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Doubts and Insecurities (Part 3)

The scene filming hadn't started yet and Kyouko felt it already had. They were filming the scene near the shopping district in Ginza. Ren was the no 1 celebrity, he alone had already attracted the crowd. Then, there was Adam, the handsome foreigner. With him standing close to Ren, it made the two eye candies for the crowd. These two completely stand out. She commented inwardly. What Kyouko didn't realise was that she had attracted a fair share amount of the crowds.

Kyouko looked back and forth between Ren and Adam then to the crowd. They were waiting for the scene to be filmed. The stagehand was clearing the pavement for the purpose. It wasn't easy. The crowds the three celebrities had attracted were quite big.

"Kyouko…" Adam called out to her.


"Which one of us do you think is more handsome and cool? Me or Ren?" Adam asked with a grin.

Kyouko was stunned. "Err… I don't think I hear you well, Worthington-san."

Ren stayed silent even though he was curious as well. He heard the question, since Adam was standing next to him. I want to know whether Kyouko sees me as a man. Nice question, Adam!

Adam looked around and heard the crowds answering his question. Some girls recognised him because he appeared a lot on variety shows and some magazines, and shouted out his name whilst others shouted out Ren's name. Ren's name was heard clearer and louder than Adam's. The crowds obviously preferred Tsuruga Ren. Some of them were guys and shouted to Kyouko to pick them instead of the two actors. Adam frowned. He wanted to know Kyouko's preference. "Well, can't help it. It's rather noisy here," Adam said and took a deep breath. "I was asking you which one of us…" he pointed to himself and Ren, "I and Ren, are more otokomae? Is it the right word, Ren?"

Ren nodded curtly.

"There… which one?" Adam winked at her.

Kyouko immediately felt headache was coming. She heard the question actually but she thought of it as a joke therefore she pretended she didn't hear it well. It's Ren of course, you stupid Worthington. Even if you are more handsome, I'll still choose Ren, she answered inwardly. She was confused now. What to answer? If she answered with Ren then people would probably know her feeling for him. If she answered with Adam, the lad would stick even closer to her. It was her fault for acting all dreamy when she saw him in that white suit. He did look princely. It was also her fault that she said he got a good prince like name. She only acted on impulse. She was horrified with his attitude towards her. Friends don't call each other with sweetheart. I'm not even his friend. I'm just his temporary manager. Maybe it was just his habit? she concluded. She didn't want people especially Ren to get the wrong idea about them. Adam was so clingy and people probably already had wrong impression about them. She decided that she had had enough but she couldn't help it. It was her job to assist that gaijin talent.

"What's the purpose of your question, Worthington-san?" she finally asked back. She had decided to answer with 'both of you are otokomae' to make it easy. However, she wanted to know why the sudden interest from Adam. Is he narcissistic?

"I just want to know," Adam said. She smiled that tender smile at him. As for me, she always smiles so professionally. I don't like it.

"Kyouko-chan would answer with Tsuruga-kun. Want to bet?" one of the crews said.

"Yes, yes… I'm in. 5000 yen for Ren," Shingai chimed in.

"Hey, someone ought to bet for Worthington-kun," other crew said when all of the crews actually put a bet on Ren. Remembering the gossip about Kyouko and a foreigner boyfriend, some of them turned to bet on Adam.

Yashiro and Hiromi cringed though they actually put on a bet as well. Of course, they put the bet on Ren for their own reasons.

Kyouko sighed. Do I have to answer it? She bit her lower lip.

"Kyouko-chan, if you're not answering soon, we can't start filming," Shingai said with a grin on his face. "I'm serious. Answer like 'both of you' or 'none of you' are otokomae isn't allowed."

Kyouko blinked, surprised with Shingai's statement. Did he read my mind? I was about to answer with that 'both of you'.

Heh? She looks surprised. So, I was right that she planned to give that answer. You know that I'm not going to let it go easily, Kyouko-chan. Shingai smirked. He then walked towards Kyouko, stop right by her side, and said in a very low whisper so then only he and Kyouko could hear, "Of course it's Ren right? You two are… after all… dating."

Kyouko blushed. We aren't dating.

Shingai sniggered then walked back to Ren and Adam, and stood between them. The crews accused Shingai of cheating and he brushed them off. "Well, Kyouko-chan? Time is precious," Shingai tapped his watch.

Every pair of eyes was on her and made her feel pressured. The crowds were already far from the set since the stagehands had cleared the pavement for the shoot. There were only extras around, stagehands, Ren, Adam, herself, their managers, the director and his assistants, the cameramen and assistants.

Kyouko huffed. They'd never let me off this question huh? Well, I have to be honest and quick then. "Um…" She smiled nervously and she could practically see stars in the people's eyes around her. "It's Ren of course. Okay, shall we start filming now, Director?" she tried to sound nonchalant then headed to her position.

Those who put a bet on Ren shouted in joy. Some said that they had predicted it or such. Even Yashiro and Hiromi sniggered in the background. They were happy with the answer. Hiromi tapped Yashiro on his shoulder and shot him a warning look before Yashiro could squeal in delight. Yashiro cringed and then behaved normally.

"Oh sure." Shingai smiled contently. "Hmm… she chose you, of course huh? The way she said OF COURSE was very convincing." Shingai patted Ren on his shoulder. "Oops… don't cry Worthington-kun, boyfriend always wins." Shingai then walked towards his own seat. "Take place, people!"

Ren was delighted. He almost couldn't contain his grin. She chose me! YES! SO, she sees me as a man? Well, never mind that. I'll talk to her soon no matter who she chose actually.

Adam pouted. "Hey, Ren!"

Ren turned to the foreigner next to him. "Yes?"

"You're Kyouko's boyfriend?" he asked with disbelief in his voice. Is that why she seems disinterested in me except for my name? She wouldn't even call me with my first name.

"Hey, did you two hear me at all? Ren! Worthington-kun! To your positions, young men!" they heard Shingai shout at them.

"Well, what do you think?" Ren smirked and headed to take position.

Adam gritted his teeth and headed to take his position as well. He couldn't possibly be her boyfriend. Ren Tsuruga has no girlfriend, that I'm sure… but Kyouko probably likes him. I'll prove to Kyouko that I'm better than Ren.

The girls were all blushing and chattering around in the Ginza shopping district.

These… These two… Fuyuki thought. Completely stand out.

The girls were looking at Kuze and the Prince. They were curious whether the two guys were models or actors.

What's the point in going out in disguise then? Fuyuki asked inwardly. Kuze alone already has killer good looks, but now there is also an exotic foreigner with blue eyes which girls love. No doubt that they would become the centre of attention. Fuyuki crossed her arms. Prince Jack requested to come to such a crowded place. Perhaps we should put more efforts into our disguises?

Fuyuki didn't realise that she was also a person of focus. The guys around were saying that she was cute.

"Japan is certainly advanced," Jack said when they started walking down the pavement. "Not only there are a lot of people, the streets were also modernised."

"Then, does it mean it is Pr… Jack-sama's first time in Japan?" Fuyuki asked.

"Fuyuki, no need to be so formal. This is my first time coming here," Jack replied. "My grandmother was Japanese. She often told me about Japan."

"I see…" Fuyuki was surprised. No wonder he can speak Japanese so well. "So you came to see your grandmother's home country?"

"Yes." Jack answered with a smile. "Okay, let's not talk about that. Since meeting a cute Japanese girl like you is a rare opportunity, I'll buy you a present." Jack grabbed Fuyuki by her shoulders.

"What?" Fuyuki said in surprise.

"What do you want?"

"Wait, hold on!" Fuyuki tried to say.

"A dress? Jewels? Or are flowers better?"

"Wait a minute!" Fuyuki said. What is he talking about? I'm so confused!

Fuyuki ended up being dragged around by the prince. Meanwhile Kuze let out a deep sigh. "Another troublesome thing is coming."

The Prince dragged Fuyuki around the dress shops, jewellery shops, and he also bought Fuyuki a bouquet of flowers. Kuze was only following them around and kept sighing nonstop upon seeing Fuyuki being dragged around.

"Please listen to me!" Fuyuki finally snapped. "I don't want dresses, jewels or flowers!" She rejected all the Prince's attempts on giving her gifts.

Kuze stood in the background whilst the Prince stared down at Fuyuki with his brows lifted in confusion. "How troublesome," he stated. "How about a horse? Or a castle?"

Fuyuki froze. A castle?

"Prince…" Kuze sighed. "I've already told you that Ichikawa-san is your bodyguard. Please treat her like one!"

"Kuze, don't be so inflexible!" Jack shrugged. "It's natural to give gift to a girl."

Both Fuyuki and Kuze stood petrified.

Fuyuki was frustrated. She put both her hands on the wall and sulked. "Gee… he's not getting it? Are all princes like this?" So annoying.

"How would I know?" Kuze retorted.

Jack was confused with the two's reaction. His attention then fell on the thing behind Kuze. "Is that a kimono?"

"What?" Fuyuki asked back and lifted her head to see what Jack meant.

They all saw yukata on a mannequin in a shop's display.

"That's a yukata. It's a type of kimono you wear during summer," Fuyuki explained.

"I see…" Jack looked nostalgic. "My grandmother often wore kimonos."

"Girls wearing kimonos are beautiful but kimonos aren't very comfortable to wear. There're many layers that have to be put on." Fuyuki said.

"So, yukatas are more comfortable right?" Kuze said.

"Kuze, you've worn one before?" Fuyuki asked, surprised with Kuze's statement.

"My sister forced me to," Kuze answered.

"Oh!" Fuyuki exclaimed. "They are more comfortable. But this yukata is so pretty."

Jack looked thoughtful, so did Kuze.

"Fuyuki, I want to see you in a Yukata," Jack stated.

"Eh?" Fuyuki was surprised.

"I'll buy it for you, so you can wear it for me?" Jack said with a smile.

"Eh? I can't!" Fuyuki waved her hands in panic.

"Why?" Jack asked.

"If I wear a yukata and you're in danger, I wouldn't be able to protect you. It's hard to move in that."

Jack's eyes widened. He was stunned. "No negotiation? It's not possible?"

"No negotiating… Come on! Let's get going!" Fuyuki pushed him to move.

"That's too bad!" Jack exclaimed.

Kuze sighed when he saw the two walking away first.

Fuyuki slumped down on the couch. She was exhausted. So tired! In the end, he ignored my refusals and insisted on getting me something. She remembered how he had asked her, "What about a car?" which she replied with, "I don't want." Just why did Jack come to Japan? He keeps bothering me. What am I supposed to do? "Hmm…" Her mind was spinning.

"How troublesome," Jack commented. A cigarette was between his index and middle fingers. "I don't know what to give Fuyuki that she will be happy with. I have to return back to my country the day after tomorrow." He turned to see Kuze. "You understand her better right? What do you think she would want? Kuze!"

Kuze stared sternly at Jack.

Meanwhile, Fuyuki turned her gaze to Kuze and Jack. Eh? Kuze and Jack? What are they talking about?

"I'm already tired of this business and formalities. So when you guys sent over such a cute girl like Fuyuki, I was sincerely grateful." Jack chuckled. "I never thought that you would insist that I see her as a bodyguard."

Kuze stayed silent.

"Women… they just want to be dolled up, to wear nice clothes and expensive jewelleries." Jack stated in English whilst lifting his cigarette. "Then you just put on a charming smile and finally some fresh flowers… don't you think so, Kuze?"

Just at the same time, Fuyuki appeared. "Ku…"

Kuze crushed the still lit cigarette with his bare hand. "You're entitled to your own view of a woman," Kuze said in English.

Fuyuki's eyes widened.

"But don't lump up Fuyuki together with that kind of 'woman'. She's not a 'woman' that finds happiness by depending on a 'man' for wealth and status," Kuze stated with stern voice.

"Kuze, you…" Jack was startled.

Kuze dropped the crushed cigarette from his hand.

Fuyuki dashed over to Kuze and grabbed his hand. She then licked his palm which got cigarette's burn. Kuze was startled.

"So…" Fuyuki said. "So bitter." she spat out.

Jack was stunned.

"You…You big idiot!" Kuze spat and dragged Fuyuki by her neck angrily.

"Gyaa!" Fuyuki screamed.

"Here, rinse your mouth!" Kuze ordered

There were voices of water splashing and swishing. Kuze and Fuyuki were in front of a washstand.

"Spit the ashes out with the water!" Kuze got some water and tried to rinse Fuyuki's mouth.

Fuyuki coughed desperately. "Wah, Kuze. You're too rough!" she protested.

"You're the idiot one! Doing that was just like licking an ashtray!" Kuze spat.

"Who told you to put out a cigarette with your bare hands?" Fuyuki turned to him angrily. "Stop calling me an idiot! You should be rinsing your hand in cold water, big idiot!" Fuyuki took Kuze's hand and hold it under the running water.

"You…" Kuze tried to protest.

That scared me. I was wondering what Kuze and Jack talked about but I never expected Kuze would do something that aggressive. Kuze's face appeared in Fuyuki's mind. Kuze, he was angry at that time but it was different with when it involved Naoko. Why did he get angry all of a sudden?

Kuze let out a sigh. "Really…" he said. Kuze wrapped his arm around Fuyuki's waist whilst Fuyuki hold his hand under the running water.

Fuyuki was startled. She blushed. Hold on a second. I just realised this position is a little… embarrassing! She blushed redder. It makes me really want to find a place to hide. How long do we have to stay like this? "It… It's enough already right?"

"Okay," Kuze answered.

Fuyuki sighed in relief inwardly. "Oh, Kuze…"

Kuze turned to Fuyuki. He had a questioning look on his face.

Other than the situation with Naoko… "Why were you mad back then? You guys were speaking in English right? What were you guys talking about?" Fuyuki stared at Kuze worriedly. I've never seen Kuze so angry.

Kuze lifted his right hand and wiped Fuyuki's mouth. Fuyuki was startled. "I only told him not to treat you as a pet that needs to be raised." Kuze pinched Fuyuki's cheek.

Fuyuki's face reddened. "Wha… WHAT'S BEING RAISED? IT'S NOT THAT I'M A KITTY OR PUPPY!"She shouted out loud.

"I'm just saying!" Kuze countered.

"What did you say? You pig head!" Fuyuki spat angrily.

They didn't know that Jack watched their bantering from behind the door with a wary look.

After the scene take and the voice over finished for the day, Kyouko had to go to her other regular job at TBM. Worse! Adam would follow her to TBM. He was the guest star for the night's episode. Kyouko felt headache was attacking her nervous system when the lad clung to her like a leech. She immediately felt sorry for her beloved Mouko-san. Was I this persistent towards Mouko-san too? Oh no! I'm sorry, Mouko-san! I won't do it to you again…

Ren who saw how Adam stuck close to Kyouko could only tightened his knuckle and swallowed all the bitterness he felt inside his heart. He couldn't even get close to Kyouko. Adam clearly smirked at him and dragged Kyouko away from him. Damn it!

Hikaru, Yuusei and Shinichi stared at the blue eyes lad with their brows furrowed. Kyouko had just introduced them. They knew about the recent rumour about Kyouko and a foreigner but they had never expected it to be true. Adam clung to Kyouko tight like a leech. He wrapped his arm around Kyouko's shoulders though Kyouko had told him not to. She finally gave up since it was useless to tell him that. Hiromi shrugged in the background then excused himself to have some coffee downstairs.

"Hey, Kyouko-chan, aren't you dating Tsuruga-san?" Yuusei asked in low whisper.

Kyouko was stunned. Here comes another one with same thought. Why? Did I give out that impression to people? Did I embarrass Ren? Oh! She felt like correcting it. She didn't want to stain Ren's image. "Whoever said that?" Kyouko asked back.

"We heard so the other day at Keishichou Tokuhanka's set," Hikaru added. He was still hurt with that information he and Yuusei got the other day when they were guest starring in her newest drama.

Kyouko frowned. Huh? Who said it? Director Shingai? He's just joking around. "I'm not dating Ren. If you heard it from Director Shingai, you can just dismiss it. He's just joking. You can't just spread rumour like that. What if I end up staining Ren's image because that irresponsible rumour?" she said sternly.

Hikaru's face lit up. "Ah, sorry about that. We didn't mean it like that." So it isn't true? Not the second later, his face turned sour again. "So, is it that guy?" he pointed to Adam. Adam was seen chatting with Shinichi.

I'm sorry? I give out that kind of impression to people already? she asked herself in horror.

"Yeah, if it's not Tsuruga-san, then is it that guy? Who is it again? Worthington?" Yuusei asked. "We read the article… and he clings to you like a leech." Yuusei laughed. "Good thing Shinichi averted his attention. You need to change into your suit soon."

Hikaru and Yuusei stared at Kyouko with curious look.

"I'm not dating anyone." Kyouko sighed. "I'm just Worthington's temporary manager." Kyouko didn't say that the foreigner in question and Adam were completely different person. To them, all foreigners probably looked the same.

"Ah, is that so?" Hikaru and Yuusei nodded.

"Yeah, sorry. I need to go and change into Bou's suit." Kyouko excused herself and left them.

"So, you still have a chance." Yuusei sniggered and patted Hikaru on his shoulder hard.

Hikaru blushed. "But the rivals…"

"Who cares?" Yuusei said. "Be careful not to let either Tsuruga or that gaijin get to her."

"Eh? What are you guys talking about?" Adam chimed in.

"Oh I just told leader not to let you or Tsuruga get to Kyouko-ch… ouch…" Yuusei was kicked by Hikaru on his shin. "Leader, you're so cruel."

"Tsuruga? You meant Ren?" Adam asked. "He is not her boyfriend right?"

"Ah no. Kyouko-chan told us that she isn't dating anyone," Yuusei replied and shrank down when he saw Hikaru glared at him. "Hey leader, you have to fight fair and square. Every man got the same chance."

"Agree!" Shinichi nodded and patted Hikaru on his shoulder.

"Heh? Really?" Adam smirked. "Every man got the same chance. Well, I'm not going to lose to a shorty." He winked. "No offence."

"Grr… I'm not going to lose to a gaijin," Hikaru shouted.

"You're welcome to a challenge." Adam stuck out his tongue to him.

Yuusei and Shinichi laughed.

"Time up?" Bou came into the room and startled the four.

"Uwa, rooster guy, you surprised me," Adam exclaimed then patted Bou on his shoulder. Bou stared at him with his annoyed rooster face.

The Ishibashis laughed. "Yeah time to stand by, Worthington-san," Shinichi said.

"You have to wait with Bou-kun here till we call for you," Yuusei said.

"Oh, and that's Kyouko-chan," Hikaru pointed to Bou. "Let's take place, guys."

Adam turned his head to Bou with surprise on his face. "Kyouko? Is that you there inside the rooster guy?"

"Yeah. Take place, Worthington!" Bou retorted in English.

"Fuyuki? Where's Kuze?" Jack asked.

"He said he has some stuffs to do." Fuyuki answered.

"I see…" Jack put his hand below his chin. Good opportunities. "Then do you want to go take a walk with me?"

"What?" Fuyuki looked very surprised. A walk? "That… Jack!" Fuyuki called out to him. "I still don't think we should. Kuze will be angry. Let's go back to the hotel." Fuyuki tried to catch on to Jack's long strides. They were walking out of the hotel.

"What's the problem? A little while should be fine… plus no one in Japan knows who I am."

"That's true, but you attract too much attention." Fuyuki looked around. She heard how the people around commented, "Wah, a handsome foreigner!"

"No matter where I go, I'm always treated like a vase."

"What?" Fuyuki was confused with Jack's sudden statement.

"Every day I'm watched by security personnel. Everyone wants to see where I am, what I'm doing. Girls are only interested in me as the prince. In my own country, I'm just like a caged bird. The third prince doesn't even need to participate in national policies. At best, I was just trained as an ornamental bird. If I disappeared, no one would feel sad," Jack elaborated.

Fuyuki looked at Jack's somehow sad back side. Jack…

Jack noticed Fuyuki's uneasiness. "Sorry, I was speaking nonsense. Just forget all of it!"

"It's okay. I don't mind!" Jack believes no one needs him in this world. That's why he wanted to buy stuffs for me. If I accepts his gifts, that means I need him. That way… he can reassures himself.

There were three drunkards staggering down their ways towards Fuyuki and Jack. "EEEEEEH?" The drunkards exclaimed. "What are you two doing?" one of them asked Fuyuki and Jack.

"Is the couple arguing?" the other asked.

They laughed.

Fuyuki turned around and was flabbergasted. Eh? They are drunk? What should I do?

"Wah, a handsome foreigner!" one of them pointed to Jack. "Can you speak Japanese?"

"Oh!" the other noticed Fuyuki. "This girl is really cute!" The drunkard A was about to reach for Fuyuki.

"Don't touch her!" Jack said and stood in front of Fuyuki, protecting her from the drunkard A's offending hand.

"Ja…Jack!" Fuyuki was surprised.

"What do you say? You think you are great just because you're good looking?" said the drunkard A.

"Yeah, yeah…" drunkards B and C chimed in.

Fuyuki kicked the drunkard on his shin.

"Fu… wah…" Jack was startled when Fuyuki grabbed her whilst the drunkard A was whining in pain.

"Run!" Fuyuki exclaimed.

"Hold on, bitch!" the drunkard B said.

Fuyuki used her power and snapped the drunkard B's shoe lace. Drunkard B fell down. Fuyuki and Jack ran off leaving the drunkard B yelling, "Wait! Stop right there!"

Fuyuki dragged Jack with her.

"Fuyuki…" Jack called out to her.

"Seriously!" Fuyuki began. "Jack, why were you protecting me? I'm supposed to protect you."

"But…" Jack tried to argue. "Fuyuki, what happened just now? Why did that guy suddenly fall? Could it be you…"

"Weren't you told earlier? That's my ability. I use this kind of ability to help out with the investigations. That's why you don't have to protect me," Fuyuki answered.

Jack's eyes widened. That's…

Fuyuki stopped walking suddenly and startled Jack. "You don't need to worry."


"One day, you'll definitely find the sky you belong in," Fuyuki said. Just like me. I found it in police department. "Let's go back!"

They faced a very angry Kuze when they got back to the hotel. "You two coming back so late." Kuze shot them a stern look.

Jack and Fuyuki's faces paled. "Ku…Kuze…" Fuyuki wobbled.

"You brat… seems you aren't clear about your job," Kuze spat and Fuyuki's face paled even more.

Kuze choked Fuyuki and she kept shouting sorry.

Jack watched them with awe on his face. I thought she was just a normal girl. That she was the same as the 'women' around me, only satisfied with nice clothes and jewels. But I was wrong. She was completely different.

"Wah, save me!" Fuyuki shouted.

I want this girl! was Jack's last thought.

Good morning! I'm Fuyuki. Fuyuki narrated. Eh? Where's this? Fuyuki had just awoken from her sleep. She stared at her surrounding in confusion. She got off from her bed. Her eyes widened. I remember!

Fuyuki opened the door in haste. The door blast opened.

"You're finally up?" Kuze asked.

"Fuyuki, good morning! Did you sleep well?" Jack greeted her with cheerful face.

She looked at both Kuze and Jack. She grimaced. First time in the morning, I see such an astonishing image. That's right. I and Kuze have been guarding the prince since yesterday. So, we've been staying in the same hotel as the prince.

"Breakfast is already prepared!" Jack said.

This is Prince Jack. "Thank you," Fuyuki said. Jack, he had wanted to buy me gifts. He just won't listen, no matter how many times I refuse. It makes me feel troubled but… The things Jack told her yesterday were replaying in her mind. 'No matter where I go, I'm always treated like a vase.' 'If I disappeared, no one would feel sad.' That was probably how Jack truly feels. He just wants to find his own sky.

"Are you hungry? Then you should go change!" Jack said with a smile.

"Okay!" Fuyuki left with a smile. It's good that he feels spirited. I don't understand what Jack is thinking. I am at a loss. But I don't think he's a bad person.

"Then, what's the plan for today?" Fuyuki asked.

The three of them were gathering in dining room. They were having breakfast.

"No, I don't plan on going anywhere today," Jack answered.

"Is that okay? Aren't you leaving tomorrow?" Fuyuki asked.

"It's fine. I've lost interest in sightseeing. I want to spend some leisure time with you," Jack stated.

"Eh?" Fuyuki dropped her food in surprise.

Kuze stayed silent and drank his tea.

"That's it. Excuse me for a bit," Jack said.

"Prince…" Fuyuki was confused.

There was an uncomfortable silence between Fuyuki and Kuze after Jack left.

"What else can you do besides sightseeing?" Fuyuki asked Kuze.

"You were concerned about that?" Kuze asked back.

"He wants to spend time with me. Isn't that boring?" Fuyuki said. What's going on? Ever since he said those things yesterday…

"Perhaps it's just one of the prince's spur of moment ideas?"

"Eh? Is it like that? I don't think so…" I don't know why but I don't think it's that simple. Fuyuki looked confused. "I don't think it was a spur moment of idea. He seemed determined too," Fuyuki stopped when she saw Kuze staring at her with an indescribable look on his face. "Wha… what's wrong?" She fidgeted in her seat.

"Yesterday, you rejected all of his advances," Kuze commented. "Why is that today you're defending him?"

"But I'm not really defending him." Fuyuki looked trouble though she was still munching her food. "I just feel he is similar to me in some ways."

"What?" Kuze was startled by the answer.

"Jack said that 'No matter where I go, I'm always treated like a vase'. He also said 'In my own country, I'm just like a caged bird.'" He wants to leave, to fly outside of the cage, but he can't no matter what. "I was once like that. I could only stay within the research institute." That feeling of being chained down. "I always had to get permission no matter what it was I was doing. I understand how Jack feels." That's why I truly desired to find my sky.

Kuze's eyes widened.

"I'm glad that I had the opportunity to go to the police department. Everyone was opposed to it from the start. They finally agreed after much arguing…" Fuyuki elaborated. "Jack is just like how I was when I was struggling. So, that's why I…" Fuyuki stared up at Kuze.

Kuze sighed. "That's why you want to help him as much as possible?"

"Yes, that's right." Fuyuki nodded.

"As long as it doesn't interfere with the job, you can do whatever you want."

"Can I really…" Fuyuki looked happy.

"But…" Kuze pulled Fuyuki's chin. "No matter how much you help, the prince can only rely on himself in the end. There are things you can help him with and there are boundaries that you can't cross no matter what… this principle… don't ever forget about it!"

Fuyuki was surprised. "I… I KNOW THAT!" she shouted angrily whilst pulling Kuze's hand away from her chin. Her face blushed red. "Why did you have to pull my chin?" There's actually something else, Kuze. If I were still at the research institute, then I wouldn't have been able to meet you.

"You had some crumbs on your face. I just wiped it off for you. You should thank me," Kuze countered.

"STUPID! You put the crumbs there yourself!" Fuyuki yelled.

"Why would I do something like that?" Kuze shrugged.

The prince was looking at them from the back of the door.

"Your face is red," Kuze commented.

"It's none of your business!" When I think like that, there's no way I can ignore it.

"Nice act there," Shingai commented. "You're a good actor, Worthington-kun."

"Thanks, Director."

"Well, you got to wait for a while till Kyouko-chan finished her voice over," Shingai said. "I heard that she's your temporary manager."


He looked at Kyouko who was recording her voice for Fuyuki's narration and thoughts. He himself had done his part right after their last scene which was taken after dinner.

"Kyouko… let's go home!" He quickly walked over to Kyouko before Ren could do that. He smirked when he realised Ren's face changed. He wrapped his arm around Kyouko's shoulders.

"I need to change my clothes first, Worthington-san," Kyouko answered. She looked tired.

"I'll walk you to your dressing room," Adam offered. He absolutely didn't want to let Kyouko and Ren talked. He didn't like it. When the two talked, he felt left out.

Kyouko knitted her brows and she nodded. She didn't want to argue. She felt really tired and her head was aching. "Okay." I will go to Ren's place right after this. It's okay right? It's Friday. It's not that late anyway. I just need to make sure Worthington go home first.

After she finished changing, she saw Ren was still there talking with Director Shingai. She walked over, with Adam following her like a chick with the mother hen. "Director, Ren, I'll be going home first. Thanks for your hard work." Kyouko bowed. "Worthington-san? Why don't you follow my example?" Kyouko commented.

"Ah, okay…" Adam replied and did the exact same thing as Kyouko.

The two men nodded and bade them goodbye.

When Kyouko, Adam and Hiromi were out of their sight, Ren let out a deep sigh. Shingai sniggered. "Well, Ren…" Shingai patted him on his shoulder. "Just a temporary job. You'll get your girl again after that guy got his own manager."

"Hn…" he grunted and excused himself for the night.

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