Ok so my friend is in love with 3 ninjas and she asked me to write this so I did Abby P.S Tae helped

Maxine's POV

I was laying down asleep on Rocky's bed next to Tum tum, but he wasn't sleeping with me he was playing the game. Trust me he's too young, anyway I was asleep untill someone had pushed me off of Rocky's bed. I sprang up and looked around. Tum had candy in his mouth and he was playing on his handheld, Rocky was talking to Emily his girlfriend, that just leaves...Colt and of course he was laughing his ass off. "Did you see the look on your face!" he yelled laughing, I was about to use some karate that Mr. Mori had taught me but he said only on emergencies and i'm pretty sure Colt can kick my butt. Colt stopped laughing and saw my stance. Crap! He quickly took his left leg and swept it under mine and I fell to the floor again. "Don't start something you can't finish" he stated...and started laughing once agian. Don't worry max just 3 more hours untill the boys leave for their grandpa's house just 3 more painful hours. "Maxine your mom's here!" Mr. Douglas called. "haha, later suckers!" I laughed and gave tum tum a hug. "What about me?" rocky said grabbing my arm and pulling me in to a hug. "You want one too?" I asked Colt "Nah I'll pass" he said getting on his trampoline. "You sure?" I asked wanting him to say no he wasn't sure and that he did want a hug, I liked Colt a lot, ever since we met, but I think he sees me as one of his friends instead of a crush. He stopped jumping and pulled me into a tight hug. "See you when school starts" he said and kissed my forehead. But that was something he always did so don't get worked up about it. I ran down stairs and gave my mom a hug. "Uhm honey your not going to Aunt Cassie's house this summer" she whispered. "What? why not? mom i've been waiting all this time and i did all my homework like I was supposed to!" I said. I took a breath and sighed "Where am I going?" I asked. She stood there and was lost in thought untill Colt came down stairs and suggested the most horrible thing ever! "She can come with us to grandpas' " he smirked. "That's a GREAT idea Colt!" my mom exclaimed. "Wait no mom your not thinking please don't send me with him." I whined. "Sorry bye bye hun" she kissed me good bye and ran out of the Douglas residence. "Sorry hun" he mimicked. "Help me pack." I sighed and jumped on his back and we went out of the house.

Colt's POV

I carried Maxie on my back to her house and kicked open the door. She didn't care about that door because every time I kicked it she just smiled. I walked up the stairs with her still on my back. I threw her down on the bed and she kicked me in the stomach. "I kid I kid" I laughed and she started packing her bag. "You should be lucky you get to spend a whole summer with MWAH!" I told her. She stopped packing and jumped on top of me. She punched me in my stomach and climbed off. "Hey where are we going THIS summer?" she asked "Well i don't know Maxie" I stated and looked down at my watch. Shit! We're gonna be late! "Lets go!" I yelled, threw the rest of her clothes in the bag and put her on my back and ran. We saw grandpa and the others in the car. I ran faster and threw her in the backseat with tum tum and hopped in. "Good hustle" Rocky laughed. "Shut up bonehead!" I yelled at him. "Make me retard!" he yelled right back. I hit him on the head and he reached back and started hitting me in my face untill he accidently hit Tum tum in the eye. "OWW!" he screamed, his left eye watering. And he hit me in the ear "It wasn't me shorty it was rocky!" I shouted and hit him in the back of the head. "BOYS!" grandpa yelled and we all sat down. "bonehead" I whispered. And Maxine chuckled, I loved seeing her happy because when she's happy i'm happy. EWW! What am I saying i'm a guy! "Okay everyone ready?" grandpa asked and we all nodded. "Good lets go" he said and sped off down our road. We passed by Emily and her friends "Rocky loves you!"I yelled behind us and Tum copied. "Shut up" he blushed and turned back to the road.

Max's POV

We pulled up near a rant of people protesting against something but I couldn't see, Tum tum was standing up and Colt was blocking my sight. "Colt I can't see move" I whined and pushed him over a teenie bit. "Sorry maxie this is ages 14 and up." he smiled and pushed me back to where I was. I saw a little indian girl go up to one of the men and they shoved her on a near by tire. I wanted to scream and jump out of the car but Grandpa sped off again. Once we got to the house I asked Colt where I was going to sleep. "Well, tum and rocky and I share a bed soooo." he pretended to count on his fingers. "next to me!" he exclaimed. I just rolled my eyes. It was getting dark so I turned in for the night after a couple of hours. When I woke up Rocky was getting his sneakers on and Tum and Colt were getting dressed. "Awake already?" Colt gasped and I threw my pillow at him. Tum was just now putting his pants on so that wasn't a "joyful" sight.I got up and punched Colt in the arm...hard. "What was that for" he asked. "Nothing it just seemed like the right thing to do." I answered and brrushed my blonde hair down. Colt was just the only one up here with me and he was getting his shirt on so I got to see his abs for a minute. "Staring at paradise?" he laughed. And I kicked him in the shin. "Maxine! Colt! down stairs!" I heard Mr. Mori yell. "Coming!" I yelled back and ran down stairs, onlyy to be greeted by a stick to the face. "Owiee!" I cried "What was that for?" "Shh!" he said and moved me out of the way. "Colt!" he called and Colt came outside and eeasily blocked the stick. Show off. "Grandpa there's nothing in the refridgerator" Tum tum whined as he got hit in the head with the stick. "What do you want to eat." he asked us, we all looked at eachother and yelled "PIZZA!" And i'm pretty sure granpa was thinking the same thing because he pulled into th entrance and dropped us off, said he was getting groceries. We walked in and tum and colt ran towards the fooseball table. I lost sight of Rocky when we got in but I didn't care, he could take care of himself. I walked over to Colt and put my arms around the back of his neck so I was behind him and rested my chin on his shoulder. "Hey could youu go get the pizza?" he asked me trying to focus on the game. "Number 14" the lady called again. "No but you know who can?" I asked back, he looked up and shrugged his shoulders "You" I said and pushed him out of the way. "Naggy Kathy" he whispered under his breath, "That's not my name moron." I laughed and followed behind him and Tum tum. As we were walking back to our seats we saw that girl who got pushed by that old geezer. We looked to see where she was going and we saw the men that we saw earlier. Yup, just sitting there drinkin a beer and talkin' away. Old bastard. But he wasn't exactly old like white hair old but you know, older than me old. But i'm pretty young, just turned 13 actually. Annnnyyy whoo, the girl went up to the men and started asking them questions that I couldn't hear. Then to my surprise the guy stood up and held her by her shoulders. "What did I tell you about-" I couldn't hear the rest because Colt came near me and asked the most randomest question that made me VERY mad. "You think I have a chance with her?" he asked and at those words my heart broke. I just kicked him where it counted, and told him to shut up. "Where's my father...WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!" she yelled and the guy pushed her out of the way. People were starting to stare and I got really really mad, I just wanted to punch them right in the throat but not the people the gang. "No, she's just a little girl she's too young for beer." he said and poured some on her shirt. She punched him right in the face, and I busted out laughing but when Colt looked at me I shut up. "why you little" he said and pushed her on the ground. "You gotta problem?" he asked the crowd. Colt helped her up and she hid behind the counter. "Colt?" I whimpered, to be honest I was scared and I didn't want him to get hurt. "It's okay" he whispered to me and gave me a slight smile. "Yea I got a problem" Colt said. The "leader" and his buddies started laughing. "What? you were too short to get on the rides at the carnival?" he asked sarcastically. I was trying to find Rocky but I just couldn't see him. "What so funny about that?" Tum asked. Colt just shook his head, Colt looked really annoyed it was kind of scary. "Why don't you buttheads just leave her alone" he threatend. "What did you say?" the guy with the stupid lookin' cowboy hat dangling around his neck asked. Colt repeated himself but he left out buttheads so Tum repated that part. "Come here you little punks" he said evily and started to poke Tum tum in the shoulder and he started to smack Colt in the face. I just backed up I didn't want to get into this, these guys looked pretty tough. That is untill Colt twisted the guys' finger back and Tum kicked his friend right in his ooh la la's. I went over to the girl and squatted down next to her "Are you okay?" I asked "Yea i'm fine but...are they gonna be?" she asked pointing at Tum and Colt. "Of course, they do this all the time." I stated and watched Tum tum throw soda in someones eyes. This was hilarious! I saw Rocky do this weird trick with the knife he was holding and slammed it on the guys hand, but when everybody gasped at the thought of seeing Rocky stabbing a guy , it dissapeared.

Grandpa's POV

I walked in on the boys (As kids these days would say it) "whooping some ass" "Get them!" the main guy yelled and the boys got in stance. Seeing this the guys ran out the door.