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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Set directly after Episode 2:21 'Into the Dark'

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and mild nudity)

Faethful : Chapter Twelve by The Rainbowwriters

Bo hadn't been surprised that the drive back to the clubhouse had been quite and sedate. Her anxious first few minutes in the barrel room, had been rewarded when Lauren had come finally followed her in. Leaving the two of them to hurry out to the car much as if running from their feuding families and take off. She had however, reached across the small centre console to hold Lauren's hand as they pulled away from the curb.

It had been Lauren who threaded their fingers together, seeming to breathe easier and relax into the seat beside Bo the further they got from the Dal. The further they got the more real her release from the Morrigan became. She watched Bo as they drove, the brunette taking sideways glances at her periodically as they shared silent moments of deep understanding.

The party had given Lauren the time to figure out how Bo had arranged a peaceful return of the Dark Fae hero in exchange for her. Somehow the Succubus had figured out how to make the seemingly impossible requirements undeniably complete, and still fundamentally keep face for all sides. It was an accomplishment that Lauren hadn't been sure was possible

Once they were inside and Bo closed the still off kilter front door, she moved down the short hall to find Lauren standing near the back of the couch.

"You look beautiful." Bo's voice came out softy as she looked at the blonde's outfit again, hating that she had to give the Morrigan credit for the choice.

"I would never have picked it." Lauren admitted as she turned slightly to look at Bo with a softer smile her hand reaching down to unfasten the jacket, easing the sides apart revealing the delicate lace and silk chemise beneath it. "You look..." She paused. "Amazing." She summed up.

"I didn't actually pick it out, that was Kenzi." Bo gave a shy smile as she began to walk closer to her, feeling the intense emotions inside her swelling as she approached. "I think we look perfect for a celebration like that."

Lauren took a long deliberate breath when Bo drew closer, inhaling the smell of the succubus' perfume as well as just her natural essence. Her eyes dipped closed just a little at the intense pleasure just that simple thing brought her.

"You did it." The blonde whispered to Bo when the succubus stopped just in front of her.

"We did it." Bo did stop so close she just had to reach a short distance to touch Lauren but for the moment she let the energy between them hum with excitement. "No end of the world."

"You saved the Fae." Lauren watched the soft occasional flare that danced in Bo's eyes.

"Everyone is safe." Bo stressed even while her eyes did in fact have great trouble staying focused on their conversation and not the fact she was again so close to the woman she'd almost lost.

"Touch me." Lauren whispered. "Please." The blonde's voice was shaking slightly as she made the request of Bo, her eyes fixed on the succubus' features, her breathing a little shallower than it should be.

It only took a moment of comprehension to filter through Bo's brain before she stepped forward to close the distance, her right arm going into the open coat so that as she pulled Lauren into a kiss, her other hand moved to the woman's cheek. As their lips made contact, Bo felt transported back to the moment in the Dal when she hadn't been able to do this.

Her hand pushed against the light chemise covering Lauren's lower back, pulling closer so there bodies made contact almost as much as their lips.

"From the moment the Garuda died, this is all I have wanted to do." Bo whispered the words over Lauren's lips as she caressed her cheek.

"I spent most of last night crying, I believed in you, I knew you would kill the Garuda, but not being here, not knowing..." Lauren closed her eyes and slid her arms around Bo, pressing their cheeks together.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get you out sooner." Bo held the doctor's body to her tightly. "I just had to be sure when I got you back it was for good."

"I know. I didn't say that to make you apologize." Lauren shook her head slightly. "Just I was so worried about you." She stroked her hand up Bo's naked back.

"Neither of us have to worry anymore." Bo leaned forward and kissed her, just a soft press before she looked into dark eyes again. "I... I've never felt this way about anyone." She admitted lightly kissing her again, so unable to give proper voice to the emotions and thoughts she was experiencing.

Lauren literally felt her heart skip a beat at Bo's words, having not been in the least bit expecting anything like it to slip out of the succubus' mouth.

"Really?" She asked feeling her lip tremble as she spoke.

"I know that everything recently has been crazy Lauren, but all of it has taught me that important fact." Bo made the admission again, humbled by the effect that her words had on Lauren. She wanted so much for the blonde to understand what she felt for her, to really understand what she often couldn't articulate. "I need you, with me, beside me. Without you I feel lost and alone."

"Is that why you asked Trick to... to bring me back?" Lauren swallowed as she spoke the words that she could barely comprehend.

"Lauren..." Bo held brown eyes with her own. "I was kneeling on the ground, holding you in my arms." She flexed her hand against Lauren's back softly. "Then I looked up and Kenzi was with him, he was already writing, I looked back at you and a symbol came on your forehead, then you breathed." She felt her lip quiver at the sheer volume of mixed emotions; after all at the actual moment she had been so stricken with grief and confused she had at first convinced herself that she hadn't seen anything.

"You didn't..."

Bo could tell just from the flash of confusion that hit Lauren's face, that that was a revelation the blonde hadn't been ready for that evening.

"I tried." Bo clarified almost afraid Lauren was disappointed in her, after all she hadn't saved her from the Garuda. "I was using the chi I had taken from the beserkers to try and bring you back. Trick..." She pursed her lips for a moment. "My grandfather, the Blood King, knew I couldn't live without you."

"You know how I feel about you don't you Bo?" Lauren made sure she was far enough back from the succubus that she could look at the whole of Bo's face. So she could study the nuances of her face as she asked the question.

"I hope I do... because I know how I feel about you." Bo's face showed the flutter of emotion the words caused. "I know what I see when you're looking at me."

"Tell me, tell me what you see." Lauren requested as she kept looking at the succubus trailing her finger tip over Bo's naked shoulder down her arm a little way, all the while, her eyes never leaving her face.

"I see the smartest woman I've ever known looking at me, making me feel every time like I am suddenly in a spotlight and the rest of the world has melted away." Bo admitted feeling like that at this very moment. "I see what I know is the real you, the you down inside that is so strong and so beautiful. I have always hoped I saw love." She whispered the last sentence.

"Good." Lauren smiled slowly. "Because I do love you Bo, I have for a long, long time." She reached out and cupped Bo's cheek, rubbing her thumb over her cheekbone. "But I'm not the only one who loves you Bo." She added insecurity flooding her brown eyes.

"Dyson." Bo said the wolf's name seeing the small nod Lauren gave. "I know for along time I wasn't fair to you, to either of you. I barely knew what it meant that I was a fae, let alone how that made me different from the human I thought I was. I also know now that I was so naive to what love really meant." She had an honest intensity on her face, being self intuitive wasn't something she did very often or very well. "Now I know I will always love Dyson, but it's you Lauren who I'm in love with."

"I know Bo," Lauren didn't seem to lose the tension that had crept into her shoulders. "Before you came in, the Garuda was manipulating Dyson, trying to get him to kill me, to get rid of his rival, the woman who stood in his way now that he had his love again." She breathed out a little raggedly.

Bo actually stayed in place, her frown growing deep and the creasing around her eyes showing how scarey the idea of what Lauren describing was. Especially since the wolf hadn't exactly mentioned that the Garuda's torment of him had been what she was hearing.

"I didn't know..." Bo's whole body gave a shiver. "Lauren, before we came in to rescue you, Dyson revealed to me that he'd gotten his love back." She could see the blonde internally panicking at the admission. "And I told him I was in love with you, that he had his love back didn't change that." She made the fact clear.

For a long moment Lauren didn't reply, her body positioning didn't change nor did the tension in it, then she took a slight step backwards.

"I just wanted you to know that I know." She pointed out something about her look unreadable.

"Lauren, what the Garuda said was just to hurt him, to make him give in. But even though what the Garuda said was true, I pick you, not Dyson and he has to learn to live with that." Bo spelled out more clearly what she was trying to get the blonde to see.

Lauren suddenly closed the space between them and caught Bo up in her arms, pressing their lips together in a hot fast kiss, her hands messing with large loose curls.

"I know that I'm a succubus..." Bo pushed out the words when the long kiss had ended with them taking fast breaths. "And sometimes I know I don't know what that means, but I always know that I love you. That has never changed, it will never change. I can't be at peace when I'm not with you, I ache." She pressed her lips to Lauren's again wanting it to be easier to express the overwhelming feelings spiking through her.

"Do you want me to stay here with you tonight?" Lauren asked her voice a whisper as she kept their bodies close.

"Yes." Bo whispered not bothering to argue about how unnecessary the question was. "I don't want to let go of you for days, to make up for last night." She tried to give a hint at how hard it had been for her waiting to do anything. "Let me get your jacket." She slid her hands up and pushed the light fabric off Lauren's shoulders, tossing it over the back of the sofa.

The blondes eyes dipped closed again as Bo's hands brushed over her skin as the succubus removed the tailored jacket leaving her in just the light chemise.

"Should we go upstairs?" The brunette's voice was still soft, as she fingered the thin shoulder of the chemise.

"Yes." Lauren nodded quickly. "Please."


When the two women reached the upstairs, it was instantly clear that Bo had used at least some of her time waiting for the party cleaning her room after Vex's invasion. The bed was neatly made with bright white sheets and a dark silky comforter. The usual clutter of the room was completely cleaned up, and already groups of pillar candles had been placed around the room.

While Lauren moved to near the bed, and slipped out of the unfamiliar heels, Bo moved to the first group of candles to light them. Slowly as the succubus made her way around the room, the soft glowing lights gave the entire open area a much more intimate feeling.

Bo began to undo the complicated wrap sandals, but the task was made difficult as she watched Lauren undo the closure on her pants and let them fall down her body. Next the blonde pulled the flowing chemise up off her body, leaving her in just her bra and panties by the time Bo had her shoes off.

Feeling Lauren's eyes on her as much as anything, Bo began to walk towards the blonde, her hand pulling down the small zipper at her side before going to the tie at the back of her neck. Without the holding points, the dress slid down off her body into a pool on the ground. Also in just her underwear Bo took the last few steps to put her close to Lauren again.

Instead of saying anything, Bo's hand went up to thread into blonde hair and pulled her into a passionate kiss guiding her back to lie on the bed. Bo braced her body over the doctor's, her hand moving down from blonde hair to skim all the way down between her breasts and onto Lauren's stomach. Her eyes appraising where her hand went as if convincing herself that her senses were telling her the truth. Lauren was there with her, safe and beautiful.

Lauren arched her body up off the mattress at the touch, a soft delighted moan escaping from her lips in response. She reached her own hands up to Bo's shoulders stroking over soft skin, her finger pressing under the bra strap stretching over it before she pulled it down over the succubus' arm. Pulling a little harder as it caught slightly, making Bo pull and shake her arm a little awkwardly to get it free. Lauren slid her hand onto the soft creamy breast that was freed from the side of the bra that was now loosened, moaning again as the succubus' warm flesh filled her hand.

In response Bo pressed deeper into the kiss, the direct touch making both her heart beat faster under Lauren's palm and her hips flex down against her lover's leg. She used all the dexterity she'd been gifted with to reach to her back and un-clip the bra she was barely wearing, making it easier to shrug it off, so it slid down her wrist and she flung it off the bed shifting her weight for a moment.

Almost instantly she felt Lauren's other hand come to cup her other breast, the combined touch making her kiss break into a moan before she pressed her lips to Lauren's throat to cover it with kisses.

The blonde tipped her head back exposing her throat to the succubus, as her hands massaged the warm skin in her hands over and over. Catching hardening nipples in between her fingers as her gripped and released the soft flesh. Moaning a little louder, her breathing shifting to a faster more shallow rhythm, Lauren slid her legs a little further apart as she pushed her hips upwards and rolled them against Bo's body.

Pulling up, Bo thew her hair back over her shoulder, pulling her body out of Lauren's reach before she leaned back down. Pulling the blonde up off the mattress to rid her of the bra that Bo had now decided was in her way. Once the sheer material had been tossed away, Bo leaned Lauren back down and her lips instantly went to the centre of the blonde's cleavage.

The touch changed from one cheek, to Bo's lips and then to her other cheek. The Succubus clearly tuning into all the subtle signs that Lauren was aroused, and alive beneath her. The warmth of the blonde's skin and the soft echo of her heart behind her ribs undeniable proof. She spent along time slowly exploring with her mouth, kissing and licking over every inch that was her precious Lauren.

Lauren pressed her hands against Bo's back, her short trimmed nails dragging up over the succubus' back as the blonde let her body fully express her arousal. Everything inside the blonde felt hot and liquid as Bo touched her. Pulling one hand up off Bo's back she pressed it up into her own hair, gripping a handful of it and holding it up off her forehead as her kept her head tilted back, her breath coming in hot fast pants. Her lips slightly open as used her tongue to keep her lips moist while making small noises of pleasured encouragement.

As Lauren arched back into the mattress, Bo's eyes came up to see the unbelievable view of the passionate blonde. She let her hand slide up Lauren's body, up to the hand above the blonde's head to link their hands together again as they had been in the car.

"I want to spend the night showing you how beautiful you are." Bo's whisper held a timbre of arousal that unknown to her, Lauren's body had attuned itself too long before. She leaned in to kiss Lauren softly, even as their bodies moved against one another with more and more rhythm and pace.


The candlelight in the room was starting to dim low, the shadows around the room long and flickering as the two bodies on the bed lay curled together under just the sheet. Lauren was on her side, with Bo tucked up behind her, the curves of both their bodies showing how little they wanted to be separated even after the last three hours making love to one another.

"When I killed the Garuda, this was what I was thinking about coming home to." Bo's voice was just above a whisper, almost expecting that the blonde she held close to her was already asleep. "Coming home to you, to be with you, to touch you."

Bo reached her hand up and smoothed over blonde locks, reaching up again to run her fingertip around the curl of Lauren's ear.

"I had to live with the idea you were gone for less than a minute and it was the worst minute of my life." Bo continued to trace lightly down Lauren's neck to her shoulder. "I don't want to live another minute like that."

Lauren, who had had her eyes closed as she rested on her side, opened them and turned gently onto her back and then continued to turn until she was facing the succubus. Sliding her leg up and over Bo's as she moved her hand around Bo's back. She smiled a little as she looked into Bo's eyes.

"You're victory struck." She leaned forward a little and kissed Bo gently, knowing she felt a certain unexplainable giddiness herself.

"No, no it's all true." Bo shook her head just a little under the kiss to object. "You have always had this undefinable force about you that I can't deny Lauren."

"We'll see if you're still saying that after I run the tests that I have in mind for you after what happened with the beserkers." Lauren's smile was even and genuine.

"You can run any tests you want, as long as it means I get to spend the time with you." Bo smiled back at her, knowing in her heart she planned from this moment forward in making Lauren believe she meant what she was saying. "Okay, I might regret that in the morning when I'm still sleepy and you attack me with a sheet of those sensor things."

"The morning?" A frown danced on Lauren's brow. "You mean we don't get just to sleep in tomorrow?"

"I was trying to be nice to doctor you, but I prefer sexy in bed you." She leaned forward and kissed Lauren again.

"I thought you loved it when i 'geeked out'?" Lauren challenged with a grin.

"Oh I do, I find your intellect very very..." Bo finished with a deep intelligible moan.

Lauren smiled more then shifted ease herself once more on top of the brunette.

"Very, very..." She placed kisses on Bo's neck and in the hollow of her throat. "What?" She asked pulling herself up onto her knees, straddling over Bo's body beneath the sheet. Even if she'd only dozed for a few minutes, waking to Bo's voice and the honesty the Succubus was trying so hard to express had given her an unknown burst of energy.

"Enthralling." Bo stretched out under the blonde's body, the weight on top of her doing more to restart her idling libido by the second.

"Enthralling is what you do, you're a succubus." Lauren's kisses began travelling lower in a direct line from the hollow of Bo's throat down, using one hand to control her long blonde hair, she used the other to trail the slight wetness that transferred from her lips and tongue to Bo's skin out from the original point as far as it would travel either left or right at random in soft slow curls. "I'm just an insatiably curious human doctor."

"One thing I will always have faith in is that you aren't just anything." Bo's head lifted a little for her eyes to meet Lauren's before it tipped back harder into the pillow, her eyes closing in pleasure as the blonde continued to kiss down her body reigniting the low burning embers of desire inside her into a hot fire. Bo bit the corner of her lip as she flattened her hips as Lauren continued her soft kissing path, finally the brunette found enough voice to whisper, "You're everything."

The End... for now...

And that's it. Thank you so much for all the feedback, we are working on the second story in the series as we speak, that deals with the little issue of the aftermath for a human and her run in with the Norn.