So, this will be a series of drabbles inspired by one-word prompts. Most will be unrelated and out of chronological order, but there may be several that go together as a pair or trio. Please enjoy~


"Hey, Kiki! You're in the paper!" Mitsuhide called to his partner. She glanced at him curiously, turning her attention away from polishing her sword.

"Oh really?" Kiki tried to hide her surprise- she hadn't ever been in a newspaper before, nor had she received any notice that she was going to be in the paper.

"Yeah! Look, right here!" Mitsuhide turned the newspaper towards her and pointed out a picture with a caption.

In the aforementioned photograph, Kiki's eyes were focused on some sort of target beyond the camera, her sword poised in fighting position near her head, her hair suspended in the air around her- a perfect action shot.

Beneath the picture was a caption, reading "The only female on the royal guard, Kiki Luen is always prepared for a fight, whether it be training or real."

Kiki stopped. "Luen? That's your last name," She told Mitsuhide, frowning at the papers she had her eyes trained on.

Mitsuhide stared quizzically back at her. "Yeah, I know, why are you telling me what my last name is?"

"Because here it says Kiki Luen."

Mitsuhide blushed when he saw that her last name had indeed been listed with his, rather than her own.

"I guess it's a misprint... or somebody gave them the wrong information?"

"Probably one of the other guards playing a joke," Kiki brushed it off nonchalantly, as she did with nearly everything, before scrutinizing the picture again with critical eyes. "Well, I suppose it doesn't really matter."

"Why is that?"

"I don't care for that picture of me, anyways."

Mitsuhide glanced back down at the print. The black and white photograph of his partner remained his focus for nearly a minute before he folded the sheets in half and held the picture directly in front of Kiki.

"This picture shows the things I admire about you. Your eyes show just how focused you are on what you're doing. I can see by the way your sword is raised all of your grace and technique. Your hair is down, which is rare, but it makes it apparent that you're moving-"

"Mitsuhide, you can stop now," Kiki told him, refusing to look at the picture.

"I'm not finished. The best part is here." Mitsuhide gently pointed his finger to Kiki's lips, where the tiniest smile was playing at the corners of her mouth. "You look the most beautiful when you smile."

Kiki, not used to receiving compliments, felt her cheeks heating up ever-so-slightly in spite of herself.

"I guess it's not that bad of a picture..."

Mitsuhide shook his head. He set the article on the table next to him, closing his eyes and leaning back to rest his head on the wall.



"The only reason I was smiling in that picture was because you were my opponent that day."

Mitsuhide was at a loss for words and stuttered, "Ah, I-I..."

"I'll see you later," Kiki laughed. And with that, she stood and walked back to the interior of the palace, paper in hand.

This was based off the pictures at the end of chapter four, when it shows the four main characters with newspapers, except for Kiki, who is tending her weapon and looking at Mitsuhide. I thought this would be a nice side-story to go with it :) Please review! I'll upload the next one when I've received three reviews.
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