One shot about a night in survivor4.

A TFM Fanfiction

BY: Dandino

Dandino woke up to a bunch of mice running around. For once, could her tribe mates let her sleep peacefully? She groaned and got out of lime green bed. She stretched and waved to her fellow tribe mates: Philwizard, Lavontebibb, and Tavroz.

The young mouse walked through the different rooms and finally got to her destination: survivor4. Dandino prepared herself for the obstacles to come: totems, cannons, noob shamans, spiriting, and more.

As cannons flew towards the mouse, she jumped. But sadly, she ran into a mouse.

"Ow! Watch where you're going!" The mouse shouted. Dandino frowned. She helped the mouse up and dodged a cannon at the same time.

"Sorry! I'm Dandino. What's your name?" Dandino questioned. The other mouse smiled and adjusted her glasses.

"I'm Izzyx. Nice to meet you! Hope you become next shaman!" Izzyx stated. Dandino tilted her head, confused.

"Why? I don't even know you!" She replied. Izzy smiled and pointed at Dandino's head.

"Your rainbow hair's pretty cool" was all Izzy said before she fell off the edge of the map. Aw, I'm gonna fail. Dandino thought. And she was right.

"Dang it, so close!" Dandino yelled. Izzy smirked and jumped over a cannon, along with Dandino. All the sudden, a totem hit everybody. Dandino looked around quickly. She was the survivor!

"Yay!" Dandino shouted with glee. She posted a board under the platform she was on and connected three balloons to it. She killed like 2 people, but then decided to let another survivor be the shaman.

At the end of the day, Dandino passed out in her lime green bed. She made a new friend, but god she was tired. Tomorrow would be better.

Dedicated to friend Izzyx. I'll make more tfm fanfictions because I have something about a fanfic on forums. Enjoy!