She's tall and thin, with a body too sagged with sorrow for her cutie mark. A smiling mask on her flank doesn't fit her. Her skin doesn't fit her. She doesn't fit. Tears make their glistening way down her cheeks and she's so very upset.

Those ghostly white locks lift with the breeze, float about her like a cloud of mist and shroud her expression for but a moment. For a moment, you could pretend she was happy. But she isn't.

A teardrop falls to the earth beneath her and soaks the reddish brown dirt that caresses her hooves. She doesn't care. She doesn't care. Oh sweet Celestia, she doesn't care. She lost that ability long ago it seems. Those long, lustrous wings are dragging upon the ground, her ears are folded down. Her head tilts upwards and a shrill scream pierces the air.

The young mare sits up her bed and screams. Mainly because of the dream she had just had, but also because she was late for school. Again. Cheerilee was going to kill her.

"Maaawm, why didn't you wake me up?"

She yells and rolls off the bed, landing on her hooves via some magic that only this mare possesses. She lets out a frustrated groan and gives her hairbrush a passing glance before cantering out the door of her room. Now that she thinks about it, they're probably sleeping. She was old enough to send herself off to school now, right? Plus, her mom had been sleeping a lot lately. Way too much.

Comedy doesn't care for school. She lets her long legs do the work and canters off towards the forsaken building, towards the essays and the lessons and the too-short recesses. Hey, that rhymes! Kinda. She laughs. Normally she would slick her wild hair back into some semblance of a bun, mostly for the sake of the poor soul forced to sit behind her. She didn't want to be late though. Oh, Cheerilee was going to kill her.

It's hard, growing up. Comedy will admit it with ease. She's burdened with a cutie mark, with magic and a goal in life. She has to get good grades, and she has to maintain friendships. She sucks at this. Actually, she sucks at most things, except for her special talent.

Which happens to be Comedy. No one saw that coming.

She's good at making people laugh. Like now, when she trips over her own two hooves and has to use her magic to catch herself. Of course, that ultimately ends up hurting her even more because sometimes her magic chooses to misbehave. In this case, it teleports a pair of flippers onto her front hooves.


She groans and tries to ignore the giggles that sound from the older surrounding ponies. The people of the town are used to her, really. They know who she is and what she does and they accept it fully. Of course, she still gets some weird looks. A lot of weird looks.


She gets back up on her own four hooves and starts a canter towards the school, praying to any listening deity that the bell wouldn-DING! Crud.

Crud crud crud.

It's okay. She can handle it. She slips through the doors just at the final bell rings and heave a sigh of relief when she realises that she forget her saddlebag at home. At this point she gives up on life and tries not to flip over the nearest desk. One of her closest friends, Pumpkin Cake, gestures to her from across the room, motions to the empty seat beside her. She lucked out when she met Pumpkin. She was short and chubby and had these round cheeks that Comedy often times would squish between her hooves. She's quiet and unassuming and in many ways the polar opposite of Comedy but, it works. Comedy makes sure of that.

Comedy makes sure of a lot of things.

Schools over and she tries not to skip out of there gleefully. She had summoned her saddlebag (and a few rubber chickens) at the beginning of class, and despite the fact that it was filled with homework, she was happy. It was the weekend. Week. End. And that meant that she could cause as many shenanigans as she wanted and no one could complain. She could visit her limited collection of friends and frolic about in meadows and basically do all the things she yearned for in class. She manages to push in the door to her home and yell for her parents when she realises something is wrong. It's quiet. Too quiet.

She immediately conjures herself a magnifying glass.

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