So yeah ummm this story doesn't really have any time frame related to the actual Mistborn series. I just wanted to build a story about allomancy. Also, I used all of the metals. Including the ones not used in the book, so I'm including a key of the metals and misting names not used in the original books at the beginning to help you guys. Hmmm, is that it? Oh, right.

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing related to allomancy (or feruchemy and hemalurgy for that matter). I am not Brandon Sanderson (although sometimes I wish I were).

KEY: Cadmium (Pulser): Slows time in a bubble around the user

Bendalloy (Slider): Speeds up time in a bubble around the user

Chromium (Leecher): Allows the user to rid another allomancer of their metals

Nicrosil (Nicroburst or Nicro): Burning it allows the user to briefly flare another allomancers metals

Gold (Auger)

Electrum (Oracle)

Aluminum (Aluminum Gnat)

Duralumin (Duralumin Gnat)

Forgot the other metals? Or just don't know? Check the Mistborn Wiki, look under allomancy.

Ummmmm, I think that's it. Enjoy!

I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar room. Looking around I remembered what had happened and where I was. "The arena" I groaned. Anger and sorrow started building inside me.

I sat up and put my face in my hands, feeling more lonely than I thought possible in that small stone cell. Tears welled up in my eyes as I recalled the events of the previous week.

My mother had come home in a fashion I had never seen, she ran. In a flash she had gone upstairs. I sat bewildered in the kitchen with a cup of water. Then there she was, in front of me yelling.

"SWALLOW THIS" she yelled, holding a greenish bead in her hand.

"Why?" I asked

"Kephlen, just do it." She said.

I swallowed the green bead and asked her, "What's going on, and what did I swallow?"

She smiled at me sadly, "You swallowed a bead of Larasium, and you're being taken to the arena."

I looked at her incredulously, and everything went to hell. Metal coins blasted through the walls annihilating everything in their path. I watched in horror as several passed through my mother and she dropped to the floor. Then everything went black.

"Larasium? What the fuck is larasium?" I mused aloud.

"You don't seem too broken up about your mom dying." My cell mate Tyr said.

"Don't get me wrong." I stated. "I loved her, and I'm sad, but that doesn't help me right now. I'll have time to mourn later"

"Whatever. Anyway larasium is just a legend. Supposedly whoever swallowed it, turned into a mistborn like me." Tyr stated.


"Yeah. Why do you ask?"

"Because my mom made me swallow what she said was larasium before I got taken."

Tyr remained silent.

"You're up soon." I said.

"I know." He responded.

"What's the game today?"

"Oh you know how they treat mistborn, lots of foes, low chance of success."

"Yeah but at least you get to know beforehand. What's today?" I asked

"Standard arena, pulser, seer, nicro, smoker, three thugs, two coin shots, and a lurcher." He said. "Oh and I get two full panels, glass daggers, and a pouch."

"Full panel?" I asked.

"Yeah, a full panel of metals."


"Kephlen, sometimes I wonder about you."

We lapsed into silence as I sat back and wondered what it would be like to be a mistborn, or even just a misting. I ran through what I knew, weighing the pros and cons of each. Coinshot over lurcher, without pewter to save me from dumb mistakes I just considered being a lurcher dangerous. I would definitely choose to burn steel over iron. I guess besides iron being potentially dangerous, I just liked the appeal of pushing on metal more than pulling on it. Pewterarm over tineye, I see the appeal of enhancing the senses with tin but I'm more of a fighter. Rioters and soothers are actually the same to me. Both can achieve the same affect whether using brass or zinc. Coppercloud over seeker, burning bronze to find other allomancers just seems like a dick move to me. Neither pulser nor slider really appeals to me, but if I had to choose between cadmium or bendalloy, I'd be a pulser and burn cadmium. Seer over oracle, atium just seems superior to electrum. Leecher over nicro, getting rid of another's metal with chromium is more useful than flaring another's metal with Nicrosil in my opinion. Being an aluminum gnat or duralumin gnat is a joke, as neither metal affects you if you can't burn other metals. Finally, being an auger is a joke, burning gold is kind of useless.

"What's your favorite metal?" I asked

"Atium. When you burn atium, you feel unstoppable."

Silence again.

"How many wins do you have, Tyr?"


"Seventeen to go."

"As if they'll let me live that long." He said bitterly. "It'd be troublesome having an arena mistborn running free."

"Yeah, but it's happened before." I said.

"Mmhmm." He said apathetically. "When did it happen last?"

I opened my mouth to respond, and realized that I didn't know.

"See Kephlen, like they're going to let me live that long."

I didn't respond.

"What's your next match?" Tyr queried.

"Just a master swordsman." I said. "But it won't be an issue, it's the forest arena."

"Management must like you." Tyr said

"Well I put on a good show in the forest."

"That's for sure, I saw your first match. No one even knew you were behind him"

"What can I say, the forest is my home."

Tyr chuckled and said "You know, they're advertising you as the reaper of the forest."

"I know, it's all crap. What I did wasn't even all that impressive."

"If that wasn't impressive, I'm not sure I want to know what is." Tyr said anxiously.

I laughed, finding the prospect of Try – a mistborn – being afraid of me, hilarious.

Silence reined once again.

Tyr started meditating in preparation for the arena, and I started my training regimen.

Not long after, Tyr was taken to the arena to face his 'low chance of success'.

I laid down and dreamed of my first time in the arena.

Uhh yeah that's it for the first chapter. I dunno if I'll actually finish it or not because I'm decently certain it sucked. But whatevs.