Mallory O'Mallard sat up straighter in her chair as a light on Drake One blinked, signifying that someone authorized had entered the Pond. Wildwing must be back from his walk. She frowned a little as she examined the console. Wildwing had entered from the secret elevator in the locker-room, but he had used the old keypad to enter the passcode, instead of the DNA scanner Tanya had installed months ago. Odd, that…

            Shrugging it off, the slender duck rose and walked to meet the elevator when it came down. Sure she was on watch right now, but heck, it wasn't like the world would end in the minute it would take to greet Wildwing.

            "Hey, cap'n," she said cheerfully as the doors whooshed open. "How was your…w…"

            She stared at the human boy in the elevator.

            "Intruder!" she yelped, her trusty puck-launcher almost materializing in her hand, so fast did she draw. "In – mmmph!" Her yell was muffled as the boy leapt forward, hand clamping her beak shut. "Mmmmph! Mmmmph!" she sputtered incoherently, raging and knowing that her teammates – far inside the base, with walls of metal in between – would not have heard her. Damn it! Instead of trying to shoot him, she should have tried to sound the alarm.

            "Mal! Please, stop it! It's me, Wildwing!" Mallory stopped struggling – more for the shock than obeying any command – startled at that familiar voice. She whirled away from him, breaking away from his arm around her waist easily. She stared at the human – quite clearly a Terran, Earthling, human, homo sapiens, whatever words you wanted to use – who was claiming to be a Puckworldian.

            Sheer madness. And yet…those eyes…eyes in a face so alien yet so familiar…

            "W…Wildwing…?" she asked, voice a faint whisper of what it normally was.

            Wildwing – if it was him, as Mallory was becoming more certain of – sagged in relief when it seemed that Mallory would not again leap for his throat. "Yes, it's me, Mal," he said, striving to keep his tones as normal as possible and not to let it go high in the register with the sheer hysteria he was fighting. "You're…you're going to find this hard to believe, but I…" he looked down at himself, fought back a shudder. "I was just walking, and then within one second and the next…this…happened."

            Mallory stared, something inside her now sure sure sure that it was Wildwing, but her mind still having trouble equating the human boy in front of her with her team captain.

He was tall for a human, but shorter than Wildwing was - had been, and with less broad shoulders as well. Wildwing had been at least a head taller than her – now Mallory could tip her head just slightly and meet his eyes. The clothes he was wearing hung somewhat loosely on him, engulfing him within their folds and making him appear more slender than he really was. His skin was very lightly tanned, his eyes were the same dark black-blue, the color made more recognizable with the lack of feathers around his face. And his hair was short-cut, with tufts sticking up in the front exactly like his feathers used to, and the same silver-white color his feathers had been.

It was Wildwing. And he was human.

Mallory considered fainting.


AN: I think this hasn't been done before – if it has, then I haven't seen it. There are fics with humans turning into ducks, so I figured, why not turn a duck into a human? ^_^  Hey, BTW, open season on this. Think of it as a fic-challenge, if you want. Anyone who wants to make continuations of this story may. Have ALL the ducks turn into humans, if you want. Or have Wildwing stress majorly about going back to normal. Or have Dragonus join Wildwing in his 'oh woe-is-me, I'm human now instead of my previous, more kick-ass, alien body' sitch.

My next part? Out sometime next week or when Episode III comes out, depending. Will probably include Phil yelling.