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Tyr and I were eating our mid-day meal when he brought up a topic I spent a lot of time thinking about. "Keph, do you ever think about escaping?"

"Only all the time." I said "But it's practically impossible. They have a veritable army of leechers roaming the cell blocks. Not to mention the actual army of Hazekillers. Hell, practically all the guards are leechers and Hazekillers. As well as the hemallurgically enhanced seekers that can pierce copperclouds, and hemallurgically enhanced soothers that can bring you to your knees just by looking at you. You get all of your emotions taken away and you forget to keep running."

"Yeah but people have escaped before." Tyr said, grabbing at straws

"And how long did it take before the Inquisitors killed them?"

"Less than two days for all three." Tyr said finally defeated

"You would have to have the mental ability to shake off the soothers, the raw talent to ignore the leechers and seekers in order to avoid using metals, and you would need to be able to kill Steel Inquisitors to ensure life after escape."


"Why do you ask?" I queried

"I just wanted your input on something I thought about almost daily."

"Then I want your input on inmate betting."

Tyr thought for a second before answering "I am a fan personally, I bet all my items on you the past two times and I've doubled my stuff each time. Not to mention the full panel I won off your first match."

"Yeah, but prisoners betting for items to use in their matches that could potentially mean life or death for them…" I responded

"Well every misting is given at least one vial with their metal every match, and mistborn are given at least one vial with basic metals. And as for weapons and armor you can bet for them but why bother when you get your opponents stuff – although I do recommend getting a wooden shield as a non coinshot/mistborn as soon as possible – so why bother unless you're trained with a weapon."

"My point exactly. It's skewed towards allomancers." I said indignantly

"You can bet your stuff for hemallurgic upgrades." Tyr said sheepishly

"Yeah but you almost never get enough stuff to bet for that unless you're at 20 wins or more." I said

"Yeah but if you do get up to 20 wins you bet for that upgrade, because you get released at 25."

"And how often does that happen?" I shot back

Tyr lapsed into silence obviously unhappy that I had used his argument against him.

"All I know is, I'm betting on you. I'm getting another coin purse, the one I have is almost out. By the way, you do have a wooden shield right?" Tyr said switching gears

I nodded my head before adding "I have a full set of leather armor too, got it off my second match. As well as a bow staff and a pair of glass daggers from my third."

Tyr nodded appreciatively and then continued on "Do you know how to use those?"

"The bow staff I can use very well, the glass daggers I'm… okay with."

"I'll give you some pointers the next time we have practice time. Hell I'll even teach you, a lowly mistborn teaching the reaper of the forest."

We laughed together and finished our meals in companionable silence. A guard came by later and took our wooden trays.

Tyr took a nap while I did my katas for the various martial arts I knew.

As dinner rolled around I asked Tyr when his next match was. "Well we both had our matches last week so mine is nine weeks from now and yours is three, and the following match is five weeks after that." Tyr said

"Okay I was never explained this, how do they determine how long until your next match?"

"How long were you here before your first match?" Tyr asked

"About a week."

"And how long between that match and the match after?"

"Ummm, two weeks." I said thinking back

"The match after that?"

"Three weeks… Oh I get it." I said, glad he had made me figure it out on my own rather than trying to explain it to me. Tyr nodded; glad I had caught onto the exponential date system.

Then I suddenly realized, "That's right, I won three matches, I get to use the training field now!"

"Keph, sometimes you're really slow."

"You don't even know." I said "I didn't get to use the staff, I haven't held a staff in forever."

"Uh-huh." Tyr said unimpressed "That was still really slow. We're talking glacier slow here. I mentioned the practice field at lunch, it's dinner now."

"Oh hush. I get to use a staff, I get to run around. This is going to be great."

"Yeah, I'm defiantly going to teach you to use those daggers. Someone needs to take you down a peg, in my opinion." Tyr said, once again unimpressed by my antics.

"This is going to be great! I'm so pumped." I said, filled with excitement

"If this is you after getting to use the practice field, I can only imagine what you're going to do after you win ten matches and get to spend a day in each of the small themed arenas."

"I get to do what in the where now?" I said

"Wow, all thought process stopped. I said when you get ten wins, you get to spend 24 hours in each of the small themed arenas."

"That's even cooler!"

The rest of my exclamation was cut off by the enormous yawn that occurred, Tyr soon followed suit. Both of us deciding it was time to rest, we clambered into our respective "beds" and passed out.

There might be some places where I switched from first to third person because my other story with these two characters is in third and if I did, I apologize, but I'm too lazy to go through it right now and check. So yeah… That's it for now I guess.