I had only one dream, one dream that I wanted so badly.

I wanted to be friends with the Potter-Weasleys.

I wanted to be best friends with them.

People thought I was mad.

You probably think I'm mad too.

I had grown up in a crazy, broken, wizard family.

My Mum had brought me up all on her own, my father was a stupid git who left when I was two and didn't ever return, thank god he didn't.

My grand father had a memory loss problem and I was right in the middle of all of this.

My mother makes just enough money to support the three of us.

I have to grow up, get a good job and help my mother support the family or whatever is left of it.

After surviving fifteen years of near poverty and a quiet country-life I had come to realize that dreams were nothing but plain imagination.

Whenever I saw the Weasley family including the Potters in the prophet, living their awesome lives longing burnt holes inside me.

It was so unfair that certain people in the society get so much while nobody realizes that there are families like mine who have very little.

The worst part is that I have to go to school with those children.

You must be wondering who I am, well there isn't much to know about me.

My name is Silver, Silver Graham.

I went to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I was going to start my sixth year. I am tall and skinny, I have muscle on me but it always seems to be hidden, I have black hair with streaks of brown that I inherited from my father.

I have brown eyes and a slight tan. My mother always told me that my eyes looked like those of a doe.

I live in a tiny room in my tiny house. I spent all my summers helping my mother around the house, I read books and wrote poetry to keep myself busy.

Sometimes I just sat on the roof and stroked my owl Iris's feathers as I watched the sunset.

My mother was a small petite woman, who did everything to keep the house running.

She had been beautiful once, before my father left her that is.

I had inherited my father's height and brown streaks and apparently also his resourcefulness.

I had inherited everything else from my mother except for my eyes, she had watery blue eyes.

I had been made Prefect and I had no idea what I was going to do. I had gotten all O's in my OWLs which I had because I had to do well so I could get a good career.

I wanted to become an Auror, but I'd have to work very hard for that.

One evening as I was sitting on my roof with my owl Iris, waiting for my mother to call me down for dinner I saw three children maybe my age flying broomsticks around the edge of the meadow.

I recognized them they were the three Potters, James Potter, Albus Potter and Lily Potter.

And then my heart sank once again.

Privileged children like them would never be friends with a girl like me.

They were nice but stayed tight in their family circle.

I shared a dorm with Rose Weasley, she was a very intelligent girl with red hair and blue eyes, but somehow she never seemed to notice me.

I wasn't that inconspicuous, was I?

The only reason I wanted to be friends with them was because they seemed nice, popular and wonderful. I was no fan-girl, I wasn't a stalker or a gold digger, I just wanted a proper friend apart from my owl Iris.

Being invisible had always been very easy for me.

And somehow whatever I tried I ended up in the same invisible shell of mine.

Little did I know it was all going to change pretty soon.

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