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Tony was ecstatic. He looked at himself in the mirror, flashed his reflection a cheesy-award-winning smile and laughed. Nuthin' can beat this right now, not this feeling!

He straightened his shirt out at the top in a quick, single motion and nearly jumped a mile out of his skin when Lucas barged through the door to their shared quarters. "What's your problem, Luke? Scared the crap outta me on a good day!"

"Gee, sorry," he responded, hands up. "Now if you'll excuse me…" Lucas continued to his computer. "What's got you all excited for life anyways?"

Oooh. He wanted to tell him, Tony really did, but it was only last week when Lucas had had his heart broken by Sandra Kirby. No, Piccolo couldn't fly this in his face. Not now. "Eh you know. Same old, same old." Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl. But not. It hadn't been the same old story. Not this time. This time, he met a good girl, a nice girl. More of a woman, really. A beautiful, real, angelic, nice girl.

"Tony, you're drooling."

Piccolo wiped his mouth, finding this wasn't at all the case. "Sorry Luke, mind's elsewhere today."

"Cloud 9?" Lucas asked sarcastically. "Come back down to Earth, buddy. The Bridge needs you in 20."

Tony waved him off, stepping over to where Lucas sat facing his computer doing work, and spun him around. "I don't wanna, Luke. You don't even know."

Lucas scoffed, turned himself back around to his work and responded, "Use a pillow, Tony. It'll muffle the voices."

Tony was taken aback as his advice to the kid was thrown back at his face.

This is different, he wanted to say, but now he wasn't so sure. Was it different? He knew he wasn't being used like Sandra had used Lucas, that's for sure. But who was he to question the kid's feelings?

But Tony knew this was different. "This isn't the first I've seen her, though, Luke."

"Congrats. Use two, then."

"Lucas, I love her."

Lucas spun a final time, taking in the expression on Tony's face. "Don't lose her, then."

"I won't."

A/N: Yeah, I don't know either.

Really, though. This was the product of World Civ. I class. How the two are related, I have no idea. I may expand on this more if a plot actually surfaces, but I wrote this after telling C.F. Vici that I wanted to see Tony meet a nice girl in her awesome story, Not On My Watch (which you should read if you haven't!) That being said, I probably won't continue this further because of that. At least not for a while.