Just A Game

Chapter 1 - Let The Games Begin.

A/N. - This story is set during the first season of Glee so most of the characters are in Sophomore year, have fun reading.

Lima, Ohio, 82 Westward Drive, Kurt Hummel's Home.

Dear Diary,

Wow, I guess most of the guys in school are right about me then, here I am a 16 year old guy going into his Sophomore year at McKinley High School, a school which I hate if I may say so myself because of one thing that not many people know about me, but Diary because I know that you are just a little piece of paper, I know I can tell you anything and you will not judge me at all, Diary I am gay and let's just say not many people in the small town of Lima, Ohio really appreciate that, some people like many of the jocks in my school make my life living hell because of it, in-fact every day in my freshmen year...

Kurt looked up from writing in his diary when he heard his dad come into the room.

"Alright kiddo, lights out soon, you've got school in the morning and I don't want you being late on your first day back" Burt Hummel said, his tried eyes taking in his son lying on his bed, feet placed up against the headboard whilst his son's head was angled at him as if trying to ask if there was anything else he could help with, Burt sighed shaking his head and rubbing his eyes before stepping outside again and Kurt turned back to his diary.

Where was I Diary, ah yes, every day in my freshmen year, the jocks used to dump me in the bins, very lovely I know, not, but that's the kind of extremes you go through when you're me, Kurt Elizabeth Hummel, and yes that is my full name, some people may laugh about it, some may even question it but no-one knows the real reason like you do, for you helped me during my hardest days, you were there for me when everything else seemed doomed to get better, you were there for me when I needed you most, you're my best friend, well other than Mercedes but of course she doesn't need to know that now does she?

Goodnight Diary,

Your Friend Always, Kurt Hummel.

Westerville, Ohio, Dalton Academy Dorms, Blaine Anderson's Dorm.

"Okay Warblers, who's going to show all those judges at Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals who's boss?" Wesley Montgomery yelled out from where he was sitting on one of his best friends, Blaine's bed, head resting against the pillows whilst his other best friend David Thompson sat on the floor beside him, twiddling his thumbs whilst humming a tune that no-one except Wes knew was David's way of thinking about something.

"We are" David finally yelled just as the door banged against the frame, slamming shut again and Blaine walked in, stopping when he saw Wes and David in his room, looking like they belonged there like furniture that you were sure you would never keep in your room as it was either too bright and ugly or something that would never fit your lifestyle.

"And what, may I ask are you two doing in my room?" Blaine asked setting down his bag of clothes that he had brought from home after staying at his boyfriend or rather now ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah's house for the weekend and returning for the start of a new school year.

"Hello to you too Blaine, me and David were just talking about who is going to win and go to Nationals, and of course it is us" Wes said with a smile on his face as he spotted the bag that Blaine had brought into the room.

"Okay you two weirdos, I'm going to take a shower and Wes, no I didn't bring any Red Vines, also please try to refrain from turning my room into a war zone by the time I get back" Blaine replied grabbing some clothes from his dresser and going into his walk in bathroom to take a shower, the door closing firmly behind him before Wes leapt off the bed and over to the bag that Blaine had left lying on the floor of his room, oh bad move Blaine, Wes thought as he zipped it open, David standing right behind him and trying to look in the bag like it was something special, something that he had to see.

Wes turned the bag over and dumped its contents onto the floor to find only a couple of pairs of jeans, some t-shirts and Blaine's mobile phone, Wes grabbed up the phone before unlocking it to see that Blaine had a new text from Jeremiah.

Oh how Wes loathed Jeremiah, it wasn't that Wes was jealous of Jeremiah, it was more that Jeremiah was so nice towards Blaine but as soon as Wes and David were alone with the guy, he would turn and start being an ass towards them and Blaine had no clue that it was going on right under his nose.

Wes opened the text, wondering what Jeremiah could have to say and was met with something that he never thought that he would see.

Blaine honey, I need to be honest with you too, I love another, I know you may be angry upon reading this but it is true, I will always love you but I can't be with you any-more when I feel like this.

I'm so sorry - Jeremiah.

Wes may or may not have whooped with relief when he read this text before he began to feel hatred towards Jeremiah for doing this to Blaine, no-one and he repeated no-one could do that to his best-friend and get away with it, not even Mr I Think I'm So Freaking Awesome Jeremiah.

"David, we must form a plan, get Jeremiah to see that he may have dumped Blaine but Blaine isn't caring and I have the perfect plan. It just involves a certain tweak in our Warblers meeting tomorrow afternoon as afterwards we are going to drive down to McKinley High and get Blaine a new boyfriend" Wes said all in one breath as he placed the phone on the night stand before turning to look at David who was looking slightly confused.

"But Wes, what if Blaine doesn't want anyone else, there's no way we could get him to agree to something as crazy as this, and I know this because I know Blaine, he's not one to just jump out of and into a relationship, don't you remember when he had a crush on that guy at Sectionals last year and we were trying to tell him that he was competition but then we found out he was straight and Blaine spent week after week sulking and ow, Wes why did you hit me?"

Wes shook his head sighing at how annoying David could be sometimes especially about things like this and it wasn't as if he was talking in a low tone, no he was near enough shouting, as if he wanted Blaine to hear him.

"Shh, don't worry it will work, and I know exactly how we are going to do it" Wes whispered rubbing his hands in glee just as the bathroom door opened and Blaine stepped out dressed in new clothes.

"Blaine" Wes spoke up making Blaine turn his head to look at his friend, his curly hair since it was free from it's gel waving slightly.

"Yes Wes?"

"The Warblers are going to play a game of truth or dare tonight, but here's the catch if you turn down a dare, you're out of the Warblers."

Blaine only nodded, face set in a firm look that Wes knew was Blaine agreeing though not being entirely happy about this situation.

"Okay, but just because I don't wish to be kicked out of the Warblers."

Westerville, Ohio, Dalton Academy, Commons.

His plan was working, Wes couldn't help but notice, after telling Blaine to go gel his hair, himself and David had ran about phoning all the Warblers to tell them about the truth or dare game and it's rules, right away everyone had agreed and now it was time for Blaine to get his dare, hopefully, the boy had been saying truth all night, if only trying to escape the evil clutches of the dare.

"Truth or Dare Blaine?" Thad said, eyes sparkling as he asked the question to Blaine, Wes had told the Warblers that whoever asked and got given the chance to give a dare to Blaine had a certain dare to give him and Thad along with the others couldn't wait to spring it upon him.


"Tut, Tut, Blaine, you've been saying truth all night, time to try a dare" Wes smirked from his position on the long couch in the commons next to David and Thad, both of whom were watching him as he spoke before returning their glances to Blaine who sighed and nodded.

"Fine, Dare"

Now it was his time, Wes thought as he watched Thad seem to think about the question for a few minutes before finally getting one, but he had had it all along, he was just that great at acting, even Wes was impressed.

"Okay, Blaine Anderson, I dare you to make a guy of our choice fall in love with you, you know let him kiss you and whatever else you two guys do then break up with him and here's the best bit, you need to film it all so we can see if you are sticking to the plan, so what do you say Blaine?"

Blaine sat dumbfounded for a few minutes, he obviously didn't want to go through with this, he was too much of a nice guy for that but the deal was if you backed out of a dare then you were kicked out of the Warblers and everyone knew that Blaine wouldn't cope without his team-mates so in all honesty there wasn't much of a decision about what to do.

"Deal, when do I start?"

"Tomorrow, but you'll be blending in, the school has no dress code so dress fashionably..."

Lima, Ohio, McKinley High School, Kurt's Locker.

"Kurt, please?" Mercedes begged of him for the fifth time that day after she saw a sign up sheet for the Glee club, but there was no way he was going to go through with something like that, that was just setting himself up for more slurs and more being thrown into the dumpster, more being pushed into lockers, more people turning against him because they didn't want to catch the gay.

"Mercedes, If I said it once, I said it a million times, no" Kurt replied spinning the combination to open his locker as Mercedes walked away admitting defeat just as there was a chuckle behind him and he turned expecting to be taunted by one of the bully's of the school, what he wasn't expecting though was to be caught off guard by the handsomeness of the boy standing right behind him.

"Hi, I was wondering if you could help me at all, I'm new here. My name's Blaine."

Oh cliffy, wonder what happen next, stay tuned to find out.