Tadase-kuns words were spinning round and round in my head. "You love Ikuto nii-san right?" I had replied "no." but I can't help feeling that I lied...


"Finally, sleeping beauty woke up!" The voice was barely above a whisper, yet it was still distinctive to me, very distinctive.

"What the hell are you doing in my room Ikuto?" I shouted, before clapping my hands over my mouth, damn it, what if Mum or Dad had heard me? I'd be dead!

"Hush, hush, I don't think your parents would be particularly happy if they found me in here."

"What-ever, why are you here? What do you want now?" I just glared at him, geez, frightening me like that, yep that's Ikutos special talent alright.

" I just dropped by to see what was up...but, obviously I'm not very popular with a certain someone right now."

"Well, aside from being a cosplay-perverted-cat freak, I wonder what else could make you so unpopular?"

Ikuto than slumped down giving me the puppy eyes, "Awww, Amu's being mean to me..."

"I'm sorry!" The words just blurted out. What the hell, Amu?


I was really only teasing her, this isn't like Amu getting all flustered and apologizing, it was cute, but, she rarely gets like this, something happened.

"Um... Are you okay? Did something happen?" Nothing could make Amu like this unless she was upset.

"Well, Tadase-kun said something to me and it's left me a little, how do I put it, Confused?"

"Tell me." The words were shorter and sharper than I meant them to be but, I really wanted her to spill the beans, it really sounds like Tadase hurt her, and if he did...

"Well, it's a little embarrassing..." She began.

I just looked at her waiting.


That look it was so sincere and concerned, maybe I could tell, just a more vague way so as I didn't make anything awkward between us.

"Okay, well, as you know Tadase-kun confessed to me and back then I felt like, like everything was, was just right, but, then another boy stepped in and I don't know what to feel anymore."

"Okay..." Ikutos voice was misleading, did he catch on as to whom that 'boy' was?

"I'm leaving now, see you round Amu." And with that he jumped from my window, off towards the sun.

"Goodbye..." But I knew he was too far away to hear me.