Jacob and Renesmee Chapter 3


Jacob walked me around the school for a while, showing me where all of my classes were, but when the bell rang i had to say goodbye to him, our first class wasn't together, but our second was. I walked in and found i was late for my first class, great. The young female teacher seemed nice though, and asked me to introduce myself to everyone. " Hey, my names Renesmee Cullen."

I got a few bitchy stairs from what looked to be the popular girls, but everyone else in the class just stared. I can understand though, they probably haven't seen anyone quite like me before. My family always tell me i'm beautiful, but i'm sure that compared to Aunt Rose, i'm nothing. The teacher asked me to sit in the back row next to a group of the bitchy popular girls, who began to talk to me. I think i may have grown on in the end. A few rows ahead of us, the football guys kept turning around and staring at me, pointing to their mates who would then turn and whisper something. When the bell rang, i got up immediately and went to my next class, eager to see Jake. After that class, which seemed to drag on forever, we headed to the cafeteria. We found an empty table and Jake went to find some food. While he was gone, the two guys that had stopped me this morning came over to me, and they bought a few friends. Just before they reached the table, i stood up to get away but the group cornered me to the table. I tried not to show fear. The one i now know i Matt, spoke first. " See guys, this is my hot new friend Renesmee." The others all wore goofy smiles as he tried to get me to talk back. " So Renesmee, since you're all alone right now, would you mind if we joined you?" " Actually, she's sitting with me" My favourite voice in the world said confidently. The group of boys turned around, startled. I quickly moved to Jakes side, grabbing his hand and leading him out of the cafeteria. He stroked my face with his hands and said, " Renesmee, Nessie, are you ok darlin? I'm so sorry i left you by yourself. What did those jerks say to you?"

"Jakey, I'm fine, nothing happened, really." He looked unsure but nodded in agreement. The rest of the week passed on without too much hassle from Matt and his pack, i became good friends with Ashley, the popular girl from one of my classes, and she invited me to a party on Friday night.