Chapter One

Fairy Tale Land

The nights were the worst as he stood near the spinning wheel and held the chipped teacup in his hands. He couldn't believe she was gone. It was true that what she said hit him directly in the heart, but he had made up his mind. She had to go. What did surprise him was there had been a part of him which screamed for him to go after her. What would he tell her if he had? How could he explain what his life was like before? Wait, he had started telling her about his life when they talked about his son. He hadn't really talked about him in such a long time that it felt good to finally be able to think about him without pain, But he just couldn't let go of the power. It was the power that made him who he was. To go back being a lame coward chilled him to the bone and he sighed, brushing some hair from his eyes. Even if he had given up the power, it didn't matter anymore. She was dead and the pain eating away whatever soul he had left made his anger burn even brighter.

"Mark my words, you and her father will pay for what you have done!" he thought while seeing the Evil Queen standing before him. He wasn't sure what she had told her, but he knew that things would be different if she hadn't interfered. She would still be here and…. He felt his fingers tightening around the chipped teacup when he looked down at the chipped teacup and a single tear rolled down his cheek.

"Belle," he sighed as he walked back to the pedestal then gently placed the chipped teacup down on the pedestal and blinked the tears from his eyes. He replayed the times they spent together, mostly when she fell off the ladder and he caught her, and his hands shook in silent rage.

Why did he do that? Why did he catch her instead of letting her fall?

"It's quite simple. You didn't want her to get hurt," he said and folded his hands under his arms to stop them from shaking. Suddenly he heard a low wheezing and grinding sound when he lowered his arms, wiped the tears away and softly smiled. "Well, it looks like we have company."

With a giggle, Rumplestiltskin turned on his heels as he headed toward the doors then opened the doors and left the room.

Donna walked down the hallway when she peeked inside the library and was surprised how large the room was. Rows of bookcases stood against the walls as a fire flickered in a large, stone fireplace with odd symbols carved into the stone and gold frames with photographs of people she didn't recognized sat on the mantel. A brass clock under a glass dome sat in the middle of the gold frames as it gently ticked and a portrait of the Doctor sitting in a high back chair was above the mantel.

"Doctor, you in here?" she asked as she walked in the room and looked around. The wooden tables stood on thick, red carpeting with white swirl patterns and on the wooden tables were stacks of books, parchments, scrolls and in between the stacks were a few stain glass lamps. There were other paintings on the walls between the bookcases and four suits of armor sat in the corners. Donna noticed that the walls looked like wood paneling and the room was lit by the crystal chandeliers that were hanging from the gold chains on the ceiling. Two high back chairs with matching footstools were positioned on either side of the fireplace as she noticed the high back chair were angled to face the fireplace, but were back enough so not to be set on fire by a stray ember. There were also two wooden tables with books piled on them sitting next to the high back chairs. She jumped when she heard something falling to the floor then someone speaking in a language she didn't understand and she walked further into the room.

"Ow," the Doctor said as he rubbed the top of his head then picked up the book that had fallen off the shelf and looked at the cover. THE TALES OF RUMPLESTILTSKIN was on the cover as he looked at the drawing on the front cover and blinked his eyes a few times. "Looks nothing like him."

"You ok, Spaceman?" Donna asked as the Doctor spun around on his heels and smiled at her.

"Well, I just got pelted on the head. But, other than that, I'm fine," he said as he placed the book back on the shelf then turned and looked at her. "Did you want something?"

"Yeah, I'm bored. Take me somewhere," she said as he smiled then slightly bugged his eyes out and wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

"Alright," he said as he took her hand and they left the room while the book fell to the floor and opened up to an illustration of Rumplestiltskin leaning against what appeared to be a blue police call box.

Storybrooke, Maine

She wasn't sure what was sadder, sitting alone in an empty police station or missing the man who used to have her job. It was true that she hadn't known Graham long, but she was starting to have feelings for him and she knew he had feeling for her. He was one of the first friends she had made since coming to Storybrooke and it was his idea to make her his deputy. It wasn't like Storybrooke had a large crime rate, but it did give her a reason to stay and be closed to her son, Henry. A part of her still kicked herself for giving Henry up for adoption, but she just wasn't ready to be a mother. Still, she wouldn't have wished him to be adopted by Regina Mills. It didn't matter that she was the mayor. There was just something so evil about her. Regina had tried everything she could to keep Henry from seeing Emma and Emma agreed that maybe keeping him away from her was a good idea. Then again, she did enjoy his company. What she couldn't get her mind around was Henry's accusations that everyone, but the two of them were fairytale characters that were under a curse and couldn't remember who they were. She had tried to convince Henry that he was wrong, but when things started getting weird, she was beginning to wonder if he might not be right. Then Graham suddenly died right on the floor to her right from what was reported to be heart failure and she started questioning things again. Fairytale characters never died from something ordinary as heart attacks.

"They just don't," she whispered while balling her hands into fists.

"Did you say something?" came from the cell as she looked over at Mister Gold sitting on the bunk and he held a chipped teacup in his hands. He never told her where the chipped teacup came from and she sighed, brushing some hair out of her eyes. She had first met Mister Gold at Granny's B&B and had gone to him for a favor. He still hadn't told her what she had to do in return for the favor and he placed the chipped teacup on the bunk, slowly stood up and limped while holding onto his cane toward the bars. The reason he was in the cell was because she had to arrest him when he beat up the man who ran the flower shop in town after the man had broken into his home. She had asked Mister Gold to let her handle the investigation of who broke into his house, but he was so adamant about dealing with the break in on his own and she was stunned when she found him nearly beating the man to death. Watching him walking around the cell, she did notice he was favoring his right leg as he stopped then smiled and titled his head to one side.

"No, I was just thinking out loud," she said and he nodded his head.

"Better be careful or someone might lock YOU up," he said while pointing a finger at her then turned and moved around the cell. She watched him as he held onto the cane then picked the chipped teacup off the bunk and sat down. Sighing, she got up then walked to the cell and wrapped her fingers around the bars of the cell.

"Um, how did you hurt your leg?" she asked as he looked down at his right leg then looked at her with a blank look on his face and sighed.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I was just curious."

"Oh, well, I was injured a long time ago….in a war," he said almost in a whisper and she could see the sadness in his eyes. Before Emma could say anything more, the door opened as Regina Mills walked in the room and her high heels clicked on the floor.

"Sheriff Swan," she said in a cool tone as she stood in front of the desk then looked at the cell and Mister Gold gave her an impish grin. "I need to talk with your prisoner."

"What do you want to talk to him about?" she asked and Regina gave her a cold look.

"That is none of your business," she said as Emma walked to the desk and Mister Gold smiled, holding the top of his cane in his hands.

"Oh, why don't you tell her what you want?" he said as Regina looked at him and he slightly tilted his head to one side. "Please?"

Regina froze as Mister Gold grinned and a cold chill moved up and down her spine. She knew full well she couldn't refuse him when he said please and she looked from him to Emma and Emma wondered why she looked so frightened.

"I, uh, I want you to let Mister Gold go," Regina said as a shocked look came over Emma's face and she placed her hands on top of the desk.

"But he assaulted someone!" she half shouted and Regina sighed, folding her arms over her chest.

"Well, I had a talk with Mister French and he isn't pressing charges. Let him out."

"I don't believe this," Emma grumbled as she got the keys out of the desk then walked to the cell and Mister Gold got up off the bunk, slowly limping toward the cell door. Their eyes met for a split second as he smiled at her and Emma unlocked the cell door. After she opened the cell door, she watched Mister Gold limp by her when he headed toward Regina and Emma noticed the looks they were giving each other. With a slight bow, he limped out of the room while Regina regained her composure and Mister Gold headed down the hallway.

It was a clear night as the door to the police station opened and Mister Gold limped down the stairs then stood on the pavement while holding the top of his cane in his hands. He looked up at the night sky when he reached into his pocket and removed the chipped teacup. Sadly smiling, he placed the chipped teacup back in his pocket when he limped down the pavement and the sound of his cane tapping on the pavement filled the night air. Suddenly he stopped when he heard a soft wheezing and grinding sound as a smile appeared on his face and he held the top of the cane with both hands.

"Well, it looks like we have company," he said and slowly limped down the pavement.