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This continues on from the end of my story "Dean's Rules" so if you haven't read that then a few things in here might confuse you.

It's not totally vital to read the prequel, I guess, but it's definitely advised.

WARNINGS!; swearing, cuddling (of course) , bullying, um…

Let the story begin!

Chapter 1 Oops, Wrong Time, Sorry!

Dean Winchester couldn't believe it. The time line had gotten messed up somewhere along the way, so guess who had to go fix it?

That right! Dean and his little brother had been commissioned with the task of fixing the damn time line. And by God himself, no less, so there was no refusing.

God hadn't gone all "Do it or I shall smite you!" on Dean, but he had decided it would be wise not to test God. If God had been any other person, however, he would've told them to go screw themself.

Dean hadn't even had time to tell Sam all of this before they were swept back in time! God had pulled him out of the space time continue, given them the job, and then thrown them back in time before Dean had a chance to speak with Sam.

Since when did God care, anyway? He had allowed the world to go to hell in a hand basket, but now he was suddenly worried about the time line? It just didn't feel right.

Whatever, it didn't really matter now, because Dean had already agreed, and the couldn't go home until their task was completed.

How was one supposed to go about fixing a time line? Dean supposed that would've been a good question to ask God before he agreed to all of this. It was the kind of thing Sam normally made sure they knew, so Dean didn't think to worry about it. Sam was going to kill him for that…..

Speaking of Sam, said little brother suddenly literally stumbled into being next to him and smashed into the nearest piece of furniture.

It seemed Sam was still as accident prone as ever. Some things never changed.


Dean was having a good day. He and his baby brother were curled up on the couch watching "The Wizard of Oz." It turned out that saying his Sammy liked the movie was akin to saying that Dean liked food; it was a major understatement.

Sammy was quoting the movie as they went along, but it wasn't ruining either of their enjoyment. Dean actually found it kind of funny.

Dean spent more time watching his baby's changing expressions than he did watching the movie. It was fascinating to see how much Sammy's feelings were given away by his facial expression. To Dean, it was far more entertaining than any movie.

This much-needed bonding time was cut short by two people dropping out of midair to land in front of the TV. That ruined his mood slightly.

The shorter man just continued grumbling to himself about "God" being unable to "tell him to shove it" and "Sam's going to kill me".

The taller man, however, stumbled as soon as he landed. He let out a yell of surprise as he slammed into a bookcase and then sank down into the corner the case and the wall created. He curled into a ball and rocked himself back and forth, muttering something Dean couldn't hear.

"Sammy?" the shorter man asked in alarm as he took in the sight of the taller one.

And damn but the man looked like Dean! Even his voice was the same.

He moved quickly, throwing salt and holy water, before nicking both men with a silver knife. Neither of them so much as glanced at him.

Hugh; normally that got some kind of reaction, even if it was just the poor people looking at him like he was insane,

The shorter man rushed to the one apparently named "Sammy" and knelt down next to him. He was completely disregarding the possible threats of other people in the room, and Dean found himself disapproving.

"Com'mon, Sammy; talk to me," the shorter man pleaded.

"They don't bleed!" Sammy shouted in consternation. "How am I supposed to kill something that doesn't bleed!"

The shorter man stared at him incredulously. "That's what you're all worked up over?" he inquired as though he thought Sammy was kidding.

Dean hadn't attacked them yet simply because he had been shocked by their appearance, and they didn't seem to realize he or his baby were there. He motioned to his Sammy to hide before cautiously backing away himself.

How they could not notice him after he cut them was beyond him.

"This is getting a little ridiculous, Sam," the unknown man was declaring. "You're almost thirty years old; you shouldn't get like this over clowns anymore. Then again, maybe you should be, since you're the only person in the world who could manage to find an actual unkillable clown."

Dean found himself almost angry at the man for lecturing the man with his baby brother's name when said man was obviously so upset.

Suddenly the shorter man stopped his lecture. "Dude, are you hyperventilating? Really?" he asked. "You gotta calm down Man."

Dean suddenly darted forward. He knew he should be much more suspicious of two people who had randomly popped out of thin air, but his big-brother-o-meter was going insane at the sight of the taller man curling into himself and indulging in what seemed to be a panic attack. Besides, he had already tested them.

He plopped onto his butt and grabbed one of the big man named Sammy's hands. He pressed the hand to his chest, deliberately concentrating on staying clam so his heartbeat would stay slow and steady. It always clamed his Sammy down to be able to feel a steady heartbeat when he was panicking.

It seemed to be working for this person too, until he started gasping for air that literally wasn't there.

Dean knew he had brought the man down from complete panic, so what was the problem now? This was not included in his own experience as a big brother.

His baby, however, seemed to know exactly what was going on.

How the tiny boy managed to push the big man (still unknown, Dean noted) out of his way, no one would ever know, but he did do it somehow.

He had a small object in his hand, but Dean didn't know what it was until he shoved it into the bigger man's mouth.

The new Sammy obviously knew how to operate an inhaler (which was more than Dean could say) because he immediately put the little device to work.

"Since when do you have asthma?" the unknown man asked, aghast.

"Why do you have an inhaler?" Dean demanded of his baby. His Sammy was gonna be in some serious shit if he had asthma and hadn't told Dean about it.

"I-," both boys stuttered together. They sounded so alike that Dean was brought back to the present and out of mother hen mode with a thump.

"Who the hell are you?" he snarled, picking his baby up and backing away.

Sammy shouldn't have been on his feet anyway; he was still strictly regulated to bed rest.

"Relax," the nameless man soothed carelessly. "We come in peace and all that shit."

"Dean," big Sammy scolded as he finally got his breathing under control. "Where are we? How did we get here?"

The newly christened older Dean fidgeted nervously. "Ok, no killing me before I get to finish explaining," he pleaded.

"Dean-" there was now clear warning in new Sammy's tone.

"Alright, I was about to tell you anyway," the man whined. "I, uh, I got a visit from God about five minutes ago," he bit his lip.

"What did you do, Dean?" big Sammy questioned with dread in his voice.

"He told me there was a disturbance in the time line, and I said we'd go back and fix it. But I, um, I forgot to ask him how we were supposed to do that," new Dean answered.

"Dean," new Sammy protested.

"Well excuse me, Sam, I was a little bit worried about getting smited if I didn't agree. You normally worry about that kind of crap, anyway, I just didn't think about it," big Dean snapped.

"Well, at least we don't have to look to find the disturbance," big Sammy muttered. The dude was a freakin' giant now that he was standing. He was taller than the damn book case!

"What da'ya mean?" older Dean questioned.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't seem to remember us having all that many movie nights when I was fifteen. And even when we did sit down for a night together, we didn't watch that movie. And besides, you certainly didn't hold me like that anymore." What new Sammy was saying might make sense to him, but it appeared he was the only one.

New Dean glanced at the TV screen where they movie was still playing, and his face was suddenly filled with distaste. Dean felt anger boil in his gut at someone making fun of something his baby enjoyed so much.

"Why the hell are we watching that movie?" other Dean inquired with disgust coating his voice thickly.

Dean was about to say something nasty, but other Sammy answered before he could say anything.

"I happen to like that movie," he sniffed.

"Of course you do," other Dean snorted.

"And, for your information, Jess loved it too. It was actually how we met. There was a movie theater on campus that played old movies, so I when it played The Wizard of Oz, I was all for it."

"Most people are either die hard fans, or hate the thing. Die hard fans almost always own the movie, so it was just me and Jess in the whole theater. We went back to my place afterwards and set up future meetings," the big Sammy continued as though he hadn't been interrupted.

"That's great, Sammy. Can we focus on the problem at hand now?" big Dean asked, irritated.

Dean thought that was rather rude of him. This obviously meant a lot to the larger (but seemingly younger; there was just something younger about him) man, which would have been enough encouragement for Dean to at least pretend he was listening, even if he didn't pretend to care. This new Dean didn't even bother.

"Sorry," big Sammy muttered. "But how the hell do you expect me to know anything about fixing a time line? I mean, it's not like we've ever done anything remotely resembling this before. Except for with Balthazar, and we didn't end up having to be the ones fixing that."

"I don't know, geekboy. I guess I figured you were actually learning something when you had your freakishly long nose buried in a book," big Dean snarked.

"I do learn things when I'm reading, Dean, but I normally try and limit myself to whatever we're working on so we can get the job done faster," the other man snapped right on back.

Dean was starting to get an idea of who these people might be.

A Sammy, and a Dean from the future. Both Sammy's had asthma, which Dean was just now finding out about. Both Sammy's loved The Wizard of Oz.

That was few too many consequences for Dean to comfortably stomach.

But he would need proof. Something no one could ever duplicate.

Then he looked up at the taller version of what might be his baby boy.

This man's face was exhausted and slightly miserable. The bags under his eyes were bigger than Dean had ever seen them before. His checks were thin with looked like lack of food.

All in all, he looked like a mess.

But most of all, he looked like Dean's Sammy. There was just something in his expression that no shape shifter or any other supernatural creature could copy. And believe him, they had tried; he always called them on it in seconds.

There was some unexplainable thing about the man that screamed Sammy Winchester, Dean's baby.

He supposed the other person must be an older version of himself, and resolved that he would have to talk to the man about how you were supposed to treat little Angels who were mother's last gifts.

But that would have to wait for later, because right now he needed to deal with a third man who had just popped into his living room. Really, couldn't they at least have the courtesy to knock first, or something?

He was mad at random future people for popping into his living room without knocking. His life was seriously weird.

And there it is. I hope that didn't confuse anyone.

What do you think? Are future Dean and Sam (they're from season 7) too OOC? I tried to keep them pretty much in character, but I've noticed that I tend to just write what feels natural rather than what they would most likely say in the actually show. It's the same with all of my stories.

I have no medical knowledge whatsoever, so anything that I mention in this story is purely fiction and should under no circumstances be taken as hard fact.

Signs that you're watching Supernatural too much! So the other day, there was this one girl who was being pretty bossy. She was trying to get everyone to work on what we were supposed to be doing, but a lot of the girls were messing around, so she kept getting more and more insistent.

Then this guy comes walking by and goes "Whoa need a whip there?"

And my first thought was wasn't something normal, like , "Why is this random guy bothering us?" No, it was "oh, kinky." I thankfully did not blurt this out loud.

And then I was like, "whoa, channeling Dean much there."

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