Hello, everyone. It's been a while since I last updated, so I'll make an announcement about Shackles of Guilt's status and estimated release date.

First and foremost, I'm making a complete overhaul of all the published material, so the chapters currently uploaded in the site will be updated by the new text. I've done a general improvement to the narrative and writing style, to make the story more pleasant to read. Moreover, even though the events that happen are mostly the same, I have added a lot of new material that you will need to read in order to understand what's going on in the late part of the story.

Just for a little sneak peek, I'll spoil you this:

Remember in Chapter 6 when Shu and Gai talk for the first time? The part where Gai explains to him the nature of the Void Genome and the Power of the king? Well, there's new stuff in that chapter, with the most important change being Gai actually telling Shu what he didn't get to tell him about Mana before.

That little piece of information plays a major role in the story from then onwards, so you'll really need to read it if you won't want to get lost later on. I know it's kind of a bother to reread the same story, but trust me on this one; the changes are for the story's own good!

Second, I'll make a full release of the whole story somewhere in June. I won't be updating individual chapters periodically like I did at first, and like I said before, chapters 1 through 16 will be updated to the new version, so if you want to keep them for memories' sake, I'd advise you to back the old versions up before they vanish into oblivion.

Third, I'll be making a Facebook page for Shackles of Guilt after its final release, in which I'm going to upload all the documents I used in the making of the story. There we'll be able to discuss about the writing methods and techniques I used, trivia about where I got ideas from, and whatever else you might want to discuss with me about. I'll also be letting you know of the other projects I'm working on through the Facebook page, so if you'd like to keep reading from me, make sure to stay in touch over there.

Finally, I'll be making a Spanish translation of Shackles of Guilt, so if your native language is Spanish then you'll be able to read it like that as well. Just be warned, even though I'm a native Spanish speaker myself, I have much more experience writing in English! Some parts in the Spanish version might feel a little groggy because of that, so bear with me.

And well, that's all for now. Stay tuned, for the next time I upload you will have the entirety of Shackles of Guilt to read at your leisure!

- Vuken