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Prom with the wolves

Grace's POV:

I watched Isabel fix her hair again for the third time.

"Isabel?" She looked at me, "Are you sure you're not nervous for the prom?" She pushed pass me and out of the bathroom on the second floor of Sam's house.

"Shut up." She remarked coldly. Isabel walked over to the mirror and began to reapply her lipstick for the fourth time. She glanced at me through the mirror of the vanity; Cole had placed in her room when she had returned from California. "What?" She asked the reflection of me in the mirror because I had been watching her.

"You can't fool me Isabel Culpeper. You're nervous." She stood up from the vanity and turned to me.

"Bullshit. Why would I be nervous about going to prom with a suicidal idiot." She said going back into the bathroom and slamming the door.

Sam's POV

"Man, I look good." Cole said from the bathroom. I had wondered if he had slammed the door till Grace yelled for Isabel.

"What about Isabel?" I grinned at his reflection in the mirror. He started to smile just at the thought of her.

"What about her?" He asked.

"Do you think she will look good?" I asked him playingly.

"I mean she looks great in sweats and trainors. So yeah, she'll probably look beau..." he cleared his throat and sniffled, "...Yeah I mean, she probably look alright." I rolled my eyes.

"I can't wait to see Grace." I smiled fixing the tie of the tux.

"Dude, you saw her like five minutes ago. You sleep with her every night. Isabel doesn't even sleep with me. How can you be impatient to see her?" Cole said.

"She does too sleep with you at night. I have seen her sneak into your room countless times and have you ever thought about why she doesn't want to sleep with you every night?"

"No." He said coming in from the bathroom.

"Look how gross your room is. She's probably afraid of getting lost, and I bet that kills the mood." I smirked.

"Hey, I told you already why we haven't done any of that. I don't want to F her up like I did with the other girl. I lo- like, like Isabel." he trailed off after the stutter.

"Okay." I responded. He sat on the bed for a minute in thought before he came up with anything to say.

"So Sam, you think, you and Grace are gonna," He trailed off with a huge grin on his face.



"Shut it." He laughed but smacked his forehead with his hand as if he forgot something.

"Oh yeah! You and grace alrea—" Before he could finish his sentence Grace came around the door.

"Boys are you almost ready?" She smiled in a bathrobe, and looked me up and down.

"Almost, Grace. You look beautiful though." She winked in my direction and raised her head to the ceiling at the sound of something being dropped.

"See you soon boys." She smiled and walked out of the room.

"Dude," Cole started. "She totally gave you the elevator eyes."

"Cole." I warned.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'll finish getting ready." He said preparing to put on his comber bun.

Isabel's POV

My palms were sweating as I was applying my deodorant. I couldn't even think without leading into thoughts of Cole. This is so freaking stupid. How come I can't think straight with him upstairs? I put down the deodorant.

"Izz," Grace smiled playfully. "You know what happens on prom night."

"Yeah. People dance. Anything else people say is bullshit. Put on more perfume it smells like dog in here." I responded.

"Stop the act Isabel. You like the smell, and don't deny it. You LIKE the way Cole smells. You think he smells GOOOOD!" She teased further and laughed more.

"Oh shut up. Go put your dress on." She sighed.

"Fine. I will." She walked out of the bathroom. "Wear protection!" She yelled from the closet causing another fit of giggles to burst out of her.

"Whatever." I said walking in the direction of her voice. By that time she had already put on her red dress. The dress stopped at her knees and gathered at the waist with beading at the top.

"Zip me." She asked. I walked over and zipped her as she put on her black flats. She stepped away from me and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Jewelry." I told her. She picked up the silver locket Sam had given her as an anniversary present and placed it around her neck. She grabbed the black clutch off the bed and placed her cell phone in it.

"Here." I said giving her a red box. She opened it and pulled out two long gold earrings with red jems at the ends. She smiled at them and put them on.

"Thanks." She said.

"It's no problem." I responded sitting back into the chair at the vanity.

"Your turn." She grinned and went back to the closet for my dress.

Damn it. I thought.

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