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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Time-Frame: Set directly after Episode 2:21 'Into the Dark'

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and mild nudity)

Faethful : Chapter One by: The Rainbowwriters

Bo cringed as she surveyed the way that Vex had literally moved into her bedroom as if it was his hotel room or some other semi permanent abode. Most of her wardrobe had been scattered around the room, books and CD's added to the mix. She instantly regretted giving him reign over it while he stayed at her place for the upcoming war. She knew her decision had stemmed mostly from her need to keep him safe and focused on the war, getting him away from the distraction of the Red Caps had been bad enough and she was sure the Morrigan wasn't going to keep her temper for long.

"Vex!" She moved to the bed and slapped his leg, making him take off the earphones he was using while he enjoyed a hot towel over his face. "I have to go out, and I need you to stay put and be good, can you do that?"

"I'm always good, some times I'm better." The Mesmer tucked his hands behind his head and deliberately didn't adjust Bo's kimono which had slipped open slightly giving the succubus entirely too much of a view of his upper thighs. "But shouldn't you be sleeping? Resting up for the big fight, I'm warming up the bed." His eyes looked over the tight fitting red baby doll t-shirt, paired with an outer layer of a tailored cropped military jacket. A two inch patch of toned stomach was visible just above her usual skin hugging leather pants.

"I'm doing what I need to do, which right now involves going out." She fixed him eye to eye, purposely not giving a reaction to his state of undress or his appraisal of her outfit. "So stay put and stay away from Kenzi. She's gone to bed."

"What? I don't get to play with the kitty?" Vex sat up further crossing his legs and tucking the kimono between his legs with a disappointed frown.

"If you don't behave you won't have to worry about the Garuda because I will cut off both your arms and you'll never make anyone do anything again." She fixed him with a steely glare.

"You know you were a lot more fun before the Garuda made you so serious." Vex pouted. "It could be the last night of her little human life, shouldn't she have a little fun? I'd make it fun."

"Stay in this room." Bo growled at him.

"Fine fine, but don't expect heroics from me if the Morrigan comes looking for blood, I'm running and throwing Kitty parts as breadcrumbs." He made clear, reaching out to pick up the head phones he had discarded.

"You are so..." Bo gave a snort and then turned leaving the clubhouse.

- x -

For the second time that day, Bo moved through the open door into Lauren's condo to see the blonde's head bent over a microscope as her hand made notes periodically. For a moment she hovered in the doorway, not wanting to breech the space inside as she watched the doctor working so diligently. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light the intense spot over the work desk gave to the large main room.

Dr. Lewis was wearing her professional uniform of a tailored white dress shirt, the sleeves neatly folded up to her elbows while the buttons were undone to just expose the briefest idea of cleavage.

"Lauren." Bo finally announced her presence in a soft tone.

"Bo?" The blonde's head came up instantly, her features creased with a soft frown. Brown eyes quickly scanned the brunette's body for wounds or signs of distress as on instinct she pushed her body up out of her chair. "What's wrong? It's so late." She stepped out around her desk assessing that everything about Bo's outfit and even the slight curl in her long hair highlighted that nothing was physically wrong with her.

"Nothing is wrong." Bo shook her head watching her every move. "I just wanted to check in."

"Of course." Lauren stopped and backtracked a little, suddenly not sure what to do with her hands.

"Because tomorrow we start the war, and though I want to believe that everything will be okay, we both know there is no guarantees." Bo's voice was filled with emotion as she thought of both Nadia, Ciara and Lachlan, who had already been lost.

Lauren paused for a moment and then moved to close some of the gap between them.

"I believe in you." She said looking into brown eyes with a look of complete honest faith filling her eyes and face.

"I believe in you." Bo stepped closer to her. "You are stronger then anyone I've ever known. You have never given up on me, and I couldn't do any of this without you. I want you to know that, to believe in how much I need you."

Lauren took a deep visibly shaky breath, obviously emotionally touched by Bo's words and sentiment.

"I did it." She said in a whisper before taking a step backwards away from the succubus and moving off towards the desk behind her. "I didn't tell you earlier at the Dal, it wasn't the time or the place, and I still had tests to do but..." She paused and picked up a slender vial from a test tube holder near the microscope. "It's stable." She gave a slim tired smile.

"I knew you would do it." Bo said with an expression of extreme pride as she walked closer to see that the substance was vaguely still like what she'd seen when Lauren had first shown her the naga's venom but now it was an even consistency rather than looking 'lumpy'. She reached up and put her hand over Lauren's, feeling the tingle of electricity a touch between them caused. She guided her to put down the test tube safely. "Lauren..." She said the blonde's name in a softer tone, not letting go of her hand. "If this is the last night before..." She didn't try to express anything about the end of the world, she knew Lauren understood exactly what they were facing and what would happen if they failed. "Then I want to spend it with you."

"With me?" Lauren's word's were a whisper as she brought her free hand up to press against Bo's cheek lightly. "Really?" She breathed out.

"Yes." Bo breathed back her eyes studying and memorizing every millimetre of the blonde's face. "But there is something you should know, about who I am, that I only discovered today." She took a soft breath. "Trick is my grandfather."

"What? Your Grandfather?" Lauren trailed her finger tips down Bo's cheek and let them drift down off her skin, not to pull them away for any other reason than genuine shock. "I..." She blinked. "That..." She pulled back slightly, obviously her scientific mind working a mile a minute. "Bo, do you understand what this could mean?"

"It means that Trick has a lot of questions to answer when the time is right." Bo gave a soft shrug, observing the way that Lauren's scientific self took over with a hidden smile. "And you'll probably have a lot of new tests to run, but right now..." She reached out to put her hand on Lauren's hip and guided her closer still. "I just wanted you to know."

"Thank you." Lauren felt herself easily derailed from her scientific track as her body was brought once more closer to the brunette's. "Bo." She looked into dark brown eyes bringing her mouth closer to the other woman's slowly. "Remember what we talked about earlier, about the Lich?" She asked bringing their lips within inches of each other.

"Yes." Bo didn't so much nod as give a micro expression of agreement, her whole being focused on the proximity of the doctor. The subtle combined scent of Lauren's citrus perfume and the sterile cleaners of her lab work area filling her memories of past moments of anticipation.

"I just wanted you to know," She licked her lip and held her breath deliberately as she focused on the Succubus. "You take my breath away every time I see you." She brought her hand up and cupped the side of Bo's head curling her fingers around the brunette's ear.

"Just before I went supernova, I remember feeling pain and then all I had was your face." Bo leaned into the touch, her hand pulling Lauren ever closer. "And I knew I couldn't let him hurt you."

"Because of you, he didn't." A soft smile danced on Lauren's lips.

"Sometimes I don't know if a succubus can be..." Bo mimicked the smile back at her. "But I know right now facing all that we are, I can... because I am." She realized she wasn't actually making much sense. She watched a hint of confusion cross over Lauren's face as she leaned in dangerously close. "I love you Lauren, with all that I am, even the succubus part of me."

Lauren registered the soft sigh that escaped her lips at Bo's words, but the thing she was more acutely aware of was the feel of Bo's lips against her own as she pressed her body against the Succubus and kissed her tenderly. There was a deep seated passion hidden within the kiss, but the most overwhelming immediate feeling was love as Lauren's eyes slipped closed and her body literally dipped a little against Bo's.

"Bed?" She broke the kiss to whisper the question.

"Yes." Bo agreed with her, stealing another kiss before moving them towards the stairs as if she was the lead in their dance. No matter what they were destined to face tomorrow, tonight Bo would spend it with the woman who held her heart so tightly in her hands. Tonight she wouldn't be afraid of her feelings anymore, and she would help Lauren to experience the same surrender.


It was just after five in the morning when heavy knocking erupted at the clubhouse door. The noise was constant and insistent. Whoever it was wanted the attention of whoever it could rouse from inside and they weren't going away any time soon.

Kenzi finally pulled herself out of bed and picking up her katana headed towards the door. She glanced at the note on the island from Bo explaining she'd gone to Lauren's. The revelation didn't surprise the younger woman at all, after all she was sure she'd been the one to solidify the idea in Bo's head. No one knew how much her best friend needed a push in the right direction more than Kenzi.

"Who is it?" She called out and stood a little away from the door using the weapon to unto the lock in the hopes whoever it was wouldn't kick down the door again. Front doors, Kenzi had discovered, were more expensive then you thought.

"Oh please." The door swung open and Evony stepped inside, sneering at the surroundings rather like she was having to stand in a cesspit. She tapped her ultra expensive stiletto heel on the wooden floor, and straightened the cuffs of her fur coat. "I knocked, that was courtesy enough." She sighed turning her attention to Kenzi. "Where is she?" She blinked at the young woman.

"She is out. Seriously, see the comical pattern on my pants, I was asleep." Kenzi pointed to her bright yellow pants with dancing ice cream cones in neon colours. She knew how brittle and direct the leader of the dark fae could be but this was unaligned turf, and she wasn't going to take any more crap than she had too. "And just for the record, could you hunt her down after she deals with the Garuda?"

"Excuse me? I thought it was you who owed me, not the other way around." The Morrigan gave Kenzi a smug smile and stepped further into the clubhouse looking around a little, disgust on her face. She ran her fingers over the back of the couch and then made a face as if she'd been hit by a bad smell. "Is HE here?"

"He's asleep upstairs." Kenzi knew there was no point in lying, especially with the Morrigan holding the 'favour' over her head. "And I know better than to try to give you orders, it was more of a suggestion on how to help stop the end of the world ."

"End of the world? Last I checked you were asleep in that.." Evony shook her head and rolled her eyes. "And the Champion of the world, I'm guessing, is out snacking on junk food. Please do you think the Garuda is having a nap? Do you think it cares that it's five in the morning?"

"No, you have a point." Kenzi felt the weight of the weapon held limply in her hands and put it down. "So what do you think we should do?" She asked the question truly at that moment curious what the crazed egotistical fae would suggest.

"Finding your Champion would be a good start." The Morrigan fixed her with a confident stare. "Not that it matters to me, I simply came to tell the succubus that I would leave her alone until this is over if she promises to return Vex to my dungeon when it is all over, if he doesn't die horribly of course." She mused as she let a deep breath out. "But as she's not here to make the offer to..." She put her weight onto one hip. "I expect you to explain it to her." She took another long look around and then turned and moved towards the door, stopping as she neared it. "By the way, I like your new accessory." She looked back at Kenzi with an evil smile.

"New accessory?" Kenzi's hand went up to her throat and then her ears, she was sure she had taken off all her jewellery before bed and thus didn't understand what the evil fae was talking about.

"You just can't resist making deals with devils can you?" The Morrigan's bright laugh filled the clubhouse briefly. "I should get my favour in quicker than I had planned." Her laughter filtered out as she strutted away.


Unlike the master bedroom, the guest room in Lauren's condo was sparsely decorated and the long wooden blinds that should have stopped the early morning sunlight hadn't been something she'd thought to close the night before. For this reason, the eastern facing window filled with warm bright light as soon as the sun reached a high enough apex to clear the neighbouring high rises and spread into the room beyond onto the entwined bodies of the two lovers.

"Bo?" Lauren interspersed her whispers of the succubus' name with kisses on her cheek, as she drew her fingers through dark curls. "We're meeting everyone at the Dal in two hours." She whispered the reminder. "We should probably get moving." She pulled the sheet off one of her long naked legs to let the warm sun hit it directly.

"Mmmm, you're right." Bo began to slowly feel her body waking up as she opened her eyes to see the blonde. Every sense not only gave her back information about herself but about the body that she was curled into. "Breathless." She reiterated leaning to kiss the blonde softly.

"Very." Lauren agreed smiling in the kiss. "Thank you for last night, for being here with me." She breathed out. "Really Bo, you don't know how much it means to have had you here with me with what might happen today." She gave a weak smile, not wanting to mention the impending fight and sully their perfect morning.

"I know how much it means to me." Bo admitted breathing in the scent of the two of them and the bed around them. A roll of pleasure passed through her stomach as the night before played through her mind like snapshots from a favourite movie. "It makes me feel strong enough to face the day."

"Remember Bo, you are the Champion, you can do this." Lauren smiled at her and kissed her again. "And we're all behind you, with you, together, through everything." She brushed her hand through dark hair again.

"There have been times in my life when I have known what it is to be alone." Bo's voice was soft, the stroking of familiar fingers through her hair soothed all the worry inside her at that moment. "Right now, I know I am not alone, I am not facing it alone." She looked deeply in brown eyes. "I know I could never win if I was."

"You probably need to go to the clubhouse, pick up a few things right?" Lauren checked nestling against Bo's shoulder for a moment, wanting this moment to never end.

"I do, mostly Kenzi and Vex." She admitted closing her arms around the blonde. "You could come with."

"I need to get things from here, it's probably best if we meet at the Dal." Lauren smiled softly. "Science things."

"I respect the stuff of science." Bo gave her a broad smile. "Can I at least make a push for a shower?"

"It's this way." The blonde pulled the sheet off their bodies and stood up, her naked back framed in the bright sunlight from the window giving Bo an image she would never forget.


For the second time that morning, though this was at a far more reasonable time, an urgent hammering began at the clubhouse door.

"Wow, this is like grand central station." Bo moved towards the door fixing the clip in her hair, before she pulled it open. Since she had returned there she'd had to listen to Kenzi's run down about the Morrigan's early morning, commend Vex for his good behaviour during the night and play referee between her best friend and the fae Kenzi had labelled as a lecherous pervert when they both wanted the bathroom at the same time.

"We have to move." Dyson instructed as he and Hale followed her back into the living room. Both were dressed in dark leather, obviously ready for a fight. The Siren was barely recognizable, gone was his usual sports jacket, tie and hat, replaced with brown leather pants, a skin tight black long sleeve t-shirt and a brown leather vest. Dyson was in a typical black leather ensemble, though Bo was certain he was wearing a vest she'd never seen before. Both had faces that were a mask of thinly veiled anger and worry.

"What's happened?" Bo questioned even as she moved to call for Kenzi and Vex, slipping into her own leather jacket feeling suddenly under-dressed.

"Trick's gone." Dyson revealed the disturbing fact fixing Bo with a even stare.

"What?" The words from the wolf had made Bo stop her movements, one arm in the jacket. "The Garuda?" She asked the next question hearing Kenzi and Vex come in behind her as she slowly pulled on the other sleeve.

"Best guess." He replied deliberately keeping his voice even. "The Dal was a mess."

"Lauren... she's on her way to meet us there." Bo moved to her phone dialling the doctor's number, waving her hand at Kenzi who instinctually began firing off a text message as well.

"The best hope we have is the abattoir." Dyson continued trying to focus on a plan as Bo tried to contact Lauren. "From the blood moon ritual we know that the Garuda needs Trick, we just have to hope that still stands and he won't be hurt." He breathed out and kept his focus on Bo. "We need to move." He repeated his first sentence.

"She's not picking up." Bo shoved the phone into her pocket. "Let's go. Vex move." She urged the so far unaffected fae who had slumped into the chair by the couch with a poke into his shoulder. A little confused where the Mesmer had found the long preacher collar leather coat and suede pants he was wearing, looking like another of the men who were ready to fight by her side.

"Want me to swing by the Dal and pick up your lady love? Or would you rather her sit out this fight?" She said quietly sliding up to Bo, her question about the night before hidden within her wording. In contrast to everyone, Kenzi was wearing a painted on black turtleneck and black leggings under a short functional black and pink tartan kilt.

"I wish she could sit out the fight, but Lauren is our Naga venom specialist. She found a way to keep it from going bad." Bo spelled out feeling a deep pride for the doctor's impossible accomplishment.

"Go Dr. Hotpants." Kenzi smiled briefly. "She'll make her own way right?"

"Not to eavesdrop on you lovely ladies, but I could offer my services, I'm significantly more able to protect your delicious doctor and deliver her into your suitably sucking hands at the abattoir." Vex gave a little bow.

Bo didn't give her initial answer, she looked at the wolf to see what he would say first.

"It keeps him outta my way." Hale interjected honestly.

"Okay, but Kenzi is going as your chaperone." Bo looked at him. "And what I said this morning still stands." She reminded him about the threat of losing his arms. "You pick up Lauren and then the three of you head straight to meet us at the Abattoir."

"I don't get anything for this? Being good is over rated." Vex huffed and pushed passed Dyson and Hale. "Come along Kitty."

"Consider this me taking another one for the team." Kenzi sneered as she headed out with him.

"Let's go." Bo looked at the two officers and moved to the door with a bag of weapons.