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Percy`s P.O.V:

I examine the golden ring and place it back into the gray velvet box with gentleness. This ring is special and can`t be loose. I am going to ask my girlfriend, Annabeth, of two years to marry me today. She was waiting in Camp Half-Blood for me and I am excited. I haven`t seen her in a whole month because I had an important quest of retrieving my father`s trident that was stolen by Oceanus, the titan of the sea. The quest was quite easy but slightly harsh.

The sky is stormier than usual, I notice as I walk up to Camp Half-Blood`s border line. Lord Zeus must be angry today. Hopefully not with or at me. There hasn`t been anything that I`ve done that could have ticked off the gods/goddesses. If not then what? The gods/goddesses are confusing. Lightning crackled through the stormy sky and rain starts to pour down, wetting the long grass of Half-Blood hill and me. I hurry up and to the border line, crossing it with a swift step and jump.

When I get through, immediately the rain dries off and I see that outside the border, rain is still pounding to the ground. Lightning strikes Thalia`s tree and the ground. I don`t stay long enough to see what happens next.

The lightning is striking constantly as I walk to the Big House, anxious to greet Chiron, the fellow centaur. The whole trip to see Chiron, I am excited to hang out and be with Annabeth again. She will be excited to see me too. For a moments time I stick my hand into the pocket that doesn`t hold Riptide and press a thumb against the surface of the wedding ring box. I hope Annabeth will accept my proposal and then we can live forever happy—well as happy as demigods can be.

I arrive at the Big House and note that all the campers seem distant to me whenever I pass them and say hi. I feel confuse. Why would they act so sullen and sad when they all saw me? Did I do something wrong? There`s nothing I can remember that might make them so like that around me. The campers being so upset about something makes me nervous. Could there be another prophesy? Or is there a death of a hero? All those considerations make me run onto the Big House`s porch where Chiron is playing pinochle with invisible players at a table by the railing.

I climb up to the porch and walk by to Chiron. He looks up when I`m by his side and smiles in a sort of sad but delighted way. What could he and everyone else be so sad about? I wonder as I sit down in one of the chairs next to Chiron with ease. It`s strange everyone is so depressed or…they`re angry about something. I did see some flicker of anger in some of the camper`s eyes as well as displease and disliking in an Athena girl`s grey eyes. It seems as if a certain vent got some of the campers angered and disturbed while I was on my quest. Maybe after my talking with Chiron I can ask Annabeth what is wrong with everyone. A smile flickers on my lips. Yes, I`ll do just that.

Chiron sets down his cards and the invisible players do the same. "Percy, has your quest gone well I hope? He asks smiling at me. I smile right back and nod with respect at him. "Yes it was though quite boring. Oceanus doesn`t put up much of a fight. It was fun to cut his stupid snake that he used a sword in half, though," I tell him a wide grin. Chiron shakes his head but I can tell he is smiling and silently laughing in the inside.

We talk for a while but soon I leave to look for Annabeth. I can`t wait to see her. With a smile on my face, I start to imagine everything that might happen. I would kneel down and bring out the ring, opening the lid of the box with a single flip. Annabeth would have a shocked look on her face and I would recite the words I had practiced for so long. "Annabeth, my beloved, I`ve loved you with all my life and I`m sure you do too. But now I want to be a part of your life. All I am asking is that, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena—will you marry me?" I would ask and Annabeth would smile and say, "—.

My thoughts are interrupted by someone calling my name. I stumble to the ground in surprise and fall down. A hand reaches out to help me up and I take it. The stranger pulls me up and I look at the person. Oh, it`s just Grover. I smile at my satyr friend and pat him on the back.

"Hey G-man, how are you doing?" I ask him with a smile. He grins at me and answers. "Great but where are you going? He asks me with a nervous goat bleat.

"To find Annabeth," I tell Grover with a simple shrug and then I see him pale visibly. I raise a black eyebrow and cross my arms over my chest, narrowing my eyes at him. Something is definitely going on here. Only, the question is, why? If only I know. Sometimes it`s difficult being clueless most of the times.

I stare at Grover until he starts to look uncomfortable. "Grover, what`s going on. Everyone is so distant when they see me and you are—"I didn`t get to finish when he runs off or more like trotting. He vanishes with a nervous bleat and I stare at his retreating silhouette. What on Olympus is going on? Nervousness builds up through me and I turn back around to go to the Athena cabin.

When I get to the cabin, Annabeth isn`t there but only Malcolm, Annabeth`s half-sibling. He is sitting on the ridge of his cabin doorway and wearing reading glasses over his stormy grey eyes. A physiology textbook is in his hands that are held up to his face and he is reading the pages a minute at a time, making him look like he isn`t even trying to read it. By the time I reach him enough to stand in front of him, he is three-quarters through the book. That`s unusual. Sure, Malcolm is really smart since he is the son of Athena but it`s like he`s not even trying to read the book and more like trying to burn it with fast skimming. He`s taking a flip of a page, skims down—occasionally pushing his reading glasses up from the bridge of his nose—and then turns the page again to repeat the process.

After a few minutes of just standing there and watching him, I grow bored and agitated. Stupid ADHD. I sigh and tap Malcolm on his shoulder, startling him so bad that his book goes flying and sliding onto the Athena cabin`s wooden floor and he topples onto his back. I stifle a laugh and help him back up. He glares at me for a moment but then regains his smile. He sits back down onto the ridge of the doorway and leans his side against the frame. I copy his position except on the opposite side of him. "Hey Percy, how`d your quest go?" he asks me and takes his reading glasses off, placing the pair down next to his fallen book. I grin and nod my head, saying it was fine.

Malcolm and I became friends shortly after Annabeth and I started to date. We hang out sometimes since he didn`t sprout out random facts about architecture like Annabeth does. Soon after our friendship began, the Athena cabin started to grow more respect for me and then I became sort of friends with some of the campers. It`s rather nice to have them not calling me a worthless sea spawn or any other insults. Anyways, Malcolm and I usually talk after I go on a quest and we discuss the details or the things I could have done to avoid getting injured but today I wanted to get to Annabeth as soon as possible. Malcolm and I could talk later because right now I need to find her by sunset so I can propose to her while the sun is going down and shines the last rays of light though with this weather, I`m not absolutely sure that`s possible. Hopefully the weather clears up soon.

"Listen Malcolm, can we talk later?" I ask him. "I need to find Annabeth."

Malcolm darkens slightly when I said Annabeth and he tilts his head to the left. "Why do need to find her?" he asks me with curiosity in his voice. I stand up and smile down at him. "I`m going to propose to her," I tell him truthfully. Malcolm`s eyes widen and he looks down at the wooden floor of his cabin. His index finger taps at a smooth floorboard and he grabs his textbook. I watch as he flips it back open to the first page and he looks up at me. "If you want to find her, she`s at the beach but be careful Percy. Don`t do anything drastic," he states in a dark voice and turns his complete attention to the page that says something about the laws of science or something like that.

I look at him in confusion for a minute but when I realize that he isn`t going to say anything else, I walk away and head towards the beach.

Confusion is the only thing I feel as I walk down past the cabins. What did Malcolm mean by not doing anything drastic? Did he mean me asking Annabeth to marry me? Surely that couldn`t be it. Malcolm is a friend and he approves of my relationship with Annabeth—he even said it aloud to me himself. No, this has to be something else. Something more serious. Malcolm had said to be careful and not to do anything drastic. It`s all confusing to me.

Since I am so lost in thought of what Malcolm was trying to tell me, I didn`t see the persona head of me. I almost crash into the person but she/he grabs my shoulders and steadies me. "Whoa, steady Fish Breath," the person says in a female voice and I look up. It`s only Thalia. She lets go of my shoulders and grins at me. She raises a black eyebrow at me and crosses her arms. "So where you headed to?" she asks me and the circlet on top of her head sparkles slightly even though gray clouds and rain that is protected by the border surround the area. It`s amazing what some things can do.

I smile at her and point behind her. "To the beach and by the way—what are you doing at camp?" I question her. Thalia shrugs her shoulders and cocks her head slightly at me. "A day ago, Lady Artemis told the hunters that we had to stay here at camp and said something about a meeting with the council so we are supposed to stay here for at least a week, now," she explains and I grin. It`s great to have Thalia stay here at camp even if the other hunters are there too. I`ve missed Thalia.

A call for Thalia to come echoes through the camp. Thalia smiles apologetically at me and waves goodbye as she turns around and runs off. I quickly continue to walk to the beach still miffed about Malcolm choice of comments. I decide to just ignore them for now and concentrate on getting to Annabeth. When I look up at the sky and glance at every detail, I see that the storm clouds have cleared and now there is a shining sun, slowly setting. A smile crosses my lips. This is just as I planned. Nothing can go wrong, I think and hurry up my speed.

When I reach the beach, the sun is already sinking but it`s not late yet. The sea is lapping at the sand in as= sort of sad way. What can be making Dad so upset right now. Then I spot a couple sitting and kissing at the shoreline and my curiosity gets the better me as I inch closer to them. They are both so caught up with their kissing that they don`t see me. I see a blonde curl in the sun`s last rays and double back. That can`t be Annabeth. She wouldn`t cheat on me when I`ve only been gone for two months. No, Annabeth loves me too much. I start to turn around, thinking that Malcolm is wrong when I hear them pull apart. I freeze and quietly look back at them. There isn`t enough light to actually see their faces but I do catch another glimpse of blonde hair. This doesn`t mean anything, I reassure myself, it could just be an Aphrodite or Apollo girl. But my reassurance breaks when the girl speaks. "Are you sure Daniel? I mean what if he sees us?" she asks the boy and I recognize the voice. My heart sinks and get closer to the supposed Annabeth. I still need evidence to prove that this is actually Annabeth, which I hope it isn`t. "He`s on a quest. Don`t worry," Daniel replies and leans into the girl. I step right next to the couple and they look up at me. My heart breaks right then and there when I see the girl`s face. It really is Annabeth.

Annabeth gasps and stand up abruptly. "Percy, you`re home!" she greets me but I can tell she is trying to draw my attention away from Daniel. I do the exact opposite of what she wants and look at Daniel.

He`s tall and has the smallest hint of a strong built. His hair is croppy blonde with a slight shade of light brown at the edge. I see that his eyes are crystal clear of the color blue and I realize this guy is a Hermes kid with the mischievous and elfin features. A sibling of Luke.

I turn back to Annabeth with a heavy heart. She looks at me with pleading grey eyes and tries to step closer to me but I back up. I puts my hands in front me and my palms at her as a sign of warding her off. She doesn`t stay but does keep walking towards me and grabs my wrists.

"Percy, please listen! I`m sorry! I never meant for you to find out this way. It just that you-I-him and I—," she stutters and I interrupt her. I yank my wrists from her grip and stare at her in the eyes. "Annabeth, what are you getting at? And why are you cheating on me?" I ask her in a quiet voice. Annabeth sighs and steps closer to me. We are now chest to chest and nose to nose but this is not a position I like right now. She cheats on me and then expects me forgive her. I want to be angry but I just can`t. To be angry, you must have an ability or strength to get feelings and I don`t. Hypothetically speaking that is.

"It was just that you`ve been gone for two months! I missed you and then one day Daniel kissed me, making me feel wanted. And also we`ve been dating for two years and you haven`t done anything to speed our relationship up!" Annabeth tells me truthfully and puts her hands on her hips then looks at me like this is all my fault. How would it be my fault? She is the one who cheated on me…but I still love her too much to be mad at her. If she wants to be with the Daniel guy then so be it. I understand now at what Malcolm was trying to tell me. It also explains everyone except Thalia avoiding me. Be careful and don`t do anything drastic, Malcolm had said. I`m going to respect his wishes.

I step back from Annabeth and smile sadly at her. My hand slips into my pocket and I pull out the wedding ring box. No, I am not going to propose to her now. It`s too late for that because she cheated on me. She couldn`t wait for me like I would have done for her. Since she can`t do that then she is not someone I need in my life.

Annabeth`s grey eyes widen and tears wells up in them. She reaches out to the touch the velvet box and I let her. I then turn from her and walk to Daniel. I give him the box and he looks at me in surprise. "Keep this. Since Annabeth can`t marry me, then save this for when you propose to her. She special and don`t give her up so easily," I tell him and look back at the sky. The sun is clearly setting and rays of red and pink shine over us all. I am wrong. Something did go wrong and it can`t be helped. I run away from Daniel and Annabeth with my head down. Annabeth is calling after me and I can tell she is starting to chase after me but don`t allow that to happen. I quicken my speed and run off to my cabin. On the way I pass Thalia and she gives me a questioning look but I ignore it and keep my direction to my cabin.

By the time I reach it, tears are threatening to fall out but I don`t allow then too. I won`t cry over Annabeth. She`s a missing memory for me. Right now, I`m going to have to speak to Thalia and then do something drastic. It`s stupid that I would actually do this but sometimes the heart does something unacceptable and this is one of them. Sometimes to forget pain, you have to stray away. Maybe someone might make me change my mind but it is most unlikely.

I push my way into my cabin and collapse on my bed. Pain of being hurt still is stained in but hopefully it will wash away soon. I take a deep breath and finger the beads of my Camp Half-Blood leather necklace. It`s time, I tell myself and slip the leather cord over my head. I place the necklace on my pillow and stand up, sliding off my bed. With a last sigh, I walk out the door. Time to go.