Lily ate the food that Leo had brought for her almost absently before setting everything back on the tray in the order she had eaten it and froze when she caught Leo lounging lazily against the wall, his eyes watching her every move. It was some what unnerving to her to be watched so closely, but she supposed that he did it out of habit.

"Do I have something on my face?" She asked curiously as she lifted one hand to wipe at her skin in an effort to partially hide herself from him when she saw him smile and slowly shake his head.

"No. There's nothing on your face."

"Then why are you staring at me?" She asked, paranoia kicking in as he slowly got up and took the tray from her lap and set it on the bedside table as he mulled over her words. Why was he staring at her? He knew that it wasn't because he didn't trust her. But for some odd reason he just couldn't tear his eyes away from her.

"No reason-" He lied before asking, "Did you like your breakfast? Mikey went all out for you, ya know."


"He's one of my brothers. The one you were injured saving." Leo said with a nod of his head. Lily looked down at her hands, neatly folded in her lap and nodded her head before making an 'oh' expression before replying,

"Yeah, his cooking is really good."

"He'll be happy to hear that-" Leo said with a small smile as she lifted her head a bit and looked at him. As he headed for the door before pausing in the doorway and asking, "Would you like to stay here and rest some more? Or would you like to meet my family and take a tour around our home?"

She was silent for a moment or so as he turned his head to look at her from over one of his shoulders. "I could meet your family... I guess..." Lily said in a hesitant tone as she started to get up off of the bed when Leo stopped her by saying,

"You don't have to force yourself-"

"I'm not. I" She started fidgeting with the blanket tangled around her legs, a faint blush staining her pale cheeks. "I'm sort of shy around strange people."

Leo arched a brow at her and made a funny sound before saying, "Really. You weren't shy when you met me." Lily rolled her eyes at him and then looked away.

"That's because I was hurt, feverish and thought I was high off of something. After the second or third time I just figured that you were an alien that had imprinted on me or something."

Leo blinked as his jaw went slack and fell open. Was that really what she had been thinking when she first met him? That's not a favorable response- He thought, feeling just a little bit irked by her honesty though he managed to pull himself together and hid it as well as he could before clearing his throat and asking, "But you got over it right?"

"Well, yeah. I may have a rare illness but even I'm adapable."

Leo's mouth quirked for a moment as he mentally filed away the information as he thought, That's good to know. She'd have to be adaptable to be a part of his family.