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Lestrade's P.O.V.

As I arrived in Gotham I looked around for my ride and noticed Terry standing holding a sign. I walked over to him with a smile on my face. It had been a few years since I had been home and seen everybody and I was excited to see my family again.

"So the old man isn't here huh?" I asked

"No he said and I quote, 'she's coming here and I am busy with things.'" Terry answered.

We both started walking towards the doors of the airport and walked out into the smog filled air. I looked around at the familiar early morning skyline of my childhood and smiled. It was good to be back home. I had caught the last flight for the night to Gotham and I was happy to have done so and not waited for somebody to show who wouldn't.

Terry and I arrived at the car that would transport us both back to the manor. Well Beth, it's great to have you home."

"It's great to be home Terry. So honestly how is dad?"

"No better and no worse than before. Although he is thinking of throwing a welcome home party for you."

"I hope not." I said rubbing my hands through my long black hair. I had taken my wig off earlier in the flight as well as some spirit gum that had altered my features these past three years. Holmes had only been back for a year when all of this happened. I closed my eyes and leaned back into the seat as Terry took off.

"Well it will just be a small one if he does. Only close friends and family."

I sighed and turned my head glancing out the window and said, "Well if he insists I can't stop him."

I felt Terry glancing at me from the corner of his eye and we continued on to stately Wayne Manor, my home. We pulled up to the drive and the gate swung open with a squeak which I knew dad had made sure was perfected. Dad and his theatric streak at least were going great. Terry grinned at me and said, "He wanted me to make sure they were perfect for when you got home."

We looked at each other and busted out laughing. We traveled up the drive as I heard a dog barking in the background. I was glad to hear Ace another fixture from my childhood. My dog, even if dad took him over most of the time. I smiled at the memory of the day I got Ace.

It was my 12th birthday and mom couldn't make it because she was busy with work that day. She and dad had been divorced since I was 4 years old but maintained a decent friendship because of me. I had asked dad and mom for a dog for a few years but it had always been no. For a change there was no party and I just got to open presents and in a brightly colored hat box I heard a scuffling sound. I went over to the box and undid the big blue ribbon that was on it and out popped a little black and tan puppy. I named him Ace because he was the top dog to me.

I snapped out of the memory and smiled as we got out of the car and Ace jumped up on me and I petted his head as he gave me a lick. I was one of the few people that Ace ever did that to. Ace got down and Terry and I walked up the stairs and through the doors to see dad standing there smiling at me.

"Welcome home Katie Beth." Dad said smiling at me using the nickname I had gone by as a child. Dad held out his arm to me and I put my arm through it as we went into the living area and sat on the couch so that we could catch up over everything that I had been through since I left home to join the yard. To do something with my life besides some little debutant who was going to be taking over the family business. And I know Wayne Corp does a lot for the community but still. I wanted to do something more.

As I finished telling dad everything, which were exactly the same tales as the Robotic Watson had recorded, I yawned and told both dad and Terry that I was going on to bed. As I walked out of the room I heard dad whispering to Terry something about a plan and then headed out the room just to tired to really put any thought into it.

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