This happened just after Teito had mulled over Mikage's death. And before the Antwort siege and separation of Teito and Mikhail. Just before the Clergy exams. This is a semi-AU because, you see, Lance arrived after the Eye of Mikhail was stolen, but his arrival was earlier here in my story.


Kapitel 1

It was the usual day at the Barsburg home. Ouka had dubbed it 'The Most Tiring Place in the World'. Every day, there was a strict schedule to be followed. The free time she usually has were in the early mornings and late afternoons. She seldom had enough time to go outside and wander about. Once a week, she would have a consultation with the doctors. And those examinations took their toll on her body. She knew she wasn't being treated by any stretch, but being experimented on. She knew but did nothing to stop it. The catch was, she didn't know what they were experimenting on her for. She knew what they were doing could help the country. After all, it was being supervised by a very close friend and she knew she wouldn't hurt her. But still, she had doubts, and doubting is a bad thing when you choose to trust.

Today was different though. She had the whole day off. She wasn't questioning it. In fact it had made her infinitely happy. She had snuck out once again, dressed as a male servant not a sklave, for she couldn't exactly put on a collar on herself. The servant's hat hid her hair wonderfully no one noticed her pink hair.

Nobody even gave her a second look. Then the idea hit her. I want to leave here for good. A lot of people would be worried, I know, but I've been stuck here for 16 years now. I know this is what I want. I want to live my own life. And thus, she went to her room, grabbed a tattered brown bag, her staff and left unnoticed. Exiting the room, a Little black Fyulong was waiting for her.

"Kururu! You're coming with me, aren't you?" Kururu nodded as she jumped up to her beloved mistress's shoulder.

"Oh, Kururu. But you'll have to hide. I would be found if you followed me. Hide in here." She whispered while opening the tattered brown bag. The Fyulong child entered the bag, he fit in perfectly with more space necessary. The bag was after all comfortably big. She walked boredly through the halls, twisting doorknobs every now and then, pretending to check whether or not they were closed.

Weird. Gyokuran never saw me. She checked her watch. Oh. It's still 3am… no wonder. The she gracefully glided down the Grand Staircase. Then, using the side entrance, she exited the castle.

She went to a park, hoping that there would be a public washroom there. Kururu was wriggling in the bag, but she couldn't let her out yet, they were still in dangerous territory.

'Gyokuran would kill me if she knew I ran away for good.' Ouka thought as she was walking under a non-descript brown coat, but still carrying the bag like it was really there. Her pinkish-white hair was put in a bun, wearing the hood to cover her face and head. With her casual clothes underneath, she had to walk more carefully. Walking like she belonged, she thought about the flaws in her escape.

'Hm… I shouldn't have turned there… the guards might've noticed… Hmm… but I was wearing a disguise, nobody should have noticed.' She didn't know where to go exactly, so she just wandered aimlessly, rummaging through her mental files of places which seemed friendly. She had, after all, finished Geography. And there, she got it.

'The church in 7th district! Perfect! They let anyone there. I might be safe there.' She smiled. 'This might just work out!' She then dropped her poise and walked 'casually' to the Train station. It wouldn't take her as far as the church itself, but it would lead her to the outskirts of the First District. And she would just walk all the way to 7th District. Thankfully, by the time her attendants would have noticed her missing, she would be far from the Hohburg Fort. It would be about one train ride and a 2 day walk, judging from the maps she had had to buy a train ticket first though. Tickets weren't expensive, even for the poorest ones. Though her 'Princess Allowance' card had more money in it, she had used her 'civilian card' for the money. (1) Her Princess card was traceable and she was keeping a low profile and trying to escape the Royal life. The Booth man had given her a strange look, and she passed it off because she was wearing suspicious clothes.

The road she was using wasn't exactly safe either. The sun was also nearly setting, she had stayed at an inn in the middle of the road –obviously for weary travelers— the night before, and it was quite prosperous for an inn.

She changed to a simple light pink overcoat and a thick shirt underneath, for caution, she bought a jet-black wig that reached just by her waist. After all, she couldn't risk going out with pink hair.(2)( And hell, would she dye her hair.) It wasn't as itchy as she expected it to be. It was actually quite comfortable. I even look like, Kikune, one of my attendants. She mused silently, giggling to herself. Kururu had exited the suffocating bag just as she had entered her designated room in the inn. The Fyulong looked extremely happy to be able to breathe freely again.

The Church's pristine white walls were standing just a few more miles away. She walked at a steady pace, not wanting to actually sprint.

By sunset, she had reached the gates of the Church, It was nearly closing and she just made it in time. She slowed to a stop when she saw a burly man guarding the gates. It wouldn't do if she just barged in, right?

"Are ya here ta take refuge on this 'ere church?" He was just about to close the gates, but stopped as he saw the woman clad in pink.

"Um, Yes Sir! Could I…?" She asked, nervousness in her tone. She couldn't blow her cover! Not a chance!

"All's welcome in this 'ere place! Ya batter hurry, though, mah shift's about ta end and the other man's nay friendly." The man was obviously an escaped criminal, judging by his but he seemed friendly enough. She wouldn't want to meet the other guard. If this kind of man told her the guy wasn't worth meeting, she'd agree.

"Thank you, sir." Ouka hurried along the slightly open gate. She walked toward the biggest building, not really sure on where to go. She might be lucky to see someone and ask for directions. She then heard some noise from just near the rightmost building, out of curiosity, she ran quietly to the source.

"Why doesn't it work? I know I can use zaiphon, but… why?" A male clad in white was muttering to himself. He was wearing what looked like the clergymen wore. What was that he was holding? She browsed through some of her mental files and her brain supplied her: 'Bascule'

"Who's there?" The male turned. Ouka caught sight of his eyes. It was green. Green eyes were very much non-existent in the Empire, but according to history books, it was very abundant in the Raggs Empire Royalty, which had fallen. She brushed off that thought, there couldn't be a survivor, could there?

"I'm sorry, but could you please tell me where I could stay? I am very much lost… And I'm not very familiar with the area." 'Well, it is true.' She was really quite lost.

"Oh, just a villager… Where are you going?" He muttered to himself.

"I'm not exactly sure. I just want a place to stay in, and it's rather late…" She switched her demeanor to 'lost kitten'. She wasn't deceptive, but she was long used to many of the masks the royalties use to face different people. She just wanted to be herself, but those masks also did have their advantages.

"Oh! I'm sorry, how about I help you find one of the nuns? I'm also quite new here so I won't be much help. But they'll be able to." He was wiping his hand, and there were red stains on the previously white cloth. Blood? She started to become uneasy, what was he doing? He couldn't have been killing people off.

"Umm, if.. I may ask… What were you doing?"

"Oh, practicing how to cast using a Bascule. I'm not really sure what I was doing though." The male looked unsure of his words. Looking at the Bascule strangely "It just wouldn't work."

"Oh, I forgot, what's your name?"

Oh. What what she supposed to say? Ouka was a bit obvious. She couldn't get caught right away. But last name?

"Rose. Rose Maple." There. Oak was a given, but they could trace her down. Maple? It was also a tree. Also her name had Rose in it. Roseamanelle. Rose Maple. She was silently praising herself for her quick thinking. If she had screwed up there, it would be the end and it was still too early.

"Teito Klein. Nice to meet you." He smiled. The innocence in his eyes was prevalent. He wasn't exposed to the evilness of the society yet. She had seen it, but refused to accept them. Her soul was still pure. His soul was still pure. Untainted.

"Umm… Could you…?" She asked, not really knowing what to ask, so she just put the completion of the question to Teito.

"Sure. I'll come with you. I'm kind of used to the place already anyway."

(1) Bishops used those silver and gold things right? So I think it might be the same for the others, It wasn't exactly showed how they pay for anything, so I made it up. It is a fanfiction after all...

And Ouka had two of them. Her 'Princess Allowance' and her 'Civilian Allowance' for when she was needed to leave the country unnoticed. The card was also untraceable, so it works in her favour. The Princess Allowance has quite the sum in it, and it is traceable if used, and she ran away so… there!

A/N I'm not exactly the persevering type, but I'll try to update soon. But! I think the updates might be a little inconsistent, but yeah.

Also, most of this story would be told from Ouka's point of View. She might be a little OOC, but It's hard to keep them in character when they have similar personalities to you. Most of 'em branch off with mine… soooo… yeah. You get the picture.

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