Rewritten chapter one.


He was sure. He was sure that she was the only one for him, that all he needed was her, that everything they had been through was enough to fuel them for as long as they lived and to the Underworld too. Sure, they weren't perfect. They fought; in love as they were, they were both stubborn, determined to win the fight that didn't even need to become a fight in the first place. They had their flaws: Annabeth's pride and temper, and his, well, everything. So they definitely weren't the definition of perfection, but…at least they were them; at least they were Percy and Annabeth, and maybe, just maybe, that would be enough.

The ring glinted in the light, gleaming off rays of gold and white light onto Percy's fingers. A halo appeared onto his fingernails, and he became stuck, staring at it as if it was the only anchor to hold him down. Everything, and he meant everything, he wanted was there in his hands. Small as it may have been, it was the holder to his future and his happiness.

Percy shook out of his trance and shoved the ring back into his pocket, continuing up the hill toward the border of Camp Half-Blood. When he reached it, he stopped to stare for a moment, taking everything in. Taking in a deep breath and hoping he still had enough oxygen going to his brain in order to keep the courage to do this, he stepped through.

Everything was the same. Thalia's tree. The Golden Fleece. The Big House. Yet, it felt different. The place felt almost deserted, the air felt thicker, and the sky a bit darker…like a warning call was happening. At the feeling of his nerves tensing up, he gave himself an inner-slap and breathed in deeply, only for it to come out shallow and shaky.

Everything will be fine. His irrationality was acting up. He gave himself a mental reminder to check if he had taken his pills and forced himself not to think about it.

He passed by a few campers, new and old, on his way to his cabin. Usually he would greet them or smile at them, but now he didn't feel up to do much more than throw at them a nod and keep his head down.

When he reached his cabin, he just dumped his bag onto the floor and fell backward onto his bed, feeling the slight dust cloud up around him. He closed his eyes and allowed the scent of the sea to overwhelm him, clouding his sense. Before he knew it, the darkness became realer, and he drifted off.

When he woke up, the sky had begun to darken, and he was pretty sure he had missed the arrival of a good majority of his friends. He knew Annabeth had to have arrived already and forced himself up, even though his body was aching for another hour or two of shut-eye. He cracked his knuckles and rummaged through his bag, checking for the sound of clattering pills. A small crack of pills hitting against plastic confirmed his search, and he grabbed the bottle of Prozac, lifting up the lid with a small snap before dumping out the pills onto the small dresser next to his bed. A pile of 40mg fluoxetine pills rolled out and spilled onto the wooden surface of the dresser. He counted them slowly, slipping them back into the bottle after each number. 25. There was supposed to be 21. Guess he hadn't taken his medication after all…in the past four days.

He popped a pill into his mouth, the plastic touch of it feeling wrong against his tongue, and swallowed it dry. After swapping out his clothes for a fresh pair of khakis and a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, he headed out of the cabin, clinging tightly to the ring with the hand he had shoved down his pocket.

People were strewn around the grounds. Some were new. Most were old. Maybe they were smiling at him, he didn't know. The world was clouding up around him. He felt shivers crawl up his skin and imagined goosebumps slowly appearing, one by one, on his arms. He forced himself forward, step by step until he reached the Athena cabin. A girl standing just outside of the doorway raised a blonde eyebrow at him, and muttered out, "Percy, is that you?" Someone else walked out of the cabin; he wasn't sure who. All he knew was the faces and blonde hair started blurring in his path and jumbled together.

"Oh Gods Percy, we haven't seen you in forever."

"Where have you been, Percy?"

"Hey Percy, are you okay?"


He knew that voice. Annabeth. The world cleared up around him. His body still had inner-tremors erupting, and bile was still clogged in his throat, but the sound of her voice…Gods, it was the only thing that kept him pushing through the hell forming in his mind, that kept him running when all he wanted to do was sleep, even though sleeping was impossible, because sleep meant Annabeth, and the Annabeth in his dreams weren't Annabeth, and all he needed was her, and…he didn't know what was going on.

The look on Annabeth's face didn't exactly express happiness. Her eyes had darkened, and not with arousal nor anything like that, but with a disappointment, some kind of anger that brought the storm clouds to her beautiful seas. He wanted to wipe it away, to wipe the tears beginning to form as Annabeth shook her head, but not with denial. No, with some kind of resentment or bitterness.

He took a step forward, and Annabeth took a step back. His heart ached. Annabeth.

"What are you doing here, Percy?" Annabeth asked, her voice tense.

"To talk to you. I need to talk to you…about something," he said, feeling at the cold metal of the ring resting at the bottom of his pocket.

Annabeth let out a frustrated sob. "What is there to talk about? We both know everything there is to know. I needed you. We all needed you, and you weren't there."

Percy's eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean? I've always been here. I've been talking with you all summer. We saw each other two weeks ago." Those two weeks had been hell.

Annabeth blinked. The faces of everyone else spread and blurred into one another, but it was only Annabeth's face that he could focus on. As she stayed silent, he focused on the little details of her. He trailed down the slope of her cheeks, the rise of her nose, and the blush of her cheeks. The way her blonde curled were pulled up, and the slight fall of a curl down her forehead made his heart skip a beat. He knew he had to do it now.

Percy slowly lowered himself to one knee. "I don't know what's going on. But all I know is I want you, Wise-girl. You're everything to me. I have loved you for so long now. So Annabeth Chase, will you marry me?"

There were gasps and swears being thrown around him, but he kept himself focused on Annabeth and her eyes. He watched as the storm waves rose and descended to crash down on the lone ship swaying in the waves. He watched as his world crumbled down.

"Why would I marry you? Percy Jackson, you are an asshole," Annabeth spat out. "Gods, I haven't even seen you in over a year."


Yeah. So decided to rewrite the story and the storyline. Going to add a lot of new things. The characters might seem or are OOC, but do understand I haven't read the books in forever, so I am trying my best. This Percy is much different from the books because of reasons. Hope you enjoy him. I might post this to Archive of Our Own, so check out for my profile that I will soon create: gemrocks2201. Night babes, and see you next time.