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Shingai Seiji was meeting Takarada Lory in his office. They had serious looks on their faces when they talked about a certain actress of LME.

"Shachou, please allow me to do her debut. She's already 18, right? So shouldn't it be time for her to have a grand debut?" Shingai stated.

"I know your concern, Shingai-kun. Why do you so insist to let her appear in this drama? You could have other actress…"

"Please excuse my rudeness," Shingai intercepted Lory's words. "I've been waiting for this girl to mature as an actress since she captivated me in Ringdoh set and I had postponed my plan for this drama just for her. She would be perfect for this role. Please read the script further on. If you really said that she denies love with all her might, wouldn't you think she's even more suitable for this role? It has to be her, shachou. Please let me direct this drama with her as the leading lady!" Shingai bowed slightly. "Please!"

Lory leaned back against his leather chair. He sighed when he saw Shingai's serious face. "I'll look into it again. Do you really think that there's no other…" He stopped when he saw Shingai's serious face. "I see." He grinned. "Aside from the leading lady, what about the leading actor? Seeing the character profile, I found that…" He stopped. "No? I think he's too young for this character."

"Who was in your head for the actor just now, shachou?" Shingai smirked. "I think we actually got the same opinion regarding the one best suited to be Kuze. Was it Ren?"

Lory grinned widely. "Ah, it seems to me that you could read my mind?"

"Humph! That's why I wanted her. I want to see their interaction on screen as two leading actors. It was interesting back then in Ringdoh set. I think the only actress brave enough to throw a challenge at Ren is her." Shingai laughed softly.

It pricked Lory's interest when he heard Shingai's statement. "Challenge?"

"Did you forget about it?" Shingai asked.

"Oh, the thing with Matsunai-kun?"

"Yes. She was head to head with Ren rather than with Ruriko-chan. I was thinking that Ren was a worthy opponent for her. Or rather, she was a worthy opponent for Ren. She's a great actress. Her talent made me fall for her hard."

Lory nodded, agreed with Shingai's statement. "I have to agree. She's a great actress," he stopped. If she could conquer a certain weakness in her, she would be a scary type of actress. Kuu's words were replaying in his mind. If she could act out love, then she would be great. He added. "Yes, she's a great actress. You're right."

Shingai didn't catch Lory's hesitance and went on with his further argument. "Anyway, I'd told her that Ren could make any of his co-stars acted the way he wanted to. Including if he had to make the actress fall in love with him, he would make her act out that feeling. And that girl was fired up after I said that. She said that it was some sort of long distance superpower and that it was cheating. She said that she would try her best to not fall into Ren's trick again or she would feel disgrace about her acting. She got the guts to face Ren on Dark Moon as I saw. So, she could do this as well. I want to see whether she could resist Ren's charm actually." He laughed. Mio was antagonist, but Fuyuki is Kuze's love interest. It would be damn interesting… He smiled slyly.

"Interesting!" Lory immediately said. Resist? She did well so far. As for me, I want them to be together. That young man need to be loved and to feel worthy of love. But, I think Ren would be the goner instead. You're on, Shingai-kun! It's really interesting to watch. Lory smirked. "So I think you would insist to use Ren even if he is too young for Kuze?"

"What are you talking about, shachou?" Shingai knitted his brow, confused. "He is too young? Nah, what about Katsuki? Katsuki's age was around Kuze's age, right? Ren could pull that off nicely right? So it would be the same with Kuze. We have no problem with him being too young for the role. I have faith in him."

"If you say so," Lory agreed. "Okay, meet me back this afternoon. I shall have an answer whether you could have Mogami-kun in this drama or not."

Shingai stood up and bowed. "I don't accept no for an answer though. Please excuse me!" With that, Shingai turned and walked towards the door and got out from Lory's office.

When Shingai was out from his view, Lory looked down at the Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 script on his desk. He picked up the script and put it back down again. He didn't need to read twice since he had already read it several months ago. He was playing hard to get with Shingai and beating around the bush just now. He enjoyed toying with the young director. That young director would usually follow his order regarding some drama or movie projects which were already in their possession for filming. He grinned widely when he saw how Shingai had seriously tried to persuade him to let Kyouko debut. This is the first time I see Shingai-kun get so work up over an actor other than Ren. I might as well let him do what he wants this time.

When he first read the script last year, he had already thought that Kyouko would be the best choice for the role. However he had to wait till she turned 18. She didn't have parental consent so he had no choice but to wait.

He was quite surprised when he found out that Shingai postponed this drama and chose to film other drama instead. He had thought that chance for Kyouko was lost but instead it was waiting for her.

Now he knew why Shingai postponed it. He was surprised when he heard Shingai's one particular line. The fact that he knew about Kyouko's circumstances amused Lory. How did Shingai-kun know about it anyway? The only one who knew about it was me and the other department's head. He might have heard it from them? Well, whatever. He was quite happy that this time the young director had his own preferences on his casts, unlike usual where Lory decided for him.

This role is a perfect opportunity to let that girl learn to love properly. He sighed. My Heel Siblings plan didn't work really well after all. And what? That stupid young man didn't even get big progress at all. He humphed loudly at that thought, expressing his disappointment towards Ren's trivial progress. Hopefully this time he'd take more action cause… He grinned. There would be so many young actors taking part in this drama. He hummed happily when he saw the casts list. Oh, they'd be worthy opponents if they get attracted to Mogami-kun and that girl attracts guys easily. Not that she knows about it. He sighed when he realised that. Poor guys! I have to prepare for this as well. He started to scheme something.

When he finished typing all of his 'detail' plans into his notebook, he smirked. "Now, what will you do, Ren?" He asked the empty room.

Next two days…

"These are your offers, Mogami-san." Sawara handed her a stack of scripts.

Sawara had been Kyouko's temporary manager since she won the Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress Award for her appearance in Dark Moon. She even won the same award for her appearance as Natsu. She was getting more jobs though it was still antagonist roles. She'd landed herself some jewellery advert and some modeling gigs, all thanks to Princess Rosa. She had always thought that Princess Rosa had cast her magic upon her because since she played Natsu and wore Princess Rosa, her popularity skyrocketed even though she hadn't got her debut yet. She knew that she would have to wait till she turned 18 first since she didn't have parental consent.

With her still playing lead antagonist roles, she felt that she couldn't see the light of hope. She wanted so desperately to get out of bully role. She was currently filming another drama, playing a psychopathic stalker girl opposite Kanae. It was Kanae's debut drama, a friendship type drama where she played a friend who tried her best to make Hime (Kyouko's character) go back to her usual self and helped her throughout the whole ordeals she caused. This drama would soon finish filming in two months and she knew it was time to pick another drama. She could only have one drama at a time since she signed one year exclusive contract with Aika, a wedding dress line and Nadeshiko, a kimono line about three weeks ago, right after her 18th birthday. Those gigs required her to travel around Japan and soon would be abroad as well after she got her passport in two more weeks.

He could see that Kyouko almost sighed when she saw the descriptions of some of the roles. He knew that the young actress had been dreaming about having a debut. He knew her circumstances were because she hated love and she didn't have parental consent.

"Mogami-san, please do not give up! Maybe there's a miracle in the stack. Well, maybe not princess role." He smiled. He knew that the girl loved fairytales and waited for some princess roles which he had to admit that it was almost impossible unless she would like to appear on history type drama. He tried to cheer her up because he knew that the chance she was waiting for finally arrived. He just had to wait till she finished looking through the offers.

Kyouko kept scanning through the offers. She almost gave up but it was the promise with her respected sensei that kept her spirit in check. It was also due to the fact that Ren had played a terrific killer in Tragic Marker. She would try her best to not disappoint her two most respective persons.

Her eyes widened when she read a script cover with title Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 briefly. What a weird title. 007? James Bond? So, someone is asking me to play a Bond girl? She giggled at the thought but waved it right away. She found it impossible. The title is in Japanese after all. Her eyes went lower on the cover page and she found it quite amusing that the script was adapted from a manga with the same name.

She flipped open the script to find out more about the drama further. She read the character's names in the first page. She found her name beside one of the character's name. She was offered to play as Ichikawa Fuyuki. By only seeing her character's name, she felt happy. It is such a nice name, Fuyuki. Her mind was wandering to Lala Land for a brief moment before her face darkened upon a realisation. Ah, speaking of which. Name didn't mean everything. My current role got Hime as name and yet her character was her name's polar opposite. She sighed and read the script briefly. "WHOA!" She stood up in surprise.

Sawara was startled. He saw the script in Kyouko's hands and her amused face. "What's the matter, Mogami-san?"

"I… I got… I got an offer as leading actor and it's a protagonist role, Sawara-san," Kyouko stuttered. She sounded very surprised and one could hear the excitement in her voice.

Sawara chuckled lightly. Yeah, as I predicted her reaction would be. He smiled when he saw Kyouko's dreamy state over the script. Lory had told him to have Kyouko meet him tomorrow for the role discussion. "Mogami-san!"

"Yes?" Kyouko answered with gleams in her eyes. "What is it, Sawara-san?"

"Shachou had predicted that you would love that role and would definitely take that offer. He would like to meet with you regarding that offer. He said that it would be your debut drama," Sawara stated. "So I think he was right and you'll take the offer?"

Kyouko nodded gleefully. "Of course I will. I've been waiting for a chance like this."

Sawara smiled awkwardly. He felt that something wasn't right. Are you sure? I think this is shachou's another trick to have her learn about love properly. I read that script too. He wanted to warn her but seeing her joyful face, he thought that it wasn't the right time. But well, maybe it's not necessary? She is dating Tsuruga-san, right? They are calling each other with given names after all. I have never heard him calling a girl so intimately before so maybe… "You'll have the time at…" Sawara flipped over his agenda. "7 am till 8 am. You have to go to school after that. I'll tell your teacher that you'll be a little late and you have to get out by 2.00pm at the latest. On 3pm till 5pm you have advert shoot in Shitamachi for Kyurara with Kotonami-san. Then…" He laughed over her overly eager face. "I think you'll be free after that and you can have the night off for your date with him. Is it okay?"

Kyouko's smiles faltered. "I'm sorry. I thought I heard you said that I'd have the night for my date with him? DATE?" She emphasised on the word 'date'. "What do you mean with date and who do you mean with him?" Geez, Sawara-san… How can I have a date when I don't have a boyfriend?

"Mogami-san, you don't have to be so shy about it. Didn't you plan on a date with Tsuruga-san tomorrow night? You even purposely told me that you can't accept any job for tomorrow night."

Kyouko blushed slightly upon the supposedly assuring answer. Gah! How could he think that it was a date? NO! It's only a dinner together with a friend. I can't possibly date someone like Ren-san. He could have his pick of women. "I'm sorry. It's... it's not like you think," she stammered. He thought of me as a child anyway, and he is like a brother to me. "It's just a dinner together between friends. It's not a date."

Sawara was dumbfounded. Poor Tsuruga-san! It's clearly a dinner date yet she said it isn't. No wonder Shachou assigned this drama for her. Well, she's still in Love Me along with Kotonami-san anyway. So I conclude that she still hates the idea of love huh? Then, let's hope this time she could be cured. "Ah, I'm sorry. I thought that you and Tsuruga-san were dating?"

Kyouko was surprised upon hearing Sawara's further comment. "Sawara-san, for a joke, it wasn't even funny. Please refrain from having such thought about me and Ren-san. He'll get offended and I'm only a lowly actress. He could have any other more attractive actress out there. There's NO WAY he would date me. Okay?" She smiled her 'okami-san' smile and it scared Sawara instantly.

The thought of sleepless night came and haunted his mind for several seconds upon seeing that smile. Kyouko's face on his windows, her non-stop calls, and how she stalked his daughter and wife were spinning inside his mind. He shuddered. I don't want to experience that thrill ever again. A joke, she said? I wasn't joking when I said that. Why does she have to deny it so hard? I think he would really love to date her? It's not a problem if she really dates Tsuruga-san, or it is? Sawara cringed when the image of Ren's sea of fans came into his mind."I understand, Mogami-san. My apologies. Well then, is it okay for the schedule tomorrow? Meet shachou at 7 sharp in his office first before school."

"I understand. It is alright with me," Kyouko answered. Her thought was back to the offer. I'll read the script tonight. Oh, and I'll drop by a bookshop on my way home to buy the manga. She made a mental note not to forget that crucial thing. I'm so happy! My dream comes true!

"Weird title!" Yashiro laughed out loud when he saw the script with title Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 Ren handed him just now. "Why 007? Are you going to play James Bond?"

Ren chuckled. "No. I think the main character guy's name is Kuze Kyouichirou, and he was a police. And 007 was part of their department name. Actually, in that script, there were also questions like the one you just asked."

"Of course there would be. It's really weird. So this Kuze got licence to kill, perhaps?" Yashiro started to flip open the script and with his experienced eyes, he scanned through the script fast.

"Haha, he had a gun. You could say so?" Ren laughed. "At least from his characterisation, but I don't think that's the case. It was just the head of police's idea?"

Yashiro grunted unclear then looked up at Ren. "Are you serious you'll take this offer rather than the other one? This is kind of like BJ. Well, not that extreme and this drama got a lot of kissing scenes. Geh, even bathing scene with the leading lady and…" Yashiro dared not to continue. He gulped when he finished reading the script. "Don't you find it problematic?"

"Problematic? No. It's not a problem for me. I'm a professional actor. This role is challenging. This Kuze guy interests me. Moreover, those are just some scenes, not reality," Ren brushed Yashiro's opinion off. Moreover, it's Shingai's request. I'm just hoping the leading lady wouldn't be someone like Matsunai Ruriko.

"Heh? So, you were not bluffing back then?" Yashiro teased.

"Back then?" Ren tilted his head, confused. "What is it about?"

"When you told Kyouko-chan about that ridiculous Actor rule of heart of yours," Yashiro stated.

"Heh? I was serious." Ren smiled brightly. Yeah, it was kind of ridiculous for I have never done a kissing scene in my entire career here. I only want her to be careful with Fuwa.

"I thought that you were bluffing. You must have made up that rule because honestly I have never heard any other actor in Japan said it. Yeah, some kissing scenes wouldn't kill someone though it would probably jeopardise relationship between a couple a little. Other than that, I have to tell you that Japan TV Drama or Movie rarely had kissing scenes. Even if it had, it would most likely being choreographed to look like that though I had to admit that not all of it was faked. I think you knew that really well. Also, you clearly sent out a warning to her not to let that kind of thing happened to her again. I think you meant, never let Fuwa kiss her again. Am I wrong?" Yashiro said.

Ren cringed inwardly. Did he read my mind? "Um, no comment."

"She seemed to buy it." Yashiro added with a sly grin on his face.

Ren stayed silent. Of course she bought it. I kind of brainwashed her that time using an excuse as a senpai. He felt pathetic that he also kind of deceived her though part of it he meant good. She's too defenceless after all. Moreover, it was the right time so then she would be careful of Fuwa's advance. He sighed inwardly. I hate that guy. Why does he have to occupy her mind all the time? When I thought he had disappeared, he always appeared at the 'right' time. He clenched his fists unknowingly. Can she just forget her stupid revenge on that guy? He was getting more depressed though he still tried to calm his boiling mind.

Yashiro laughed when he noticed Ren's silent treatment. This stupid young man. He just can't admit it honestly. "Well, then I look forward to seeing you apply that rule of yours in this drama. You have never had a kissing scene before after all."

"I did," Ren said calmly.

"Kisses on cheeks and forehead didn't count, Ren," Yashiro dodged. "I'm your manager. I knew what you did for your previous dramas and movies of course. As I said, that kind of scenes was rare. Oh, what will Kyouko-chan think?"

Ren shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "She'd think that it's a big achievement and it was great of me to apply such rules, of course," he answered and sighed.

"Yeah, you're a great senpai. But you two are getting closer after that Heel Siblings. You are calling each other by given names. Won't she at least…" Yashiro stopped when he saw Ren's depressed face. Guess no huh? Kyouko-chan is dense after all and this stupid young man didn't even do anything. Fuh… Even I got frustrated with your snail pace, Ren. Be a man! Yashiro shouted inwardly. "Err… okay, if you're sure, I'll get back to Director Shingai on your behalf." Yashiro put on his gloves and flipped on his mobile phone.

Ren wasn't listening to Yashiro any longer. He stared up at ceiling and sighed.

"Ren!" Yashiro called out to the absent minded actor.

"Yeah?" He turned his eyes to Yashiro.

"Maybe it's a chance for you," Yashiro said with a grin. He had just finished giving a reply to Director Shingai. "And you better make your move this time."

"Sorry?" Ren was confused. He was a bit crept out by Yashiro's sudden cheerfulness.

"The leading lady for the drama you've just accepted is Kyouko-chan. Now, are you happy?" Yashiro was grinning evilly.

"Really?" He was overly enthusiastic when he heard Yashiro's line just now and his face slipped.

Yashiro chuckled at Ren's enthusiasm. "Got hype up all of a sudden, Ren? Your face is slipping, by the way."

"Not really." He tried to school his face. He was more than happy when he heard that. Maybe this is a chance. "Then, it will be Kyouko's debut. I can't mess up her debut!"

"Of course you can't mess up her debut. Be careful not to pull her down the mud! I bet you're getting all excited because you get to kiss her on screen?" Yashiro teased.

Ren was slightly blushing. "No! It's just…"

"You can just admit it!" Yashiro grinned wider. "Ren and Kyouko sitting in a tree, chuu chuu chuu…" he sang.

Ren desperately tried to prevent more blushes creeping onto his cheek. Geez, why does he have to sing that song? His thought was back to Keishichou Tokuhanka and Kyouko's face came into his head. I'll do my best! It's a long awaited chance for me. I can't fail again. Maybe I should make more subtle moves than now? He thought and smiled. "Yashiro-san, let's go! We have to be on location in one hour."

Yashiro stopped singing though he still had that mischievous grin on his face. "Sure!"

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Note on terms :

Okami = proprietress at a traditional inn/restaurant in Japan

Chuu = kiss/sound effect of kissing voice

Keishichou Tokuhanka (警視庁特犯課)= Police Special Crime Department

Fuyuki (冬姫)= literally means Winter Princess

Hime ()= princess