A/N: This is a brother fic to the original "Tabletop Experiment" that I wrote not too long ago. I had tons of ideas for it that I just couldn't cram into one story so I thought I would cram them all in and let you guys read the parts you want. So the experiment story is now its own experiment, you could say. How it works is that you get choices at the end of every chapter and then correspond to the instructions for what chapter to read after every choice. Huge parts of the story are going to be very familiar if you've already read "Tabletop Experiment", but I'm adding lots of content, I promise. I don't know how this is going to turn out, there might be a lot of chapters to go through, but hopefully this will be fun. ENJOY!

Warnings: Potential Yaoi, Lemons, Torture, Rape, Oral, Anal, etc depending on your choices. I can't guarantee the yaoi-free scenarios will have happy endings, though. =)

Yugi stirred from his sleep, his head feeling a little sore. He opened his eyes about a millimeter, not really eager to awaken and what he did see through his blurry vision looked pretty dark. He considered the possibility that maybe it was still dark out so he could sleep a little longer. With that in mind he closed his eyes again and tried to get comfortable but he was having trouble. His arms and legs were spread pretty wide apart and he couldn't bring himself to bring them closer together. As he gained more awareness, he also noticed he was lying on something warm and very lumpy. His eyes shot open and he looked down to see that he was lying on top of the former spirit of the millennium puzzle, Atem! He blinked several times and shook his head to get rid of the sleep in his eyes since he still couldn't move his arms. This had to be a dream...the fact that he just woke up needn't really apply. You can wake up in dreams, right? It's just like that movie, Inception. He squinted through the dim lighting to see that both his arms were bound in leather cuffs with a soft lining and were strapped to this weird padded table they were both lying on...or rather Atem was since Yugi was lying on top of the poor former pharaoh. Speaking of whom, the other teen still appeared to be asleep. Yugi watched his sleeping face with a little worry, hoping that his weight wasn't preventing Atem from breathing properly. Upon further inspection he saw that his partner had more slack in the chains on his wrists than Yugi did and for a moment he was envious. After confirming that his table mate was sleeping peacefully, he lifted his head and tried to look around.

He couldn't make out much in the badly-lit room. The only light that was on seemed to be above them. Though what he could see was green tile, medical equipment, a table with shiny instruments on it, and a large window with one-way glass. Were they in some kind of observation room? None of this made any sense; what's the point of stacking the two of them together, NAKED, and tying them to a table?

Wait a minute...Yugi looked down again. OH EM GEE they were both were naked. This realization suddenly gave Yugi hyper-awareness as he began to notice every little thing of Atem's that was pressed against his own little things. He felt very red in the face and tried to get a hold of himself. There's no reason to make this any weirder than it already is. This was all probably some sick joke and he wasn't about to give their captors the pleasure of seeing him flustered. Thankfully he found he could nudge Atem's legs closer together and rest on his own knees to lift some of his weight off the other's body. It wasn't much, as it only gave them about an inch and a half of separation, but he'll take what he can get. This of course had Yugi straddling Atem's waist instead of being directly on top of him limb for limb and he felt a little dirty but he's pretty sure Atem will be mature about this.

He looked back down and saw how close his face was to Atem's. He wanted to go d'awwwww as he watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful and relaxed. Yugi smiled to himself, having not really seen Atem sleep before. He really should try to wake him since they could be in potential danger and all. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped as he felt his partner suddenly groan and wriggle beneath him. The movement caused Yugi to lose his stance and he did his best to lower himself without hurting either of them. He was successful, though this meant certain things were touching again and he almost laughed as he saw Atem's eyes fly open.

The pharaoh's very concerned crimson irises looked up into Yugi's violet ones, "Aibo...why are you on top of me?"

What should Yugi say?

"I don't know!" - Proceed to Chapter 2A

"Who cares! Let's fuck!" - Proceed to Chapter 2B (lemon warning)