice.

'I am Professor Flitwick. The Charms Master.' He smiled at the nervous looking elven years olds. 'No need to be nervous children.' Smiling, he looked at them, 'We will be entering the great hall, then the sorting shall begin!' He clapped his hands, and the doors opened.

The students followed him in; looking around, Rayelle saw her cousins smiling at her from the Gryffindor table. She smiled back at them, and turned her head to the otherside, and saw Scorpious Malfoy looking at her, a slight smile on his lips, she smiled slightly before looking ahead. She grabbed Lily's hand tightly, reassured to feel the red head grip back.

After they stopped, they watched a funny looking man walk towards the front of the great room carrying a stool, that had a hat sitting on top of it. Rayelle gulped, and looked up at the ceiling. Gasping, she saw the night sky, stars twinkling back at her. She smiled, and looked back up front, to where Professor Flitwick was standing.

'I know I look like an old silly hat,

But listen to me when I say:

Here in Hogwarts you'll make friends and foe.

Just because your in one house,

Dont ignore the others,

Because of their colors.

Red and yellow

Blue and green.

Lion and Badger

Eagle and Snake.

You make who you are,

Better then me.

All you little reds

May be brave and true.

Just remember:

Opposites attract.

All my favorite greens,

Though your cunning and sly,

You dont have to live, the cookie cutter lie.

All my pretty shades of blue,

Your brain can do more then pull you through.

Least but not last,

My Dandilion yellows.

You my dears, are just and loyal.

Dont ever doubt youself,

For you shall suprise many.

I'll end with just one final note.

I never second guess myself

I know you more then you may think.

Remember my friends, always, your house does not define you.'

Rayelle looked at the hat, that had just moments before been talking. She looked at Lily, 'What?' Her cousin just shrugged, and shushed her, 'Now, when I call your name, please step forward and place the hat on your head.' Professor Flitwick smiled.

'Anthony, Eric'
'Hufflepuff!' The table to Rayelles right, burst in to appluse and whistles.

'Bean, Jordan'
'Ravenclaw!' The table to her right, clapped a little quieter, but still enthusiastically.

'Bell, Caroline'
'Gryffindor!' The loudest table so far stood up, and sent whistles towards Caroline.

'Brown, Amber'

''Corner, Christopher'
'Ravenclaw!' Rayelle took a deep breathe, knowing that she was next.

'Dursley, Rayelle' Lily squeezed her hand, before letting go. Rayelle walked towards the stool, and looked at the hat. She took another deep breathe before sitting down, and then the hat was on her head.

'Eh! Whats this? Ive been in your mind before. Related to Potter? Hmm. Your mother was Ravenclaw! Was she not? You've got a brain. And you want to prove you belong?'


Rayelle jumped off the stool, and walked to the table clapping hard. Once she sat down, she watched her friends and cousings get sorted. Aiden, Alfie, Hugo, and Fred were put into Gruffindor. And, to the shock of the entire room, Lily with Caydan were placed in Slytherin.

Rayelle clapped for her friends and family, and smiled at Lily. Just looking at her she could see that she was proud to be the out of the box Potter. She laughed and shook her head. Looking at the table, she watched as food filled the plates.

After she filled her plate, she looked around. Smiling, she giggled. On her right was Steven Patil, 'I cant wait for classes to start!'

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