So it was Akutsu's birthday yesterday, and I felt compelled to do something for the occasion.

Winter was the one season that Akutsu was willing to go to school. The snow piled high, frosting the bare-boned trees bordering the building; between the clean white Yamabuki uniform, his death-pale skin, and equally so hair, it was no great effort for him to become invisible for the duration of the school day. The only speck of color that could give him away were his eyes, bronze and gold and sharp like the tips of the icicles that clung to the eaves of the buildings.

There he was, face up on a snowdrift with the frigid air burning in his throat and lungs. His eyes shifted over the sky and the landscape that was the same color he was, and he thought, how fucking boring.

He heard the bell ringing to signal the end of the classes he had skipped, and footsteps crunching the clean snow. They didn't bother him. Nobody could see him, nobody would care enough to come looking for him, nobody dared to disturb him anyway.

Except one person, who Akutsu knew would dare, would care, could see. He didn't even try to stop Dan from approaching with his cheery laugh, but he did give him a disbelieving stare when he got a chirpy inquiry as to if he was making snow angels and could he join please Akutsu-sempai desu? He grunted an affirmative after denying any connection to snow angels; the boy happily plopped himself down, the only color and warmth in Akutsu's grey and frozen world. He remained still and silent while Dan hummed and made an angel next to him.

At least, until Dan finished and his head tilted to nuzzle Akutsu's shoulder with his cheek. The older boy had to turn to give him the second disbelieving stare of the day; in doing so, he buried Dan's head further into the crook of his neck. Dan's breath fought off some of the chill of laying in the snow for hours, and Akutsu thought the boy might have been smiling. He snuggled closer and Akutsu couldn't bring himself to turn away, or to swat off the small hand that curled around his larger, numb one. He was cold, that was all. He was cold and Dan was warm and that's all there was to it.

But now that he'd had a taste of warmth, he knew he couldn't go back to icy indifference again.