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"Are you certain you are not going to tell me why you need Cassandra's hair?" He thought he would try his luck one last time.

Chapter 27~ Be Careful What You Wish For….

Jade could hardly contain her excitement when she heard the doorbell ring. She had been tidying up her bedroom and was anticipating Elijah's arrival. But more than anything she was absolutely over the moon since the text he had sent her the night before; 'mission successful.' Those words danced around in Jade's head all morning.

Careful not to trip on her new red Louis Vuitton pumps, the immortal witch managed to safely make it down her staircase to answer the front door.

With a simple wave of her hand, the door unlocked itself and opened, revealing the Original vampire Elijah standing patiently on the other side, awaiting entry into the Witch's Lair.

"Elijah…" Jade flashed a dazzling smile. "Come in I've been expecting you."

The vampire stepped inside but didn't make the effort to remove his black trench coat and Jade noticed this.

"Remove your coat and let's sit down, did you bring it?"

Elijah shoved his hands into his coat pockets but kept eye contact with the witch.

"I'm afraid I cannot stay very long but…I did acquire what you asked for." He watched Jade clap her jewelled hands in excitement and smile from ear to ear. Observing her reaction was a bit unsettling for Elijah and only fed his suspicions more that the witch was up to something really horrible and devious. For a moment he wondered if this was the right decision. What if he was bargaining with the devil himself?

"Well what are you waiting for? Let me see it!"

"Before I give it to you, I would like to remind you that we still made an agreement, Cassandra's hair in exchange for Elena's immunity against the side effects of being marked by Klaus's blood." Elijah replied with serious intent.

"And I intend to keep my word Elijah, now don't be a kill joy and hand it over." Jade held out her hand and exposed her open palm, expecting her secret weapon to soon be placed within her greedy grasp.

With much hesitation, Elijah reached inside the breast pocket of his trench coat and pulled out a white envelope. He was about to give it to Jade when she said;

"Take it out of the envelope first." She kept her palm open and waited impatiently.

Elijah wasn't used to being ordered about so much, but in this case he knew he had to play his cards right with his brother's bitch. She was much too powerful to be trifled with and he needed her on his side even if it meant half her allegiance.

He unsealed the envelope and pulled out about six inches of Cassandra's hair that had been carefully tied with a baby blue ribbon. The same ribbon that she had been wearing in her hair the night she was killed. The horrific memory made Elijah sick to his stomach as he recalled the events that occurred afterwards; his brother going mad and killing Tatiana, their brotherly relationship severed and broken, and their shared fates sealed through double tragedy.

Jade let out a soft low breathy gasp, almost in disbelief while Elijah placed the blond lock of hair into her hand.

The witch quickly shut her eyes and allowed the magical energy flowing inside her to carry the electrical current to the lock of hair, to show her that it did indeed belong to Cassandra. Visions of Klaus cutting away a golden lock of his fiancée's hair appeared before Jade's eyes and she snapped her eyes wide open immediately after. She was satisfied with flashbacking enough to discover what had to be known in order to avoid getting double crossed.

"You came through for me Elijah. Thank you. I will hold my end of the bargain. You will not be disappointed." Jade said, while safely placing her new treasured possession back inside its envelope.

Elijah nodded and was about to turn around and leave when he suddenly remembered something.

"Before I go, you will be in New York in the next two days? Correct?" He asked the witch.

"Tomorrow actually; my flight leaves in the morning so I'll be meeting with Klaus when I land."

"Which means he intends to mark Elena…tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yes I assume he's planning it the following evening, if not, the day after. But I don't see the point why he would wait. It's Klaus after all. He always wants to stay ten steps ahead of everybody." Jade confessed with annoyance.

"Ah…I see—"

"Relax Elijah. Your little human will soon be safe from all harm's way, well almost all, and I will make sure to sever all emotional ties to Klaus when the marking ritual takes place. Think of it as a broken sire bond, because that's basically what it is." She smiled boldly and reached for the golden door knob. "I will see you soon Elijah."

He knew it was time to make his exit, and that he also had no other choice now but to trust in Jade's words. Elijah was definitely taking a huge gamble here.

"Are you certain you are not going to tell me why you need Cassandra's hair?" He thought he would try his luck one last time.

Jade shook her head all the while smiling. "I promised you that no one would come to danger, that's all you need to know." Jade held the door open and waited for the Original to step out of her house.

Elijah sighed and walked out the door. "See you in New York."

"Goodbye!" Jade sounded way too enthusiastic and still this troubled Elijah's mind as he stepped into his black Audi rental car and turned on the ignition before driving away from the witch's estate.


Jade had been waiting centuries for this moment to finally come. She knew it would have been easy to obtain what Klaus had been keeping for so long, but her efforts would have been pointless because her spell would have been incomplete. Jade had to wait hundreds of years for the next doppelganger to be born. Elena was next in line.

The witch made her way down a flight of concrete stairs that led to her basement. She pulled down on a hanging chain link chord and watched the room suddenly light up. This space wasn't elegantly fashioned like the remaining areas of her home. It was dark, dingy, and shabby and smelled of a concoction of mixed chemicals and substances that were confined in vials, and test tubes. There was a tall shelf in the corner holding row after row of large jars filled with dismembered parts of animals, cow eyes, snakes, and what was most disturbing was the fact that she kept human hearts in these jars as well; a grotesque and disturbing sight indeed. If anyone were to wander down there, they would think she was some mad scientist or serial killer.

Jade focused and turned on all the candles surrounding the room before pulling out Cassandra's hair from the envelope and placing it on the table in front of her. She made her way down a narrow hallway that led into another tiny room where she kept a small freezer. Jade opened it and pulled out a stolen bag of blood; Elena's blood. Klaus had been forcing Elena to give regular transfusions and she managed to get her hands on what she needed before he sent Elena away to New York. Jade had stored it safely until the opportunity to complete her true purpose approached.

And now the day was finally here. Jade moved swiftly back to her "laboratory" and poured a few drops of Elena's blood into a test tube. The substance inside of it had been glowing aqua blue but as soon as it came into contact with Elena's blood, the color changed to a glowing red. She quietly chuckled to herself because no one really knew about the magical properties in Elena's blood except for Jade. She took a few strands of Cassandra's hair and dropped it into the mixture before lighting the Bunsen burner and letting the elixir come to a boil.

"Soon my love, soon you will be completely mine…" The witch kept repeating this to herself, elated with happiness and giggling like a teenaged girl who just experienced her first kiss.

"Oh how I wish I could speed up this process. I HATE WAITING!" she screamed like a mad woman suffering bipolar disorder and paced around the floor.

Once her "potion" came to a boil, Jade turned off the gas burner and waited for the liquid to cool down. In the meantime she grabbed some brown leather strands stowed away in a drawer and tied the three long pieces into a knot at the top. Then carefully knotted Cassandra's hair around the leather knot including the blue ribbon and began to weave them all together into a braided custom made bracelet. She wove it so perfectly that it was hardly noticeable; Klaus wouldn't even be able to identify that Cassandra's hair had been used. Still, Jade didn't want to take any chances so she glued her new braided talisman to the inside surface of her thick silver bangle and clamped it around her left wrist to disguise the hair woven bracelet.

By the time she finished making her "jewelry", the red simmering liquid had cooled off and Jade held it up at eye level, inspecting it while reciting a spell;

"Igne tenebris Dominus exaudi vocem meam."

Dark lord of the fire, hear my cry

"Mortuos reddere praesta meo mendacio."

Restore the dead to life, fulfil my lie

"Larva faciem meam cum pulchritudo tam realis."

Mask my face with beauty so real

"Vincere ferrum cor hominis."

To win the heart of the man of steel

"Spiraculum essentia vitæ eius ad me."

Breathe the essence of her life to me

"Placet ita ut stulti et psallite decipis."

So I may fool and trick and play to please thee

"In redeundo prebeo anima immortali."

In return I offer my immortal soul

"ad, de qua vivere vita mea coram vobis devorabit me totum."

To live out my life before you devour me whole

"et trahat me ad infernum in puteos doloris."

And drag me to hell into the pits of pain

"clamare aeternum sanguinum lacrimas pluvial."

To cry forever bloody tears of rain.

Jade's eyes suddenly glowed blue for a minute as sharp excruciating pain penetrated her bones, flowing like acid in her veins before she dropped to the ground heaving breathlessly and screaming when it finally stopped and her eyes returned to its natural color. Beads of sweat rolled down her brow as Jade slowly stood up feeling no different than before, just a little shaken. She had been planning this moment since killing Cassandra. Making a pact with the devil meant everything must come with a price. She realized that too late when she sold her soul to tamper with dark arts all those years ago. All she ever wanted was to be with Klaus, every bad decision she made was because of her obsession with the hybrid, and every dark purpose she fulfilled was not only for Klaus but for her own interest.

Jade had defied the natural laws of nature hundreds of years ago. She abandoned those ways and took on a new best friend and partner in crime; the unknown deity who resided in hell. She knew now that her soul would forever be trapped in hell, but in her eyes it was worth it; a great act of love to return to Klaus who he loved most, even if it meant he would be calling her Cassandra for the rest of her life. At least Jade would be feeling his caresses, his gentle affection and his adoration. Now all she had to do was wait for the eve of Cassandra's birthday, which was soon approaching to finish her transformation. This spell had to be completed 14 days before Cassandra's birthday. By midnight of November 1st, Jade will become Klaus's long lost love.

Be careful what you wish for... because you might just get it.

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