I've noticed a lack of female protagonists for the Main story fanfics, not including one-shots. So I decided to write one, think of her personality as a sort of female Soma of sorts, though that's probably the closest comparison you can have.

This is only the second fanfic I have written so please tell me your thoughts.


Chapter 1: World In Ruins

In the year 2071, the world as we know it is gone forever. We humans, who for centuries have been at the top of the food chain, find ourselves replaced by terrifying beings that emerged over 20 years ago. Life forms that devoured anything and everything including their kind and took on the forms of what they have eaten. The world soon called them under a single name, one that instills fear until this very day…

The Aragami.

For over 20 years, humans have raged war against the Gods, desperate to survive at all cost. However, humans have sustained heavy casualties, for the Gods can never truly be killed with the conventional weapons they possess. When all hope seems lost, the Fenrir Corporation gave birth to an elite fighting force that is capable of countering this oncoming threat.

The Gods Eaters.

However, even those capable of devouring Gods are not immune to Death itself. By the year 2071, humanity has given up on waging war and is now focused on self-preservation. The Fenrir Corporation who gave birth as the Gods Eaters now served as the beacon of hope as it unites all humanity under its leadership. But this brief respite won't last, as the numbers of humans are dwindling, slowly but surely…

Day by day,

Moment by moment,

Always moving forward,

Never looking back,

Within the eternal darkness,

A single light as our guide,

Within a world devoured by gods,

And gods devoured by mortals.


Within the Fenrir Far East Branch in Japan, Director Johannes von Shicksal quietly studied several status reports on a certain project as well as the status of the both the base and the number of supplies they have. A loud beep caught his attention as a female voice soon spoke through the speaker.

"Director, we have found a possible candidate for a New-Type Gods Eater in the database."

The Director smiled at the news, "I see. What's his name?"

""Her" actually. The candidate is a female, director." The operator corrected.

Tapping a button on his laptop, the screen soon showed the profile of the candidate. While studying it, what caught the director's eyes was the information on the profile, or rather the lack of it besides name, age and origin. Making a note to investigate this later, Johannes gave his order to the operator.

"Hmm… I see. Get in contact with the candidate's guardians immediately and mark her as Priority Alpha. Be sure that the candidate is well protected and then get her down here to take the aptitude test." Director Johannes ordered.

"Umm… Director? Isn't that a little…" The operator voiced her concern before interrupted by Johannes.

"With the Aragami about, one must take precautions with the utmost care. The last thing we want is to lose this candidate due to… unforeseen circumstances. Understood?"

The operator hesitated and then responded, "Yes, sir. It will be done."

The Director looked once more at the picture of the candidate, a young girl in her late-teens, "I wonder… will you be the one we at Fenrir are all searching for?" Pressing another button on the keyboard, he spoke again, "Paylor? It's me, Johannes. There's something I'd like you to investigate…"

-Outer Ghetto-

A young man is seen just outside the entrance of the Fenrir Far East Branch. Looking at the large double doors, Kota Fujiki knew that once he went through them, there was no turning back. The life that he had lived until then would be gone forever. But… but if it meant that… he could protect them… protect his family…

Kota thought back to when it happened, the moment that marked the change in his life. It was just another day as usual; he was watching Burgarally, his favourite TV series along with sister, Nozomi. Their mother was washing the dishes while smiling at the reaction of her two children over the show's action scenes. It was just another day for the Fujiki household in the Outer Ghetto.

However, a visitor in the form of an official from Fenrir, changed all that by informing the family that he, Kota Fujiki is a potential candidate for a Gods Eater. Kota could tell, that even though his mother didn't want him to go, she told him that the decision was his to make as he is essentially all grown up. Kota hesitated at first, wondering whether he was making the right decision, but eventually accepted the offer, for the sake of his family.

And now here he is, standing in front of the gate which will lead him to become a Gods Eater. However, part of him hesitated to go through, faltering the resolve he had and that part regretted accepting the offer. But this… this was the only way he could protect them, and he had no intention of wasting this chance.

"Mom, Nozomi. I'm doing this for both of you."

With a renewed resolve, Kota stepped through the doors, the first step into becoming a Gods Eater.

- Two Hours later, somewhere on route to The Den-

Several transport copters are seen flying across the desert. They are recognizable by the army green paint job along with red Fenrir emblem, the head of a wolf. One particular transport was noticeably different than the rest. First, the color of the paint used white and second, the symbol has been gold color. The third and most noticeably, was the single passenger different from those who sat within the transport.

Her clothes were of a much darker color, making it easy to tell her apart from the rest of the crew. Sitting close to the edge, Shina Tsukuyomi blankly watched the horizon; her long, black hair flying around as the wind playfully tugged at it. Truthfully she never wanted to become a Gods Eater; the reason why she joined was because her adoptive parents were promised protection while she was gone.

'God damn it, Fenrir. Just how long do you want to keep messing with my life? But I guess this is expected, since it was only a matter of time.' She thought to herself, while looking at the wasteland of the so-called "Land of the Rising Sun". Shina then reminisce the time when those "officers" came through. A hatred she had long forgotten welled up inside her, though she managed to keep it under control for the sake of the guardians, who were also present. They then offered her a "choice", join Fenrir as a New-Type Gods Eater or remain at risk of being attacked by Aragami. Knowing Fenrir is capable of keeping their word, she accepted their offer, albeit grudgingly.

The two officers she had met were on board on the transport with her, sitting beside her, not saying a word. One official, an older woman was viewing some documents and reports on a clipboard while the other, a younger man was watching out for any signs of Aragami, though he would sneak occasional glances at their newest recruit.

No surprise there, Shina was a rather attractive girl at her age, the light from the sun reflecting on her skin made it look as if she was glowing. However, what intrigued the young official was the glare of hatred he saw when they first met. He knew that it was directed for the organization they work for, but what has Fenrir done to invoke such a reaction? But now, there was no sign of that hatred on her face, only a blank look devoid of any emotion… like a mask. Noticing his gaze, Shina turned to him and asked, "What is it?" Flustered, the officer shook frantically shook his head then turned the other way, leaving Shina to wonder what it was about.

There was no time to contemplate that, as their destination slowly appeared within the horizon. Shina noticed something else, a bunch of buildings that serve as ruins of the past, a symbol what they have lost. Eat or be eaten, the young girl mused at the irony of the term as the only way to retaliate at the Aragami who devoured everything in their way…

Was to devour them back.

-Outside the Den-

"Great work today guys!" A black-haired Corporal said to the members of his team which consisted of short length black-haired Medic Sergeant, a hooded white-haired Assault Chief and a shoulder-length red-haired Sniper Private. Corporal Lindow Amamiya, leader of the Retaliation team had gone on a mission earlier with his team members, Sakuya Tachibana, Soma and Nancy Sakaki to the Old City to eliminate a lone Vajra sighted there.

They encountered no difficulties and have eliminated the target without incident. Turning to Nancy, Lindow asked, "Hey Nancy, would you mind handing the core to the Doc for me?" while holding up core in one hand. The young girl shook her head, "Not this time, Lindow. It's your job as Unit Leader to give the core to the Aragami Technology Department. Honestly, you're much too lazy, Lindow." The Corporal laughed before taking up cigarette to smoke.

Sakuya giggled, "Since when is he not? Anyway, do we really have to eat that giant corn on the cob again? Can't you do anything about your father's inventions? You know, like taking over for him or something?" Nancy sweat-dropped at the suggestion, "Sakuya, you know there's nothing I can do about Father's tendency to… experiment. Besides, I know nothing about the stuff he does there. I only go there to talk or report to him."

The Medic Sergeant sighed, "I was afraid of that. Hey, Soma. That offer to trade is still open, you know." The Assault Chief growled in reply, "Like I said before, NO WAY."

A sudden humming in the air brought the group's attention to the sky. Several transport copters were seen arriving from a distance; Lindow glanced at Nancy who looked equally puzzled. "I take it you don't know what that is all about, Nancy? Was someone important supposed to arrive today?" he asked. Nancy shook her head, her eyes still fixed on oncoming vehicles. "Not that I heard of, though maybe…" she had a thought concerning what her father, Paylor Sakaki had mentioned yesterday.

When the transports successfully landed on the landing pad, a young girl with flowing black hair is seen walking towards the Den, escorted by two Fenrir officers. Lindow frowned at the sight, cigarette in his mouth. Nancy cupped her mouth with her hand, realizing that her suspicions were right, "I think… that person is a possible candidate for a New-Type Gods Eater."

This news caused everyone to look at the newcomer, even Soma who usually wasn't interested in this sort of stuff. Noticing his gaze, Sakuya asked him, "Oh, are you interested too, Soma?" The Assault Chief turned while denying it, "No, I'm not." Nancy asked with concern, "Do you think she will become a New-Type Gods Eater?" referring to the newcomer. Lindow shrugged, "Hell if I know, we'll just have to see where it goes from here."


Paylor Sakaki straightened his glasses as he waited along with the Director for the arrival of their newest recruit in the observation deck. Johannes was busy studying the information the doctor has managed to find in Fenrir's classified database. However, since most of them are under property of Fenrir Headquarters, even Paylor could only access limited amounts.

Johannes glanced at the Doctor, "Is this really all you can find, Paylor?" Nodding his head, the doctor then explained, "Most of the files are under property of headquarters. Even I could only access a limited number of files." Though the Director maintained a neutral expression on his face, Paylor could tell that Johannes was just as puzzled as he was. Especially since the matter concerned the new arrival, Shina Tsukuyomi. What exactly is Fenrir hiding?

The noise of a door opening brought both their attention to the testing area, which is essentially a temporarily re-purposed training facility. Shina walked in, her dark clothes made her easy to distinguish from the white facility, like a dark raven among a large group of doves. Paylor straightened his glasses again and observed the girl while Johannes made his announcement.

She looked exactly like the picture in the profile. Long, black, flowing hair with dark teal eyes. Her height was more or less similar to his daughter, Nancy. But what struck Paylor as odd was the colour of her skin. It was fairly pale, which made her look as if she was one of those porcelain dolls, giving Paylor the idea that she was rather fragile. The expression Shina had on seems to support the idea as well; a blank and rather lifeless look on her face. Is she truly capable of becoming Gods Eater, let alone a New-Type?

However, this worry was groundless as Shina passed the aptitude test without incident. After she had left, Paylor voiced his concerns, "I know that you are happy that the new recruit is able to meet your demands, but do you really think she is capable for combat?" Johannes looked at the doctor, a hint of amusement visible on his face, "Well, have you grown a soft spot for our newest member? Don't forget you aren't the only father around here, Paylor. I also know what it's like to send your child out into the battlefield."

Paylor nodded, "Yes, but still…" Johannes interjected, "You should not let appearances deceive you, Paylor. She is not as "fragile" as one might think." Johannes held up the clipboard in his hand, looking at the picture of the Far East Branch's first New-Type Gods Eater.

"We'll continue to observe her for now. I hope you do not disappoint, "Goddess of the Moon."