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Chapter 1.

India's POV

I should have kept my mouth shut. Not said a word. But instead I tell this fortune teller it'd be that I'd love to be a part of Lord of the Rings movies. I didn't mean literally, I meant as in on the film set. Where everything would still be normal, mobiles would still work and car would whizz around. Don't get me wrong, I love the movies and the books, and I had fantasies about riding horseback through Rohan, and wandering through Rivendell, but I am a shy, conservative, young woman, who went to year 11 formal on her own because she didn't want to be stuck having to talk to a stranger. And she was too scared to ask.

My only hope was my three other friends hadn't been sucked in with my stupid mistake.

They weren't around when I woke up, so I hoped they were safe and sound far, far away. My eyes drifted from tree to tree, I didn't know where I was, and, truth be told, I was only guessing I was in Middle-Earth. But I didn't need to guess any longer.

"Who are you?" A voice said loudly.

I spun to face the man that had appeared behind me, holding a bow and arrow, directed. I should say, elf. And he was not alone. Two others stepped forward. One was a beautiful female, who must have been the most exquisite creature I'd ever seen.

"I-I… My na-name is India. Please, I m-mean no har-harm." My voice was caught in my throat, and sounded horribly weak.

"Flinaer, lower your bow. This human child will not cause us danger. Where do you come from?" The beautiful she-elf spoke.

"Nowhere near here, I'm afraid. You see I am terribly lost and I don't know where I am." I spoke fluently but still my voice remained just above a whisper.

"Come Lady India, we shall talk you to our home. You will be safe there." The lady held out her hand. I took it, grateful that she offered me protection. "You are wearing strange clothes, Lady India."

I looked at my denim jeans, sneakers, and woollen jumper, then at her stunning dress. Strange indeed

"They are the clothes my people wear." I looked down.

"I like them." The lady smiled

"Where is your home, milady? And who are you?" I asked.

"How very rude of me. I am Arwen daughter Elrond, this is Flinaer and Lohrin sons of Oenel. We are headed to Rivendell." She admitted and I gasped. She was so beautiful. Of course she was Arwen. I felt awed.

"Come we should return." Flinaer spoke this time.

They lead me to a row of horses, and two more elves.

"I am afraid we do not have enough horses for you to ride one on your own. So you will have to ride with me." Arwen smiled. In truth, I couldn't ride a horse to save my life! I was pleased with the lack of horses.

"I don't wish to be a burden, milady." I murmured.

"Nonsense. I am happy to help you, Lady India." She lifted herself gracefully into the saddle, and once again offered me her hand. I used it to help myself onto the horse.

"Thank you, milady." I smiled.

We rode for some time, and it hurt, but I would not complain. I was to shocked and amazed.

And then I saw Rivendell. My only thoughts were 'The film did this no justice.'

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