It was just another night, the winter had brought temperature drops well into the thirties. And even though it was absolutely fridgid outside it didn't stop them from patrolling.

After all Manhatten was their home, the people walking the streets were their people- Innocent. Defenseless. They protected these people from the shadows and were well accustomed to the discomfort of their jobs.

They had been sitting, perched on a rooftop by mainstreet when they caught a glimpse of a most curious sight. A girl about fourteen years old, with mid back length black hair that fell in curled and waved, wearing a pair of jeans, some leather boots, and a white jacket with pale blue snowflakes on it, was walking down the street among the crowd.

And while that in itself wasn't unusual, what was was the fact that she looked like she was no older than fourteen or fifteen, and it was well past midnight. Electric blue eyes narrowed as the leader made a hand sign for his companions to follow him. As the guardians of the city it was their job to follow the girl and make sure that she came to no harm.

They followed her for about half a block before she slipped into a corner market and bought some food then came back out again and took a few alley's (much to their horror and disbelief) and was almost back to the point where they had first saw her when she ran into some purple dragons.

"Well, well, look what we got here boys. A little lost mousey-" Hun said tauntingly as he sneered down at the little girl. Four pairs of eyes narrowed in anger from above the group as the girl sighed and set her things down.

"Wanna party with us mousey?" One dragon crooned while another laughed cruelly then said,

"We'll show you a good time."

Above them the four guardians nearly went slack jawed at the purple dragons innuendo's towards the girl. They couldn't be possibly suggesting what they thought they were right? After all the girl was just a kid!

The girl sighed again, this time more heavily as the dragons surrounded her. "What is this, the ninth time in three days? Can't you fella's just give up and go away?" The girl said in an almost pleading tone as Hun closed in on her.

"Not until we're satisfied- no."

"Oh well when you put it that way-" The girl said sarcastically as she looked to one side then another. Above her the guardians wondered what she was thinking when one of them muttered an oath as she took up a fighting stance.

This wasn't going to end well. Not for the kid. And not for the dragons.

They knew it was stupid for a normal person, let alone a kid, to fight a well trained crime orginazation. They had known and fought the dragons for many years- well since their teens, and knew that standing up to them was a daunting and more than a little bit frightening.

So they could only imagine what the kid was feeling at this moment while their leader signaled that once the fight started they would drop down from where they were and help the girl before any harm came to her.

The others nodded and gripped their weapons and waited for the perfect moment as the fight broke out below them. Everything from there unfolded as if in slow motion, Hun grabbed at the girl only to have her flip herself over his head and sweep his legs out from under him causing him to hit the ground like a ton of bricks.

They landed on the asphalt as several other dragons rushed the girl and automatically sprang into action and beat them back while the first guardian grasped the girl's wrist and pushed her back behind him as he deflected a weapon.

The clanging of metal and wood filled the alley along with several growls and yelps as several thuds were heard. The girl lightly placed her hands against the first guardian's back, feeling the slightly rough texture of something heavy under her finger tips and felt the male jerk his head around to look at her for a moment before turning back around.

There was a loud thud as a heavy body was slammed into one of the brick buildings. The guardian in front of her shouted, "Mikey!" His voice tinged in alarm as he brought his foot up and kicked the guy he'd been fighting, away from him.

He turned his head slightly and looked back at her then turned and put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her further into the shadows and hissed, "Stay here."

Unoaccustomed to being told what to do, much less by a sci-fi movie character in a large turtle suit, she waited for him to turn his back and watched him fight his way over to his fallen friend. Yet get stuck half the way there. Looking between the one who had hissed at her to stay and the fallen one, her eyes widened a bit when she saw that the fallen one was being dragged off.

Slowly at first then faster while the others were distracted. She started to take a step out of the shadows to go after him when something metal hit the brick beside her shoulder, startling a scream from her before she got a good look at what had hit the wall and felt herself pale.

Now she wasn't a person to give into fear easily. Never had been and never would be. Her grandfather had instilled such a sense of fearlessness and adventure in her when she had been growing up that she feared very few things now. Still this...

This was more than a little frightening. In fact it was downright terrifying.

But that didn't mean that she wouldn't use it to her advantage if she could. Lifting a hand she pulled the shuriken out of the brick and hid it up one of her jacket sleeves then looked around and found some discarded weapons on the ground and nearly purred, Jackpot, as she grabbed them up and headed in the direction where the fallen guardian had been dragged.


Mikey came back to awareness with the uncomfortable sensation of his shell scraping across asphalte as he was dragged by two purple dragons. Still feeling groggy from slamming into the wall so hard that his teeth had rattled in his skull- He tried to lift an arm and swing at the ones dragging him away from his brothers and the safety that they provided, and found that he was so dizzy and weak that he couldn't even lift either of his arms. Much less make a fist.

Damn. What's wrong with me? He wondered as he was suddenly dropped. His body hitting the pavement in a way that was both painful and somewhat familiar. He recalled several different wounds from his younger days that had left him in such a defenseless state. One had been poison.

But the purple dragons didn't deal in that. They would rather have their victims be able to feel everything that was done to them so that they could hear their victims scream and beg. So only left some sort of internal injury.

A head wound, maybe? A skull fracture? Brain swelling?

Shit. He needed to get up and get back to his brothers before- "Well, well, what have we got here?" One dragon said in a taunting tone. Mikey closed his eyes for a second then opened them again as the second dragon said.

"A little turtle. Aw, poor thing. He's hurt."

"Then why let him suffer?" The first one said with a low rumbling laugh as Mikey tried to get up and was kicked in the side for his efforts. He gritted his teeth and tried to breathe but he was kicked again and again before he heard the familiar sound of a blade being drawn from it's sheath and felt an icey sliver of fear run down his spine as one of the dragons said.

"Turtle soup anyone?"


Leonardo sheathed his katana's as he walked over to the nice and tidy pile that his brothers had made out of the unconscious human's bodies, and nudged the one on top of the pile, hard. "Is everyone alright?" He asked, his tone colored with concern.

"I'm fine." Donatello, the middle brother said as he stood up and tossed aside the wallets he'd collected while the second eldest looked around before growling.

"Where's Mikey?"

"I'd like to know where the girl went too." Leo said as he glanced over to the area where he'd left the girl and noted that she was gone now.

"She probably ran away screaming about monsters. Ya know, like most girlys do." The second eldest said with venom. His disdain for those too weak to stand and face them, coloring his tone. Leo and Don both sighed tiredly, both wanting to say something about how human's weren't meant to face them. Many of them were simply too scared of the unknown however the distant sound of clanging metal caught their attention.

The three exchanged looks, their expression's wary and concerned at the same time. Could Mikey still be fighting? Was he out numbered at this moment and waiting for help?

"Let's go see." Leo said more to himself than his brothers as they started towards the sounds of the conflict and took a few moments to blend into the darkness around them just in case they needed the element of surprise.


What little bit of what Mikey saw played out like an old school kung fu movie. The girl had come out of the darkness and with a strength born of adrenaline and worry and fear, had kicked one guy across the alley and punched the other in the chest to drive them away from him.

Then grasped his wrist and slipped her other arm under his arm pit and dragged him back into a corner and quickly hid him behind some garbage cans after pressing a short sword into one of his hands and hissed at him to stay still and keep quiet. She had quickly ran one hand along the side of his face, shocking him to his very soul as he'd looked up at her and saw her smile at him.

There was such compassion and gentleness in her expression that Mikey had almost started crying, knowing very well that the dragons would tear through her like rabid animals in an effort to get to him.

But what killed him- what really, really killed him was the fact that he could see that she knew it too and was unwilling to let them have their way even if it meant saving her own life.

He sat there shaking and feeling sick, his head throbbing painfully, his vision swimming every time he breathed or shifted to see if the girl was okay. He'd say this for her, whoever she was, she fought with a skill that was almost on par with his own and his brothers. Not allowing the dragons to take so much as a step closer to his location without knocking them back viciously.

If I survive this- I will forever be in this girl's debt. Mikey thought and nearly jumped out of his skin as one of the dragons managed to finally get past her while she was other wise occupied, and tried to thrust a katana blade through one of the garbage cans where he was hiding, level with his skull. Tried being the operative word.

Mikey wasn't sure how it happened or why but before the blade could so much as get more than a hairsbreath from his face, he looked up just in time to see the girl standing there with her hand wrapped around the blade. Her blood ran down the gleaming silvery white metal, staining it with crimson as the dragon tried to jerk it free.

But he couldn't seem to get the girl to release the blade no matter how much he sawed it back and forth in her hand. She let him try three times to get it free before backhanding him so hard that Mikey could swear that he heard the sicking crack of a bone breaking before the guy crumpled to the ground. Leaving her with one more to deal with.

The dragon looked down at his unconscious friend and then back at her. "You're going to pay for that bitch."

"Not before you pay for calling me bitch." The girl said as she spun the katana blade in her hand until she had the grip in her wounded hand, her fingers closing around it drawing more of the scarlet liquid to the surface.

The dragon smirked at her behind his mask. Oh he was going to enjoy gutting this one. After all nothing was more pleasant than watching the fire go out of a spirited persons eyes.


Leo and his brothers stood in the shadows just a few feet away from the two fighting, gaping in both shock and horror as the girl spun the blade and gripped the handle in her bloody hand.

They couldn't believe that she hadn't run away. Nor could they believe the amount of wounds she had gotten thus far. The scrapes and bruises and blood marring her pale skin, standing out in stark contrast even in the dark.

Her lip was busted, her knuckles bruised, at least two of her fingers on her other hand were broken if the way they stuck out, crooked and disjointed, was any indication at all.

Her jacket had been ripped in several places, she had a cut on her cheek another above one of her eyes, and what looked like several shallow stab wounds. Not enough to kill her, but Leo was certain that the damned things had to hurt.

He was about to say something when he saw the dragon lunge. The girl parried his weapon and kicked him back but not before he managed to flip himself and throw a few shuriken at her. Two of which hit her. One in the chest, directly over her heart and the other embedded itself in the left side of her collar bone.

She looked down at the one in her chest as she staggered back into the garbage cans and accidentally knocked one over, causing Mikey to whimper and twitch slightly. Drawing the eyes of his brothers as the girl looked down at him. His green skin was paler now than it had been a few minutes ago and she could plainly see that his eyes were still unfocused even as he looked at the crimson stain spreading across her chest and collar bone.

"R-Run 'way..." He said in a weak pleading tone. She'd done enough for him. She was done. For her to push herself any further was suicide. She gave him a grim smile and his heart sank.

Damn. She was digging in her heels. Where the hell were his brothers when he needed them anyways? One of them could stop her. He reasoned tiredly as he fought off the swarming darkness. It had been trying to overwhelm him for the past few minutes now but he knew better than anyone that if he closed his eyes now, he would probably die.

She reached up and unceremoniously pulled the shuriken out of her collar bone and studied it in the darkness thinking, Enough of this shit, and threw it back at the dragon hitting him in the neck with it. Severing his artery and sending a spray of blood spurting into the air as he hit the ground, twitching and thrashing around before going still.

The second he was down she dropped down to a croutching position next to the creature that she had protected and reached out with a bloody hand and grasped his wrist and checked for a pulse as the others came out, one of them whistling as he surveyed the damage. "Damn girl." The whistler said, watching as she visibly tensed for a moment as the leader asked gently in a soothing tone.

"Will you please put the weapon down?" She looked up at him and slowly pried her fingers from the grip of the katana and let it clatter to the ground at his feet and looked over at Mikey as Don checked him over.

"Is he going to be okay?" She asked in a breathless tone as her head started to feel fuzzy. They were different, she noted. Each of them wearing a different color mask and belt. Blue, red, purple, and orange. How odd that she hadn't noticed that before now.

The one in the purple mask looked up from his task as the one in blue knelt down in front of her and quickly looked her over before grasping her wrists and bringing her hands up so that he could see them better. "He should be fine after a while-" Blue said absently as he took stock of how many wounds needed stitching and bandaging. The wound on her one hand, her collar bone and chest were the worst off.

Everything else could be cleaned and bandaged but the chest wound and others needed sergical precision. "You however may need a hopital." Blue said as he let go of her wrists to dig into a pouch sewn onto his belt and pulled out some gauze and started to wrap her hand, trying to ignore the fact that the skin and tissue had been split all the way down to the bone.

Every time he wrapped another layer of bandages around her hand, he kept looking at her face worried that he might be hurting her worse than she already was. But she didn't react. Didn't hiss, swear, scream, cry- It was puzzling to him that she was showing no reaction at all really.

"Talk to me kid-" Blue said all of a sudden wanting to hear her voice again. "Tell me something about yourself."

"Why?" She asked curiously.

He looked at her, his gaze piercing. "How else will my clan know who to thank for saving our brother?"

"My name is Lily Ericson..." She said after a moment or two as he tied off the bandages around her hand. "And I'm feeling- sort of dizzy." She said as everything started to fade in and out. Blue slipped an arm around her shoulders and another under her legs and surged to his feet with her cradled carefully in his arms and barked out an order to the other two.

"Get Mikey home and take care of him!"

"What about you, fearless?"

"I need to take Lily to the hospital. I think she lost too much blood..."