This is based on when Obi asks Kiki if she likes guys who are quiet when the three of them are waiting for Zen and Shirayuki to come back from confessing their love to one another :) Enjoy!

"Do you prefer quiet guys, Miss Kiki?"

The question that Obi had asked her was still ringing inside Mitsuhide's head. It certainly wouldn't surprise him if Kiki liked quiet guys, for she was quiet herself and liked it like that. But then again, didn't opposites usually attract?

Mitsuhide decided that Obi must have been correct in his assumptions and perhaps he should try being silent more often so his partner would be less apt to dislike him. Consequently, Mitsuhide went on through the next few days being uncharacteristically stealthy in his actions and soft-spoken in his words.

It only took her a few hours to notice, but on the third day it was time for Kiki to speak up.

"Mitsuhide, are you feeling alright lately?" She asked him. The two guards made eye contact, but all Kiki received in response was a nod and nothing else.

"I'm only asking because you seem... really quiet..." Mitsuhide just shrugged.

Kiki had to admit, this was driving her mad. She wished she was able to tell what exactly was going on in her partner's head, for she didn't want him to be angry or sad, or whatever the hell he was right now. She was used to his charismatic personality to brighten up her day; as much as she hated to admit it, Kiki felt like Mitsuhide made up for her own silent nature in his bubbly nature.

Deciding it was time to take action, Kiki slammed her fist down at the table they were sitting at. "If you're not going to talk, then how am I supposed to know what's wrong with you? I'm worried sick right now that there's something wrong and you are completely shutting me out. Why can't you tell me?" Her tone was just a touch angry, but only slightly above her normal volume. Mitsuhide also detected something else in there... almost as though she was pleading.

Mitsuhide ran through his possible responses in his head within the few seconds that followed Kiki's outburst before settling on asking her, "Kiki, do you prefer quiet guys?"

"Would you consider yourself a quiet guy?" she asked in response.

Although it did not require much thought for him, Mitsuhide waited before shaking his head and mumbling, "No," to his partner.

A small smirk spread over Kiki's lips as she stood up and grabbed her sword to go to sparring practice. "Then I suppose you should know what my preference is," she laughed.