Heya! HAPPY DANNIVERSARY! Now, Knightrunner has challenged me to do a fic...that DOESN'T end in absolute fluff! Basically, angst. This is inspired by the absence of a certain person I'm fond of today at school...enjoy! I don't own DP! I actually enjoy writing in second person! It's not used very often! This is basically you being Sam-if your a guy, this will be REALLY awkward...XD

Ten minutes had passed.

Usually you aren't worried-you knew that your crush was most likely battling a ghost of some sort, and came back in less than a half hour. He did sound tired when he answered the phone this morning.

Then came twenty minutes. The clock began to tick slower and slower. You began to worry as your eyes travel upward to the school clock. He should be here, he should be back by now!

Twenty one minutes. No sweat, he's probably finishing one of his huge battles full of witty banter and fighting. Probably Skulker, you muse as you glance up at the clock.

Twenty three minutes. You stab your pencil into the note sheet you were SUPPOSED to take notes on. So much for that happening.

Twenty five minutes. You frantically keep looking at the door, and back down at your paper. A couple of your classmates are staring at you weirdly. You just roll your eyes and keep looking.

Twenty seven minutes. This isn't normal. Usually you hear panting down the hallway, of your crush running down the hallway and zooming into class. With his huge grin, you think while grinning, but your face again frowns as you keep looking.

Twenty nine minutes.


You are now at the point of freaking out at anyone who brings him up. Or anything that interacts with you. You know you shouldn't feel this tense, but with a half ghost as your crush, you could never know if he's injured or hurt or-

A sudden buzzing in your pocket causes you to yelp in surprise. Your teacher stares at you oddly, but turns his attention back to the board. You sigh in relief as you quietly slip out your phone. Your violet eyes scan over the page as they widen dramatically. You read the text:

'Sam...Danny's been injured majorly...come ASAP! '

A single tear manages to slip from your eye as you ask your teacher to leave. He asks why and you make up a believable excuse. He allows you to leave as you run out the door and to Fenton Works.

You find Jazz holding her brother in her hands. You see him moaning in pain as his hand is clutched around his stomach.

"Danny..." you whisper as you drop to the ground in horror. "Who-"

"The future...you..." was the last thing he says before passing out in front of your very own eyes.

You feel tears streaming down your face as you looked at the catastrophe that the future you caused.

Sam...being evil in the future? A plot bunny is forming for me...MWHAHAHAHAHA! But I have to finish up other stories first...*coughs* Anyways, review please!