Chapter 1: An Introduction

Dipping a hoof in the light green batter, she placed it to her tongue. Turning decisively towards the sugar, she dumped some into the mix, turning to smile at the spirit who was inspecting her progress behind her. Slowly, he dipped a finger into the mix, bringing it to his tongue to taste, a smile lighting up his face. His tail flicked agitatedly, and he quickly sat himself down as Pinkie reached over the counter to grab a block of dark chocolate, crushing it with her hoof to throw into the mix. Placing the bowl under the mixer, she turned it on and turned away, leaning against the counter to face the draconequus.

'Are they done yet?'

'Be patient, Dizzy.'

He groaned, and she turned back to the batter, stopping the mixer. He flew up behind her once more, grabbing the bowl and snickering, flying directly out of the kitchen.

'Discord, come back here!'

His laugh rang out, Pinkie making a grab for his tail as he flew out of the room, dipping his whole hand into the batter to lick off his fingers, smearing the minty chocolate all over his face in the process. She laughed at how ridiculous he looked, unable to pounce on him and he licked the bowl completely clean.


He ignored her and made sure he had licked the last dredges from the bowl, to which she smacked him on the arm for.

'That was a new recipe I was trying, Dizzy!'

'If you're wondering, it tasted delightful!'

She laughed and jumped on him then, licking his cheek as he squirmed to get out from under her. A thoughtful look crossed Pinkie's face.

'You're right, it was good!'

She licked his face again, the spirit laughing out and picking her up to place her on the ground, floating above her with crossed arms.

'One does not simply lick the Spirit of Disharmony.'

She turned and flicked him in the face with her tail, earning a shocked gasp on his behalf as she trotted up the stairs. He snapped his fingers, the stairs morphing into a slide, the shocked Pinkie sliding down them, sliding across the floor like a puck until the draconequus caught her, laughing.

She leaned up, kissing him on the tip of his snout, and held in a giggle when she realized that even his nose tasted like her cupcake concoction. He stuck his tongue out, maneuvering it to lick most of the frosting off of his face.

A smile brightened her face, and she leaned up to place her hooves on his shoulders, her feet supported by his arms.

'Isn't this place amazing?'

'Celestia was extremely kind to us, considering our less than perfect history.'

Pinkie took a look around the well-sized living room, the furniture packed together in a way that was cozy, the pink tones accentuated by odd, random objects that had accumulated over the past month that they had been living in the home. Floyd was currently attempting to devour a light bulb, and failing miserably. Discord shifted Pinkie unto his claw, making the paw into a mock gun, firing in the direction of Floyd. The light bulb turned on, a startled Floyd stopping mid-bite as the light shone through him, painting a rainbow on the wall. Pinkie facehooved, the draconequus turning with a proud smile to laugh along with her as she slowly jumped off his arms, walking up to Floyd to pick him off the light bulb.

'Now Dizzy, I thought we said no terrorizing the pets.'

'Does that mean I can terrorize you?'

She frowned at him, before sticking out her tongue.

'If anything, I'll terrorize you.'

He guffawed, and an evil look crossed her face as she stalked up to him, placing her hooves directly behind his beard, the mirth in his eyes morphing into pure fear.

'You wouldn't.'

'Oh, but I would.'