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"THERE'S NO WAY I WOULD DO THAT!" Yugi shouted, throwing aside a very thick doujinshi and crossing his arms in a pout.

"Oh don't take it so seriously, aibou!" Atem laughed and ruffled Yugi's hair before leaning over him to retrieve the very heavy fan-made comic book that they starred in.

Earlier the two had gone shopping and stopped by a new comic book store that stocked doujinshis as well as manga. Yugi wanted to check out the latest Shonen Jump and Atem noticed fan comics of celebrities and anime that he had never heard of only to come across MANY about duelists such as himself, Yugi, Kaiba, and even Jonouchi. Fascinated, he went through the section to find many were pornographic. He wanted to be appalled at first but when he saw one as thick as a bible that had alternate endings, he thought it might be a fun game to play with Yugi so he bought it for laughs.

Later the two were done with what they had to do for the day and Yugi's mom and grandpa had left to visit some old "family friends" that Yugi didn't really want to see again and whatever Yugi does, Atem does. So the couple eventually found themselves lounging in a pile on Yugi's bed, unsure of what they were in the mood for until Atem brought up the doujinshi he bought. What followed was a shared reading of one of the most bizarre things either of them has ever seen or read. Some chapters were hot, some were foul, and some made Yugi teary-eyed. They switched back and forth, taking turns on picking the routes and endings they wanted to read. The more they read, the more they couldn't decide if they loved it or hated it.

But apparently Yugi just hit the final straw and stopped reading in the middle of a chapter where he did some naughty things in a maid costume for Malik. As he pouted, his face grew even redder than the shade that had been painted on his face for the majority of the reading. Atem was clearly amused as he flipped through the many pages in an attempt to find where Yugi left off.

Once he did, Atem flopped back down and rested his head in Yugi's lap. "So you read through the stuff with that Totawa guy, even the part where you were a female secretary, but the maid costume is what sets you off?" he teased.

"It's I mean yes, I don't like it. I can understand the rest of the book where those costumes were used for just the bedroom, but making me clean dressed like that? Oh Hell no. I'd rather die, first," Yugi fumed.

"You wouldn't wear it even if it meant you could save me?" Atem asked, giving Yugi an overly dramatic hurt look.

Yugi laughed and gently bopped Atem on the top of the head. "You know what I mean! Don't go twisting my words around on me."

"So what you're telling me is that you're perfectly okay with wearing a maid's outfit in a bedroom setting, but not cleaning in one?" the pharaoh asked, hiding a sneaky smile beneath the comic book in his hands.

"Yes. Wait...NO! Don't you even! You know what I mean!" Yugi whined, flailing his arms comedically.

"Because I think you look very hot in this outfit~" Atem teased even further, pretending to leer pervertedly at the pages of Yugi in a maid's dress bent over a desk with his frilly laced booty in the air.

Yugi grew redder, but with fury, and hit Atem on top of the head for real this time. "You're so mean to me!"

"ITAI!" Atem yelped and rubbed the top of his head. "That was a compliment!"

"Yeah, yeah. But anyway, that outfit only looks good in the comic because the artist didn't draw me to life! Of COURSE it would look better in drawn form because I was given a feminine appearance to match the dress!" Yugi pointed out. "There's no way it would look that good on me in real life."

"I think we should test that theory," Atem suggested playfully.

"No way. Which one of us would be the one to go out and buy the dress?" Yugi pointed out.

"Hm...who indeed," Atem hummed in thought and flipped through the pages some more. "Well we're almost at the end of the book. No doubt the writer is very skilled. But which part turned you one the most?"

Yugi blinked, "Excuse me?"

"Well if not the maid's outfit, which part did you like? I saw you blushing and adjusting your sitting posture over and over," the former pharaoh grinned.

"I know what you meant! But I think you're asking me a trick question. Of course I would say I liked the parts where you and I were the ones...fornicating. I couldn't possibly pick anything from the other two-thirds of the book."

"Fair point. Let me rephrase, then. If you disregarded who everybody was, what would you say is your favorite sexual act or moment in the book?"

Yugi bit his lip, "Well what was yours?"

"I asked you first!"

"OH COME ON!" Yugi whined. "Fine...I think it would be...if it was just between you and me, that," he finished really fast in a mumble.

Atem heard what he said, despite the smaller duelist's best efforts to muffle himself. He grinned widely, "And why is that? I don't think you would ever enjoy being dominated, considering everything we've gone through together."

"It's not for that reason!" Yugi blushed. "It's just...I think it's..." he was blushing so much right now that he looked like he was going to cry from embarrassment. "To be paraded around, you showing me off proudly to everybody and then demonstrating shamelessly how much you love me for everyone to see...just seems nice. I mean I know you ARE proud of me and that you love me, but I just mean that's why that would be my favorite. Not because of a BDSM kink," he explained and stuck his tongue out.

"When you put it like that, it sounds like the sweetest BDSM fetish ever," Atem chuckled and leaned up to kiss Yugi's cheek, making the violet-eyed teen giggle.

"So what's yours? I answered so you have to tell me now!"

The crimson-eyed duelist cackled and quickly flipped through the pages to refresh his memory. "Oh I don't know, there are so many to choose from~"

"Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Yugi whined again. "Don't start holding out on me now!"

"You want me to be 100% honest?"


"'s a three way tie between all of the moments with you as a maid, the tentacles, and the one where you were drugged and wanted nothing else but my body~"

Yugi's jaw dropped and as he stared at Atem with shock, the pharaoh can just see something snapping in Yugi's brain. Suddenly feeling awkward, Atem flipped through the pages again and then stopped, "Wait, I take back the maid one!"

Yugi blinked back to reality, looking at Atem hopefully, "Really?"

"Yes, because really, I would say ALL of the moments where you were dressed up were very sexy. So I'm rolling them all into one."

Steam gushed out of Yugi's ears and he grabbed a pillow and starting hitting Atem over the head with it, "HENTAI HENTAI HENTAI HENTAI HENTAI!"

Atem rolled off of Yugi's lap and jumped to the other end of the bed into the corner for cover, laughing the whole time. "Calm down, aibou! At least I'm only a pervert for you~"

"THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME FEEL ANY BETTER!" Yugi whined but he must've been at least a little touched because his barrage of blows slowed until he eventually dropped the pillow to the side and flopped into Atem's lap to pout some more.

Once it was safe, Atem chuckled quietly and ran his fingers through Yugi's hair, petting him sweetly. Yugi calmed down and cooed contently, making Atem smile again. "So if I made you my pet...could I dress you up?"

Yugi huffed in defeat, melting beneath the hand massaging his scalp. "Suuuuuure..."

The former pharaoh slipped his hand from Yugi's soft locks down to his neck and massaged his way down to his lower back. "Would you let me buy you a pretty leash?" he asked in a softer tone.

"Mmm-hmm..." Yugi murred beneath the massage, barely even listening as his partner's strong hand kneaded his back and slipped under his shirt.

Gods, Yugi's so cute, Atem thought as he watched him yield like putty in his hands. Slowly he moved his hand under Yugi, who turned to adjust in Atem's lap so he was lying on his side and facing his crotch. The sneaky pharaoh then moved his hand to gently thumb Yugi's nipple underneath his shirt, earning more sweet noises from his partner. "Would you do anything I asked?" he inquired, keeping their little game going.

"Yes...I suppose..." Yugi murmured in a voice that sounded like he was trying not to moan. His eyes were closed as he fell deeper and deeper into the erotic spell the pharaoh seemed to be casting over him.

Once Atem had both of Yugi's nipples rock hard, he slid his hand down the curve of his leather-clad hip and caressed his sweet little ass before bringing his hand back to the front to gently rub his growing bulge. "Would my sweet little pet suck me off whenever I asked?" he pushed in a more seductive tone.

Yugi moaned and writhed against the hand gently stroking the front of his pants, already dying for more contact. "Yes..." he whimpered softly.

"Show me. Suck me off now, little one," Atem commanded in a silky, dark voice.

Yugi's face flushed but nevertheless he unconsciously licked his lips as he opened his eyes and moved his hands to undo Atem's zipper on his matching pants. Carefully he removed the heavy organ from its confines to find it was already hard and it seemed to spring to life before his half-lidded gaze. He could feel the heat of Atem's cock radiating on his face and see his heartbeat as the pharaoh's arousal twitched and pulsed. The scent was intoxicating and he wanted his master to feel good. So without any further hesitation, he began licking up and down his length to taste every bit of the hardening flesh. As he made his journey upwards to the head, he would stop and suck gently on the veiny surface on random spots until he eventually made it to the top where he suckled on him softly. He heard his partner moan and looked up him with a hungry, lust-filled gaze before swallowing more of his length while working the base with his hands. He managed to swallow a little more than half of him and began suckling him while he massaged the rest of the Egyptian with his hands.

Atem sighed with bliss and tilted his head back to rest it against the wall he was sitting against. Gods, Yugi was so talented with his mouth. In the few months that they have officially been a couple the smaller duelist has found many many ways to surprise him. Despite all his blushing and protests, Yugi has actually shown interest in learning new things to try in the bedroom. He's been very eager to show off as well which has driven Atem to try new things to keep up with him. "Oh aibou...that's so good..." he moaned softly before he finally regained the willpower to gently stop Yugi. "Your master is pleased. But I desire something else as well..."

In less than a few seconds, both of them stripped each other free from their clothing. They made out heavily as they stood up from the small bed to remove the garments with Yugi backing up towards the bed once they were both undressed but then Atem pulled him back and kept him standing. Breathless and confused, Yugi reluctantly pulled his lips away to give Atem a questioning look.

"My little pet claims he wouldn't look good in maid's uniform?"


"I want you to prove me wrong," Atem commanded.

Yugi scoffed, "Yeah right. Not even in your dreams, 'Master'," Yugi mocked before yanking Atem's arm and shoving him down onto the bed.

Atem cackled as Yugi staddled his hips, "That's no way to treat your master!"

"Oh I'll show you how a pet should treat his master, alright," Yugi chuckled mischievously before getting ready to "saddle up".

Many moans and cries of ecstacy filled the Mutou residence as Yugi rode Atem all night long. The dirty novel that started it all laid forgotten on the floor with the moonlight illuminating a panel where the two were depicted as being wrapped in each other's sweaty embrace while thick chains bound them together.

And as the saying goes, "So let it be written, so let it be done".

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