This was the rewrite of Masquerade, but then I decided to stop rewritting it, and just post this on the older one


-Devit Miscallani

There was no future in kissing Deryn Sharp, there never would be. What kind of future could and Emperor and a girl dressed up as an airman have?

Absolutely none,

But at least I had done it once, even if that was all we would be allowed, just once would have to suffice...

Five years.. that's all it took. Five years since I had killed Nikola Tesla, saving a Darwinist ship. Five years since the Clanker-Darwinist war ended, thousands of lives taken all those years of war. Five years since I was forced to return to Austria and crowned emperor...

Five years since Dylan Sharp went missing.

Five years changed everything.

A day couldn't go by where that girl didn't cross my mind. Her strange way of speaking I still don't quiet understand, her snowy blonde hair, those amazing piercing blue eyes, like looking into the sky itself. But most of all, her smile, for when she smiled I knew it would be fine.

It was far too late to apologize for what I had done. How I treated her, like she was a stain on the ship someone had to clean up, certainly not a prince! The only reason I did such things was because... I wanted to be her! When I found her true gender... I was upset a mere girl could outwit me... I wanted to be her, to be the kind of soldier she was, brave, kind, selfless. Unlike myself, who as a young teen, was quiet selfish and arrogant.

I had nearly forgotten many things about my adventures upon the Leviathan, but one man stood out to me... that dummkopf, Eddie Malone. I thought Deryn and myself would finally be rid of that bothersome man.

But, as usual, it was my fate to be utterly wrong on that subject...

He wrote a lengthy article on the famous missing airman. He called it "M.I.A" or- missing in action. I could care less about the fancy ways of putting it, all in all, it meant Deryn was gone.

"You got a letter, your majesty..." a voice said from behind me, I jumped slightly at the intrusion, but sighed soon after.

"Danke Sophia.." I said, thanking the maid. I turned to look at the red haired maid. She gave me a short bow. "Who is it from?" I asked

"A letter from a Mr. J. Sharp, unopened at the Count's request." She placed the envelope on my mahogany desk, I nodded, she cocked her head, I wasn't directly looking at the girl, but I saw her from the floor length mirror. "Sir... may I speak my mind?"

"Go on," I said

"Every time this 'Mr. Sharp' writes, you seem sad and... different.." she said, I sighed, my head in my hands "And...Sharp is the name of that missing airman..."

"Yes, Sophia... Mr. Sharp..." I whispered, "Has been missing for five years, I knew him well."

"Hm," She said, kneeling next to me, she looked up "Your Majesty... do you not think it wise? It has been five years... I believe Mr. Sharp is no longer in the world of the living." She said,

That was when it hurt to think, I hated every word that came from my mind, but I knew she was right... no matter how many letters Deryn's brother sent me, even he wouldn't know where she was. Maybe she really was dead. Maybe I was dragging this pain on and on.

Sophia bowed to me and left. I slowly got up to check the note from Jaspert Sharp

Prince Aleksandar,

I have looked everywhere I could think, I sent a message birds to find her but none never came back. If she really is out there, she doesn't want us to know. I miss her to no extent, but this was always the danger of her joining the service with me. I was scared something like this would happen. She can be a daft fool, she always thinks with her heart, not her head. I'm sorry,

Jaspert Sharp

Inside the envelope was a small newspaper clipping of Deryn Sharp, saving the Dauntless. Her beautiful, happy smile was seen clear as the sun, though she was hanging by her hands from the beast's arms, being swung around, but it was dated a little over a week ago.

The caption read

"The Brave Midshipman of the Leviathan, Dylan Sharp, Still Missing!"

By Eddie Malone...

That utter.. bum-rag...

I saw something sticking under the letter, I picked it up. It was a letter from Count Volger, I was surprised, the count seemed far to busy to write notes to me. So I opened it.

Her smile is still beautiful, don't lose it , young Prince.


"What on Earth is he talking about?" I whispered, Sophia? No... it couldn't be her, Volger never took much of a liking to the maid girl. Maybe Miss. Anna, the lovely woman he had met not too long ago, surely not Dr. Barlow. Maybe the wild count saw my box of clippings and letters of Deryn. It was filled with even the smallest memory of her. I suppose one could call it obsession. It may have been ridicule, but it made me feel as if she was still there.

"Bovril," I muttered, "I don't know what to do anymore!" The creature played with the papers on my desk, it's wide eyes looking into mine. I looked at it, "Do you miss her?" I asked it, it blinked, them almost looked pleased with itself.

"I missed you too daft prince." it said, I raised my head from the desk

"You remember that? That was in Japan," I asked

"Deryn Sharp," It said, "Quiet dashing," I didn't even try to hide my laughter, I petted Bovril's fur,

"I knew it, you love her as I do." I said. Fully knowing that Bovril did, in fact love her in its own way. I don't know if there was a single person who could not love that wonderful girl.

I just had to find her.