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He was no longer the boy that everyone hated. The years weren't kind to him as they were to others. His smiles were strained and forced to the point he didn't even bother anymore. His hands were scarred and burned from the constant usage of certain jutsu and weapons. He was starting to resemble his old teacher. The only things missing were grey hair and a damn book. He just gave off the same air.

She was no longer the girl that everyone overlooked. She took the years and conquered them by proving to everyone that she could be stronger than those who had everything basically handed to them. She smiled more and felt better about herself as she started reaching her goal. It wasn't happiness though. Her hands were always scarred up, but that was the price of being a weapon specialist. Unmarked skin was only achieved by a few, and that was back in the good years. She was powerful, and it attracted him like a fly.

It was only supposed to be just talking. Clinically depressed, he was being threatened with time off of active duty. His life was active duty. He talked to her because she was the only willing to listen to him nowadays. Everyone was off raising mountains of babies. She provided the distraction he needed until he made the fated decision to follow the council's advice.

She waited for days, but he never showed up. Nobody knew where he went except the Hokage, and she was too drunk to get it out.

He eventually returned months down the line and told her the truth. He could run away from his depression by going on dangerous missions that took time (months or years, it truly didn't matter) to complete. He was still unsure and just testing it out.

For weeks before he left again, she begged him to stay. Their talks helped her too, and she didn't want to be alone again. He was too lonely to see what she wanted.

The second time he left, he was twenty, and she was twenty-one. Too old to still be alive without their own mountain of babies, which both swore off.

He was gone for three years. Every chance she got was waiting for him at the usual spot. He never appeared.

Three years passed, only noticed by the seasons. He was the first one to the spot and greeted her as though time never happened.

His face said it all. Time still happened, and he saw and did things he would never tell her about because they caused his nightmares.

Though, he left for a third time. No begging this time because she couldn't muster the courage. She only waited in the usual spot for him to return. It was only fair, right?

The third time he came back, he was silent. No talking occurred between them for hours. Just silence. It was the best time of their lives because everyone was raising mountains of babies to care. She was twenty-two, and he was twenty-one. Too old to live, and way past their expiration date.

He loved her in that spot, but love wasn't everything.

She loved him with his back to the sky because that was her favorite view of him.

He left a fourth time with a promise that he would quit after it. He always kept his promises true. She waited again in the usual spot.

Months went by, and she received a gift that wasn't supposed to happen. It wasn't a mountain, but it was enough to send her into being afraid.

One year. He was gone for one year. She waited at the spot with the not-mountain because she was finally becoming happy.

He returned during the night and waited at the spot in the morning. His return was never so celebrated as that one because of what waited for him at home.

He covered her scarred hand with his rough one as they embraced to both hold the not-mountain.

Never was his life so complete.