Most people overlooked the fact that Leia could fly and fix things. This was probably because she seldom did so, unless the situation was dire enough to call for it. Most people also overlooked her temper as well because, while it burned hot, it burned out almost as quickly as it appeared. If they discovered years later that she was still holding a grudge over a certain incident...well, it's not like she did anything about it before. It was her killing Jabba that cemented the link between her and Vader in the minds of those who had heard the story and later learned of her heritage.

Chain or no chain, there was no way in hell that a woman her size could strangle Jabba the Hutt without help of some sort.

Most people overlooked the qualities in Luke that didn't match with his father as he had been in the minds of the people who had watched his heroic escapades in a variety of newscasts before he fell. Of the two, Luke tended to be the most even tempered. While he had spent much of his childhood dreaming of greatness, he didn't resent people for "holding him back" before he had been dragged into everything by a pair of droids that his Uncle hadn't recognized until he brought up Kenobi's name at dinner. Sure, he whined about never doing anything when he was younger, but he never held any real anger over it. He had also been impatient and reckless at times, but so had his mother. He, like his mother had also believed that his father hadn't been completely consumed by the dark, and that there was good in him somewhere.

When Luke was being led away to be brought to the Second Death Star shortly before the death of the Emperor, Darth Vader had mused about a person whose name he hadn't said aloud in more than twenty years, and had found that he couldn't say aloud even in front of his son. While Obi-Wan had made one demand for him to turn away from the Dark Side before he found him irredeemable, it had been her who had asked, no, begged that he come away with her, as his son who still held hope for him even as he said that he didn't had just done.

As people commented over how Leia had gone into politics and had done a good job just as her mother and her adoptive father had done, and how Luke had become a Jedi just like his father, those few who actually knew their parents rather than the public images of them smiled and occasionally shared a laugh over the fact that the one who had been most like Anakin had become a politician, and the one who had been most like Padme had become a Jedi.