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The Proud Prince, Lucifer, was once a warrior of Heaven until God banished him and he was exiled to Earth. Where he fell, a massive pit was formed below the Earth's surface. It was there where Hell was formed. For God had created Man and given him Free Will and choice. He demanded all of Heaven bow before man and bestow love unto him.

Consumed with envy, Lucifer was determined to unseat his rivals well after his fall from Paradise. He wished to prove that Man did not deserve the love Father had entrusted to them. Lucifer created a systemic flow of the human souls of Earth into Hell. Those who had lost faith in God, those who had sinned against eachother and Heaven cascaded into the fires of Hell where eternal punishment was wrought.

The endless cycle of torture and pain formed the first demons, human-like in appearance with capabilities beyond or equal to an angelic warrior. These were the noblemen and noblewomen of Hell, who reported directly under Lucifer. Royalty in comparison to the mindless monsters that were created from those who had not the will to become such.

A treaty was enacted. As long as Heaven and Hell didn't interfere with the free will of man, then there would be no war. For Free Will instilled the dictation of where each soul would go upon death.

Mankind thrived and flourished. Many souls were granted paradise. Though for every five souls granted eternal happiness, one would fall to sin and burn in Hell. Fear and disbelief began to grow as the centuries passed.

However, many lost faith in their creator and the beliefs in the prophets that spread His name and word as the one supreme being. They came with theories of their own on existence and the after-life. Fear and imagination allowed darkness to curl in the shadows of Earth.

Monsters were manifested from this fear and faithlessness. God became a myth. Even those with faith believed that it was mankind's punishment for disbelief and lack of faith, that they were subjected to a Hell on Earth before facing judgment. Or perhaps it was another trial to face.

But some were always kept blissfully ignorant of the dark spaces on the planet, where shadows roamed.

It was said that one day a being of unassuming proportions from Earth would one day bring the end to Heaven and Hell.

Lucifer heard these words from the lips of an unknown being who left him shortly after, though he did not heed such slander immediately...But in time... his pride called to him that he would never allow a human to destroy what billions of years had created. The warning further said that the being would be born under a mirror in the sky.

The King took no chances.

He ventured to the "mirror in the sky" on that precise date the same year.

It was a clear lake that the humans had named Lake Tahoe. The orignal settlers had called it the mirror in the sky because at the peak of the mountain, one could see a perfect reflection of the sky upon the lake's surface.

Lucifer's legion surrounded the mountains. Black spirited demons with razor sharp teeth and torn tatters of the clothes they wore in human life on their mangled bodies. They grinned and giggled hungrily at thoughts of the upcoming meal. Already dark thoughts spread of how they were going to consume and share the child's blood and body parts among the ranks.

Mindless wretches, they were.

But the boy's parents gave no ground. Moments after his son's birth, John Winchester stood his ground before such an army. He had been forewarned, no less of the dangers of his newborn son's birth. He was unafraid as he held the bundle in his arms. Behind him, his wife weakly held out her arms to take the child from him. John was no coward and he was among the few who believed in what he was seeing. The demons, the one black winged angel among them.

He was a hunter. Destroying those beyond human capabilities was his profession, amist attempting to maintain normalcy. How tragic was it that this night, it would all come to an end.

"I know what it is that you want, angel," John spat, holding the bundle tighter to him as the towering form stood in his doorway, taking the mass of space there. Lucifer's demons crowded the windows, casting eerie shadows in the wall to wall windows and adding a layer of darkness to a lightless, empty home.

"But you can't have it,"

Lucifer stepped forward then. He had a magnificent presence, even then. Wings fully extended as he vacated the doorway and took up the length of the room as he spread them. Black in color and hard enough to cut through the strongest metal. He was beautiful. His eyes were a deep sapphire, his hair dark brown and slightly wavy.

Truly, the most beautiful angel to walk the earth.

Arms crossed over a muscled chest. He looks repulsed. The planet repulsed him, the stench of human blood repulsed him. But his voice was soft and gentle, amused somehow. "You are the first human I know to speak so boldly to me, but that hardly surprises me. Do you not know who I am, John? Do you not remember?"

"I remember," said John through his teeth.

"You are defiant. That is good. I know your transgression would have earned you a good place in my Father's paradise...but alas... I am an angel, John. My will be done. You surrender this child to me...Mary and you will be dealt with swiftly. I am not without mercy. Your death need not be drawn out to extremes."

John seemed to consider this. He stepped forward. There was a squirming from the sleeping bundle in his arms. Lucifer was much taller than he and yet still he looked into those cold eyes for a long time. He bit his tongue with his back teeth hard enough, drawing blood to mingle with saliva which he spat onto the devil's face.

Lucifer made no move. He merely stared down at John with those fathomless dark eyes. It was impossible to discern what was going through his mind, for his face betrayed no emotion.

"Kill them," He finally whispered. "Leave the child."

The next moment glass broke as the demons entered, swirling around their master to circle their prey. Lucifer turned away from the coming slaughter. The night was filled with sudden screams and pleas for mercy and help. Blood splashed the walls and added a unique change to the rich wallpaper. Metallic crunches and bones shattering was all that could be heard after the screams stopped.

It was not the sudden outburst of cackling that made Lucifer turn around. It was the unmistakable cries of a child, disturbed by the noise and lacking the comfort from his mother's soothing voice. Inches away from John's outstretched hand, lying it's own puddle of blood was the baby that Lucifer had come all this way for. Lucifer shooed the crooning demons from it and plucked it off the ground.

The child was unharmed. Hard green eyes met the blue and the baby stopped crying instantly. An almost inquisitive look touched his face as he began to coo.

"You have quite a destiny ahead of you little one. A fiery spirit I can already see it. A stubborn will just like your Father."

Lucifer adjusted himself and the child so that he was closer to him. "But I see more than that. It's hard to believe you were given such a fate to destroy two realms. How something so small can have such a destiny."

There was a rustling at Lucifer's feet. John was reaching feebly towards the pair of them, one bloody arm outstretched, fingers trying to clasp an ankle.

"My boy...," John sputtered between bloody, labored breaths. "Dean...My...boy."

"You named him Dean?" Lucifer asked as the blanket surrounding the boy fell away. "..I will abide by that. Fate can be changed, Dean. I see your Father in you...but I see your compassion and will. You have a great potential boy. Heaven would thank me if they knew I changed your destiny."

And Lucifer took Dean underneath his arms and raised him higher than his own head. "You will be my son, Dean. My successor to the throne."

His foot flattened on John's head where he crushed the skull into the flooring with a great splash of blood.

"You will be crown prince," Lucifer brought him higher. A wave of power punctuated the air and the roof blew away to show a circular formation of stars among heavily forming rain clouds. The rain poured but what came was not water but blood and acid. The child cried when it touched his exposed head. The demons seemed unharmed and so did Lucifer.

The night ended with Dean's piercing scream.