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Chapter 29


"Bella?" I had to ask, it was who I was and I needed to know.

The thing I loved about Bella was she got me; she knew what I thought or felt, without a single word from me. Just like right now, as she looked deep into my eyes. Her hand touched my cheek and she kissed me. No words, just actions. She answered my silent question with her actions. I simply wanted to check on her absolution of our acts, because once I started I was wasn't sure I could stop. Not after how long I had waited for her.

Her mouth fully covered mine, it opened and she sucked my tongue inside her mouth. She directed me in all of my movements. I loved it, because as silly as it sounded, given our age differences and all, I was the one without experience. I knew nothing except the vile thoughts of others. She was the one that had grown up in this time; she knew nothing else. She was comfortable with her sexuality and sadly, I was not quite there yet. She gave me confidence however, in how much she wanted me and in how she loved me.

Bella had certainly taken me further than any single other influence in my entire existence. I focused on the way her mouth moved over mine. How good it felt when her tongue slid across the flat surface of my tongue. With vampire speed, I picked her up and laid her across the bed. I let my instincts take control in how my body fell on top of her as I kissed her back. I mimicked every single action she made. It must have worked, because she writhed against me and moaned when I was brave enough to try a new area to kiss or touch.

My mouth found the top of her breasts. The more attention I paid them, and the more she moved around, the more they fell out of the top of her dress. One simple tie held it together behind her head and as my hands moved to release them, Bella's hands moved as well. A single pull had her upper body bore for me to gaze over. I watched them as they moved and swayed across the front of her body. I saw the dark nipple as it drew up in a tight circle because of my gaze alone. She was perfection, pure and simple perfection.

Bella sat up and I followed her back to my knees. She pulled her dress off of her body and tossed it across the room. She wore a microscopic pair of blue lace panties. I yanked her body up onto my thighs and pulled her back in for a kiss. I had to find a way to show her how much it meant to me that she trusted me to be the one, but I wasn't sure there was such a way.

My lower half began to move and undulate against Bella's body and she reciprocated my actions. I needed to be naked with her, to feel her smooth skin against mine. Bella's hands dropped to the buttons on my shirt and made short work of them. I pulled the shirt off of my shoulders and tossed it with Bella's dress as she undid my belt and pants.

The sensation was too much. If she touched me now, I would be done for and I would embarrass myself. So I focused on her for a little while. Her body followed my gentle nudge down onto the bed. I sat back and took her in. Her long, lithe body stretched out before me. Her hair seemed to glow in the small amount of lamplight, as it fanned out across the white sheets beneath her. Her face was relaxed and smiled back up at me, as she allowed me my time to look her over.

"God, Bella, you're too beautiful for words," I murmured.

She lifted her hips and I pulled the lace off of her body. I wanted to gaze at her more, but her small whimper spurred me to move closer to her. My eyes flashed from her face to the soft pink skin of her essence. It was slightly darker than the rest of her body and sexy as hell. The slightly swollen lips were so firm looking; her inner lips barely showed which begged me to open her up and look at them closer. Her hood and clitoris were standing at attention. She was text book perfect and so pretty.

Lick me, Edward. Do it. Don't think about it, just do it.

I was positive it was Bella that spoke to me, but her mouth was still.

Do it now before I explode from your gaze alone.

Bella's mind…I was able to hear Bella's mind!

Her head thrashed about gently and her hips undulated towards me. So, I took her advice and dove right in. I was shocked at the heat, almost a steam that emanated from her. Her skin was soft, smooth and so slick as I licked across her. Her hips doubled their efforts as they pushed against my face. I had to be honest; I had no idea at all what the hell I was doing. This was so different than the images I had experience with. I did what felt right and Bella certainly enjoyed it, given the sounds that ripped from her throat. The room was filled with our simultaneous pants and moans. The sounds were intoxicating.

I reached up and touched the soft skin of her chest and ran my right hand along her ribcage. I caressed her tattoo. I still didn't know the full meaning of it, but I knew it represented us and what we had before and what we have now. It only added to her beauty.

My left hand pushed her legs back toward her body to spread her more for me. I slid one finger, then a second into her, as I continued to lick her.

Oh, God, the venom feels so good on my slick skin.

I let it pool in my mouth and licked her again with a concentrated effort. Her feet dropped to the bed and she began to push her essence against my face. She basically did all the work; I held myself there while she took care of her pleasure. Her muscles rippled in her stomach and her back arched up off of the bed, when I realized how close she was. I prayed for nothing more than to see her come apart for me.

My fingers found her g-spot; it wasn't hard to do, exactly how the text books described it – a small, round ridge on the front side of her vaginal walls. I slowly added pressure against it and her whole body arched off of the bed.

Up until now it had been only whimpers, moans, and a few small mews like a newborn kitten. But with this single touch, she came alive and thrashed wildly.

"Oh, God, yes, Edward. Yes, yes, yes!"

Her hand found my head and pushed me closer to her. Her one hand stayed on the back of my head, while her other took a handful of her breast and squeezed it. I took note, so I would know what she liked for the next time. I then noticed her ring on her third finger; it was all I imagined it to be and more to see it there.

The venom slowly seeped from my mouth onto her tender skin as I sucked her clitoris.

"Yes, Edward, oh yes."

I felt the rush of moisture as she came. I watched her body shake as I gently eased her down from the bliss.

I had to have one more taste of her; I pushed both legs back and licked up and down her spread open body. She tasted so sweet, yet with a slight hint of tanginess mixed in. It was a flavor I would crave for eternity.

When Bella pulled her too sensitive body away from me, I backed off of her. To my surprise she flipped us over and climbed across my lap. A small, but well placed lick was given to my dick, as she made her way to my mouth again. I bucked against her lower lips and pulled her the rest of the way up to me. Our eyes met and I gazed into them as I slid against her body. I was no longer nervous; I was ready to be with her.

Skin rubbed against skin, as our tongues met again. Bella's sweet core rubbed across my dick and coated it with her arousal. It felt like Heaven, between her wet heat. I lifted my dick up and allowed Bella to slide against it one more time. I felt the foreskin slide down and it left my head exposed. I knew from my own touch that the head would be so sensitive without the covering of my foreskin. I decided that now was as good of time as any to push myself in. I was positioned at her opening. Her hips tilted slightly forward and she slowly eased down onto me.

My hands rested along the plump swell of her ass and helped to guide her down. Not that she needed any help, what so ever. She had her pattern of movement set - up, down, twist her hips, up, down, hips twist.

It took forever before I could form words to describe how she felt wrapped around me. All the experiences; all the words, the explanations of how her body would work with mine, none of them were accurate enough. The poets, writers, painters and song writers got it wrong; none of their words compared to what I felt with her right this moment. None, ever would!

"Oh, Bella…it's just…there's no words."

Yeah, that's it. Tell me how you feel. Tell me what I do for you…oh, harder.

I used my legs for leverage and thrust up into her. I had no fear of hurting her, so I could be as rough as she wanted. Her eyes never left mine and I loved the intense connection we had. So much so, I almost whimpered when she pulled herself off of me.

My gaze refused to allow her eyes to make their leave from me as she slid sensuously down my body; she kissed and licked along her way. When her small hand gripped my shaft and pumped my still hard dick, I almost came all over her.

Bella's mouth replaced her hand. She took me all the way in. I guess for her, it was easier based on the fact she didn't have to breathe. She could simply concentrate on me and my pleasure. Her moans caused a tightening of her throat around me, and I wanted to come so bad. I just couldn't yet. I needed to make it better for her. Bella removed her mouth and replaced it with her hand. When her hand closed around my shaft again, I flipped us over.

Her hand stayed and guided me back into her. She moved slightly and rubbed my cock across her clit, her hand stayed on me so she was still able to rub along the sides of my shaft as I pushed into her. It felt incredible to know she enjoyed it as much as I did. And I couldn't lie; I wanted to feel her bundle of nerves as she pulsed against me when she came again. So, my hand drifted to lie beside hers on her body. I pinched her clit between her fingers and mine and rubbed along the sides of it; all the while I made sure to set a deep, slow rhythm inside her body. My tip never fully left her, but I made sure to pull it all the way to the edges of her outer lips before pushing it back in.

I pulled back and sat up on my knees, still never leaving her. My larger hands fit to her hips and covered her skin, as I made love to her slow and deep. I watched my dick slide in and out of her slick skin. I watched her coat me in her essence as she enjoyed the pleasure my body brought her. Her hips rose up and met mine as we watched the love, joy and pleasure on each other's face. I couldn't help but kiss her; I needed to show her my emotions in the only way I could right then.

I felt a tingling in my legs as it ran up my spine, the adrenaline surged and I assumed it was my orgasm. But, I wasn't ready to be done yet. I wanted to see Bella come one more time before I gave in.

Oh, Edward, I'm yours. Do what you want with me; show me how much you want me, anything. I'm yours, all yours. Take me like you want, show me your fantasies.

Her eyes held mine and she knew I'd heard her; she knew I knew her desires now. She wanted me to show her what I wanted from her, from us together. So I did.

I flipped her over onto her stomach, and slid into her sweet pussy from behind. She was so much tighter this way. I settled in close to her, against the backs of her thighs. I wanted to be able to fully enter her. Her hands gripped the sheets and held on, as she whimpered with each stroke, as they pushed her higher and higher. I felt her body pulse around me. The surge of fluids almost pushed me over the edge. I spread her ass cheeks open so I had a better view and could watch myself enter her pussy over and over.

Oh, fuck yes, treat me rough. Show me how out of control you can be with me. Come on, I can take it! Show me how much you want me Edward!

I rubbed a thumb across her ass, and watched her lose her fight to hold off her orgasm. It was her fourth or fifth; I had lost track. As her body quaked beneath me, I rubbed across her ass again and pushed all the way inside her. Her hips tilted and I pressed against her sweet spot once more.

When her body tightened down on me, I came so hard I saw stars. It was without warning and it felt magnificent. My body pulsed and released into Bella. I felt each stream as it left me. Bella must have as well, because with each release, she squeezed and fluttered around me. It prolonged the experience for both of us.

When we both stopped shaking, I pulled her into my arms and held her against me. Our lips met in a series of sensuous kisses as we whispered words of love to one another.

I marveled at our level of understanding we now had for each other.

How I couldn't see it before was beyond me. I was so stupid and blind.

I lived my life by the way I assumed I was supposed to. In the mean time, I shut myself off to so many experiences that I would never get back. Now, I could only hope that Bella would experience them with me. If so, then that would keep me from feeling any regret.

"Let's go home and gather our family. I wanna get married, what do you say?" Bella asked.

I nodded my head and kissed her one more time.

Within twenty minutes we had showered, changed and checked out of the hotel room. Alice called as we hit the highway.

"Hello Alice," Bella responded, when she answered her phone.

"We're all ready and I packed a bag for the both of you. We'll meet you in Seattle for the flight," Alice answered the unasked question.

"Great, see you then." Bella touched the screen and ended her call.

"Flight? What flight?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll see." The smirk on Bella's beautiful face was priceless. I let her have her fun; she deserved it after all she had been through. Our hands wove themselves together and I enjoyed the drive with her beside me.

When it approached, I took the ramp toward Seattle. Apparently Bella had plans. I had no reason to doubt her, so I followed along blindly.

What she didn't know was that I would follow along blindly for the rest of my existence.

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