Haha! Chapter 6! Enjoyy

Jo's POV

I used all of my strength to move my body away from the chair. No freakin' use. The man who tied Max and I up did a pretty good job at it. Man when these guys kidnap someone they definently know how to do it. "Colt...stop...noooo." Maxine whined in her sleep. What the what? What was she dreaming about! "Ha! surves you right bast-" she laughed but was soon cut off by a slap to the face.

Max's POV

"bast-" I was woken up by this big dumb goofy lookin guy. I felt a stride of pain on my right cheek. "Shut it blondie" he spat and turned around. This man woke me up from a perfectly good dream AND he slapped me. I tried to kick him but my legs were tied together. "It's no use" Jo sighed watching my actions. I lifted my arms from behind the chair and untied my legs. "H-how did-" jo whispered in shock. "Gymnastics" I smirked when the man turned around and kicked him in the privates. He doubled over in pain and called for his buddies. Who for some odd reason were talking about some kids from hell? I don't who they meant. Me and the guys are angels...heck Jo is the best out of us all! Then out of nowhere a body crashed threw the window. And no other than Colt and his brothers started kicking some butt. Now there's no need to go into so much detail because we all knew there was going to be blood. But when we got out of there Jo made it to the hearing and the boys and I made it home to grandpa's.

Colt's POV

When we got back we started lessons while Max talked on the phone with her mom. "Can we take a break Granpa?" Tum panted "Why?" Grandpa asked going inside with Max. "Duh, granpa he ran out of snacks" Max joked. We all laughed and sat down around the table. "Ok boys I'm going to the store real quick" Grandpa said getting up. "And no monkey business" he quickly added getting in the car. "Wanna play some games?" Max asked us. "You know before we leave" she yawned and sat on the couch. "Sure Maxie" Tum said hopping beside her. I sat down on the other side and wrapped my arm around her waist. She leaned in a kissed me. "Ewww!" Rocky and Tum tum screamed and she jumped up to chase them. They both started running away when she leaned back down and gave me a quick peck on the lips. "Best summer EVER!" she yelled jumping in my lap.

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