I was late, I was very very late.

Shit, eight o'clock!

Oh lord!

What was my excuse going to be this time?

I was rummaging under my bed, I needed shoes.

Where were those useless, good for nothing shoes?

"What are you looking for?"

I jumped at the voice and hit my head under the bed.

I yelled "Ow!"

I came out from under the bed and saw Al standing there looking adorable and amused.

Unfortunately I was in a bad mood, so I rubbed my head and snapped at him "I want my shoes!"

A smirk came upon his handsome features "Did you even try and check by the front door?"

I looked at him and jumped to my feet.

I almost knocked the poor man to the ground as I barreled through the doorway.

I found my shoes by the front door.

I pointed an accusing finger at them "Aha!"

Al asked "What the hell is up with you this morning?"

Just before I get on with the conversation, let me remind you Al and I had grown up, we were mature adults(Not sure about mature), he was twenty three and so was I.

We lived in London together, and he was the head of the Auror department, and I worked for that department.

And trust me when I say this, he isn't partial to me, if anything he gave me more work.

But he never gave the good missions, according to him field work was too dangerous for me.

I answered him, pulling on one shoe and hopping around on one foot "I have to meet my Mum"

He leaned against the armrest of the sofa and crossed his arms over his chest, wow, he was fit.

Pfft! I already knew that, but sometimes I forgot.

"How come?"

His emerald eyes looked through me like they could see my soul "It's something about….actually I don't know what"

He asked "When were you supposed to meet her?"

His eyes moved to the wall clock.

I answered "Seven thirty"

He grinned "Yeah, I think that was half an hour ago"

I glared "You're no help at all, why didn't you wake me up?"

He had a sly smile on his face "I was making breakfast"

He knew that I loved his cooking, now there was no way I could leave the house without filling my stomach up.

Right on cue, my stomach grumbled.

Al laughed.

I tried to put on my other shoe ignoring him and promptly fell on my butt.

One thing hadn't changed about me after so many years, I was still clumsy old me.

He came over to me "Let me give you a hand"

He showed me his hand, but I refused it and I got to my feet as with as much dignity as I could, I wrenched the door open and said "I'll be back by…..oh I don't know that either"

I was about to leave, when he caught my wrist, I crashed into his chest "Ooof! Let me go you idiot, I'm already late"

He didn't release me "That is no way to greet your boyfriend in the morning"

I looked up at him "Good morning, now let me go"

He shook his head and kissed me soundly.

After he was done, he looked at me with narrowed eyebrows "Did you brush?"

I blushed "I was in a hurry"
His nose scrunched up "Yuck! How can you go to meet your mother with morning breath?"

I glared at him and wriggled out of his grasp "I'm not going to kiss her good morning am I?"

He looked extremely revolted by the mental image, "Eeeurgh! Please don't! I'd not be able to kiss you ever again!"

I laughed in his face "Shut up, you still would, and I know it"

I finally managed to get out of there, thank god.

Few days later, Al was driving us home from work, yes we used muggle transport, I didn't know much about the workings of a car, but he did.

It was pretty late and we both were tired.

My head was against the window and I was watching the street lights pass the window.

He asked conversationally "Will you marry me?"

My head snapped up, I looked at him "What?"

He looked at me once before turning back to the road "Just to be clear, I'm not joking, will you marry me?"

I nodded "Yes I will"
He smiled "Good, we'll announce it to our parents this Sunday"

I looked at him with disbelief.

I didn't say anything and he wasn't looking at me and so he couldn't see the frown on my face but he asked "What? What's wrong?"

I asked "That's it?"
He looked at me "That's it? What do you mean?"

I waved my arms in front of me "No romantic dinner? No party, no poetry, no getting down on your knee?"

He shrugged "If it's any consolation, I have a ring"

We were not an overly romantic couple but this was wrong.

This wasn't fair, if he was going to propose to me he had better do it right.

I didn't let it go "This isn't fair Al"
He stopped the car, and removed his seat belt.

I looked straight ahead, he put a hand under my chin and turned my face to his.

He leaned in and kissed me, passion resonated all around us.

He pulled away too soon.

He said "Remember when we were at Hogwarts, you told me that you didn't mind how or when a person professed his love to you as long he was confident, truthful and serious about it?"

I sighed "This is a marriage proposal"

He asked cheekily "What's the difference?"

The lights weren't on inside the car.

I wrapped my arms around his neck "You don't have a single romantic bone in your body do you?"

He wrapped his arms around my waist "To be fair, you've never been disappointed with what I do for you"

I smiled "It's hard you see, I know you aren't very romantic so I let a lot of things slip by, did you know that I'm not into cheesy romance?"

He grinned "I know, but I'm afraid that we come across as very cheesy to the outside world"

I nodded "It's a shame, because we are not at all romantic"

We laughed.

He asked "So you approve of my proposal?"

I nodded enthusiastically "At least you were classier than James"

Al shook his head "I can't believe he's my brother"

I kissed his cheek "I can"

James had proposed, or rather threatened Georgia Milton to marry him, he had done it in the middle of the Weasley dinner, when Dominique had invited Georgia over.

Georgia hated James Potter for most part of her life and was very surprised when he threw a bread roll at her head and called from the other end of the dinner table "Georgia, Marry me! You don't have a choice, either you just agree or I'll have to kidnap you and force you into it"

Georgia had first been stunned and she shot him a glare "James Sirius Potter, what sort of proposal was that?"

He had shrugged chewing a carrot stick "I was just saying"

Then to everyone's surprise she laughed "You'll never change will you?"

He said reaching for another carrot stick "No, not even if I'm sent to Azkaban"
She smiled "I'll marry you, there'll be no need to kidnap me"

He had dropped the carrot stick and jumped out of his seat.

Before anyone could think straight he was kissing her.

The whole family had been shocked, to say the least.

And now, it was Albus proposing to me, and for some reason I loved the way he had asked me to marry him, it was different.

He sealed the deal with a kiss that went beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It was like we were kissing for the first time.

He'd offered me a life with him, how could I say no?

It was impossible for me to.

I had everything I wanted in him, everything I needed and more.

I'd never say no to him.

Who would? Or more importantly Who could?

Silver Caroline Potter, Silver Potter, that's nice.

"I love you Albie"

He groaned "Not the name, please"

I snorted.

He started the engine and muttered something about horrible pet names.

As he drove he did turn to me and say "I love you too"

We each grinned, thinking about our future together, teasing, arguing and laughing

A life of this? Hell yes!


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