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His Jealousy and Her Unsettling Issues (Part 1)

Fuyuki squealed when she saw young Kuze's photos. She was surprised to such a young Kuze. Meanwhile, Yuuji kept shoving photos after photos at Fuyuki's hands enthusiastically. There were photos when Kuze was 17 years old, when he was in college, etc. Kuze asked Fuyuki what so fun with the photos. He himself was clearly annoyed with the attention. Fuyuki then told him that photos were fun too look at. She stated happily that she only had photos in form of documents and she was never had her photos taken naturally like the photos she was holding. Kuze was stunned upon hearing her statement. He watched her closely.

Yuuji then stated that Suzuko hadn't come back home yet and Seki hadn't called as well. When Fuyuki asked who Seki was, Yuuji explained that he was Suzuko's secretary. He then further elaborated that their family owned a hospital and almost all of it was ran by Suzuko. Suzuko inherited the hospital after Kuze left to become a detective. Kuze only humphed after hearing Yuuji's statement.

Fuyuki thought that she had heard about it in the politician's birthday banquet. She then asked Yuuji about himself. Yuuji answered that he was a third year medical student. Fuyuki commented inwardly that Yuuji was such a flashy medical student. Yuuji then got a call from Seki and proceeded to pick up the phone whilst Fuyuki and Kuze talked in the background. Fuyuki asked Kuze when he left home and Kuze answered that it was upon entering high school.

Fuyuki and Kuze were suddenly alerted by Yuuji's surprised voice about Suzuko.

Fuyuki, Kuze and Yuuji headed to hospital where Seki had waited for them. Seki apologised about the thing happened with Suzuko. Yuuji asked whether it was right that Suzuko was kidnapped and how it happened. Seki elaborated that he and Suzuko were walking on the street when suddenly someone attacked them from behind. He also stated that they probably only targeted Suzuko.

Yuuji was speechless and couldn't understand why it happened. Kuze stayed silent. Fuyuki felt for them and her attention averted towards the boxes on the table near where Seki was seated. Seki told her that those were the things Suzuko wanted to give to Fuyuki since she liked Fuyuki a lot. Fuyuki was surprised. Seki said that Suzuko was looking forward to spending more time with Fuyuki.

They were in awkward silence. Kuze clenched his fist tight and asked whether Seki had any idea as to who the kidnappers were. Seki shook his head and said that he didn't know since he was knocked out from behind.

Kuze then told them that lately there were many kidnapping cases. The police believed that the same person was behind all of it. He further stated that even if the family had paid ransom, the hostages didn't make it back safely and it would most likely be the same in Suzuko's case. Yuuji was worried when he saw how Kuze hold his own shoulder tightly and was even more surprised when he saw Fuyuki's hand was on Kuze's wrist.

Fuyuki then asked whether Suzuko was holding onto something when she was kidnapped. Seki told her that Suzuko gave him her handkerchief whilst they were shopping. Kuze realised Fuyuki's intention and asked what she was planning. Fuyuki then said, "I promise you. I will find Suzuko-neesan."

Yuuji was still panicking about the kidnappers. Kuze told him that there weren't any guarantees that the kidnapper was the same guy and that they needed to go search for it.

Kuze opened the door to where Fuyuki was. Fuyuki had just removed her bracelets. Fuyuki turned to Kuze and asked him whether he had the map. He handed the map to her. Fuyuki then said to start the searching.

Before she could proceed, Kuze got a hold of her hands and asked her why she took off her bracelets. Fuyuki tried to brush him off by saying he was sharp but Kuze was smart enough to not let her averted the subject. Fuyuki told him that if she suppressed her powers by using the bracelets, she wouldn't be able to find his sister. She said that last time she did it in the mountains that'd got limited range so it was fine but this time she wanted to go all out. She inwardly added that she had just discovered her new ability recently and that Suzuko was Kuze's sister. She didn't feel like mentioning her reasons.

Fuyuki turned her gaze at Yuuji who had wary look on his face. She then assured Yuuji that she would find their sister. Fuyuki sat down facing the map. She closed her eyes whilst her both hands were holding Suzuko's handkerchief and on the map.

Yuuji looked worried. Kuze looked unsure. After some times passed, Yuuji said to Kuze that Fuyuki had been sitting there for a while without moving. Kuze told him to be quiet so that Fuyuki could concentrate.

Fuyuki focused on her searching. She had been doing that for a while. She started to sweat and her face paled. Yuuji asked Kuze why he didn't intervene and Kuze answered him that it was no use since Fuyuki would continue with her search.

Whilst she was at it, Fuyuki felt a warm sensation from behind her back. She knew that it was Kuze. Then, she saw it. She opened her eyes wide. Kuze asked her whether she saw it. She said she did. She got a little flustered since Kuze stood so close to her. She pointed at the map and told Kuze that Suzuko was somewhere in the west outskirt and in a green building and that she was conscious.

Kuze then asked Fuyuki if she couldn't be sure of Suzuko's condition, whether she was harmed or in a danger. She stuttered out a yes. She couldn't possibly see whether Suzuko was safe.

Kuze's face darkened. He clenched his fist tight. Fuyuki was surprised upon seeing Kuze's expression. Kuze said that he already contacted Sasaki and he'd told him about Suzuko possible location. He asked them to all go with him.

Fuyuki was about to follow Kuze when Yuuji grabbed her hand. Yuuji looked frustrated. He told Fuyuki that there seemed like something off with Kuze and that Kuze was having those eyes again, the eyes when Naoko, their little sister, was kidnapped. That moment, Fuyuki had just known that Naoko was their little sister.

Kyouko ran a little towards the lift when she bumped onto Ren. She had just got out from her dressing room after the filming.

"Kyouko, why are you in such a hurry?" Ren grabbed her hand.

Kyouko looked startled. "Ah, Worthington is throwing a fit. I've got to be in third floor. I heard that he pushed his photo shoot's partner."

"What photo-shoot?" Ren asked with his brows lifted.

"For summer collection. I've got to go. I'll see you later tonight at your place." Kyouko smiled apologetically.

"Okay. Be careful!" Ren let her go unwillingly. He stared at her back till she was out of his view. He sighed. Worthington again? He didn't like the feeling though he couldn't help it. It was her job and today was the last day she had to attend to that lad.

He strode forward with a heavy feeling towards his dressing room.

He was still feeling irritated when he got home later the night. He noticed that the light was on when he entered his apartment. It instantly relieved him of his stress over Worthington.

He closed the door in barely audible voice, slid out of his shoes and headed towards the kitchen. He knew he would find her there.

He smiled when he saw her standing in the kitchen, chopping the grilled chicken breasts happily. He also noticed the gurgling pot on the stove and that the oven was still switched on. He walked slowly towards her then stopped. "Hey…"

Kyouko jumped in surprise. Her hand stopped chopping. "Ren, don't sneak up on me. You surprised me…" She pouted and continued chopping.

Ren chuckled. "Sorry. What's for dinner?"

"Caesar salad, beef goulash, and bread to go with the beef goulash. I've finished making mashed potatoes. We just have to wait for the goulash and the bread," she stopped again and stared at him. "Ah, sorry. Do you want rice instead?"

"You know I eat everything you prepare for me. I don't mind eating bread." Ren patted her head. "By the way, you're cooking something that's very different from usual. Not that I mind it," he quickly added before she replied. He knew that she'd feel sorry for not discussing the menu with him though she usually decided everything after asking him and got 'do as you like' for an answer.

"I read about it on magazine. I feel like cooking something different. That's it." Kyouko said. "Why don't you go shower? It'll be ready soon."

"Sure thing." Ren laughed. "Want to join me?"

Kyouko froze. Her face flushed a dark shade of red. She couldn't even blink and she didn't know what to answer. She stood petrified in her place.

Ren grimaced after seeing her expression. The joke is too much I think? She freezes on me. "Um, I was joking. Don't mind me!" he tried to sound nonchalant.

She was relieved the instant she heard it though she had to acknowledge that he'd got her with that 'joke'. "Err… have a nice shower," she stuttered and continued what she was doing. Her hands were still trembling.

Ren smiled and patted her head softly. "I'm off then."

The situation on table when they were having their dinner was awkward. Ren realised that it was because his non-sensible joke. He said that on a whim. He didn't mean to confuse her. He regretted it since he knew that she was a modest girl. He should have known that it was different with when she was still playing Setsu. She could manage a calm respond at that time but when she was herself, he should have known that she would be confused especially with their current relationship.

Ren stayed silent during the dinner, so did Kyouko. Kyouko didn't know what to say to him. She had to admit that she had overreacted about his statement. She should have known that he was only joking though she actually was considering his invitation. We're lovers, so I think he would want that? She tried her best to suppress her blush. But I'm not ready for that and I want to wait till marriage. I think I should try to tell him that. She wanted to cry over that thought. But how do I tell him without alerting him? I don't want to shamefully talk about marriage. Men are usually scared of commitment. I can't just casually state it? She recalled what she read on the magazine earlier the day.

They were still not talking to each other even after they finished their dinner.

"Kyouko, were you disturbed by my joke? I'm sorry," Ren said when they were washing the dishes together.

"Um no. I was just surprised." She smiled nervously whilst kept washing the dishes.

"Really?" Ren sighed. "I'm sorry if you were. I was really only joking when I said that." Partly, he added inwardly. I knew that she would outward reject it. She's a traditional girl. THAT would have to wait till after we're married.

"Yeah. You will be surprised if I say the same thing right?" Kyouko said nervously.

"Guess so?" He sounded not sure. I'd be over the moon. She was surprised but not in a good way. "Well, let's not talk about it. So, what's with Worthington? Everything okay?" he averted the topic.

"Okay I guess? I don't know why he did that and he wouldn't tell me. I apologised on his behalf. That's all," Kyouko answered. She felt rather relieved and thankful that he averted the topic.

"He didn't try anything funny with you right?"

"No. He's just his usual self. You know, childish and such…" Kyouko laughed.

"He's clingy to you not because he's childish. You should be aware of that."

Kyouko turned to stare at Ren. She was clearly confused especially because Ren sounded angry. "Okay? Why are you angry, Kuon?" What's with him today?

Ren was startled. He let out his emotion. "Uh nothing. I'm sorry. I guess I'm tired. If you don't mind, I'm off to living room first."

"Okay…" she mumbled out her answer and watched him leave the kitchen. Kuon?

Yes! He definitely is weird. Kyouko thought whilst trying to wriggle out of his tight embrace. He was asleep but he'd got dead grips. He didn't do anything improper to her though she was still worried. She just couldn't understand what went wrong. She didn't want him to be angry with her. She didn't like it when he was angry with her for he would give her cold shoulder and no explanation whatsoever.

Sure he had some dark moments when he was struggling with his past. Cain's dark moment? Or is it Kuon's dark moment? Remembering what Tina had told her about stating things clearly with him, she decided she wanted to try to ask him. "Kuon…" she tried to call him.

He didn't respond.

"Are you asleep?"

Still no respond. He's sleeping soundly so I guess no? Kyouko sighed.

But I can't possibly sleep with his dead grip wrapping around me. She did her best to sit up in order to break free from him. She couldn't do that. He'd got dead weight. She sighed and stared up at his sleeping face. She wondered what had happened to him. She already noticed his weird behaviour since he stepped into the kitchen and his joke afterwards added to her confusion. The talk about Worthington didn't make it better. She needed to know what made him angry.

She reached for his cheek and caressed it softly. Her hand stopped in track when his eyes opened. She almost shrieked in surprise. Her stomach churned in anticipation.

"Kyouko? You can't sleep?" He raised his hand and his embraced loosened. He put his hand above hers. He looked every bit sleepy.

Kyouko pursed her lips tight. "You've been acting quite weird since before dinner, Kuon. Do you want to talk about it? It's not that I want to butt in your matter. But if you feel like to talk, I'm all ears." Ugh, it's so wrong to talk at a time like this. She sighed inwardly. But he's awake now.

He frowned. "Define weird!"

"It was just weird. I can't put it into words. It's okay if you don't want to talk about it. I'm worried though. If it was about me and if I did something wrong, I'm sorry."

Kuon's frown got deeper. "No. It was me. I'm sorry. I get jealous whenever any guys get too close to you," he decided to come clean. He hadn't been asleep all this time. He felt her wriggling in his arms but after hearing her desperate sigh and feeling her hand on his cheek, he decided to wake up and humour her.

Kyouko's brows lifted in confusion. Huh? Jealous? Why? This is funny. She giggled. "There's nothing to be jealous for. I'm a bor… hmmph…" She was silenced by his kiss. Her eyes widened when she felt his tongue swept open her lips and got inside her mouth when she parted her lips in surprise. She tried to push him away when she felt he was getting on top of her. She was scared.

He seemed to know when to stop. He pulled away, breathless and left wanting more.

"You don't know what you're capable of," Kuon stated whilst staring down at her. He was still out of breath. "I just want you to be aware of those guys. You don't know what would happen. What about that siphoning anteater? You didn't know that he'd kiss you, did you?" The moment he said it, he wanted to hit himself.

Kyouko's eyes widened. "But that's because he wanted to piss me off. It wasn't like he meant it."

"He wanted to piss me off and wanted to occupy your mind," Kuon corrected. "Why do we have to talk about it? I'm sorry. Can we forget about it?" Whenever that guy appears, I feel wary. Would he ever disappear from our sights? I don't want to talk about him if possible. I got carried away.

"Sure. Is that all?" Kyouko asked. "I'm sorry but I'll try to be careful. I still think that I'm not the 'it' material when it comes to attracting guy. I don't have it in me and I'm faithful to you." I really don't think I'm capable of attracting guys.

"Kyouko…" Kuon sighed. "I don't doubt your faithfulness but I just don't like other men flirt with you. I can't help it if I got a little annoyed about that."

"Oh…" Okay, I honestly confused. How do I know if they flirt? I should ask mother or Mouko-san about this. She made a mental note.

"Besides, guys don't always look at your appearance. In fact, what drew me to you is not your outer appearance though you are very pretty."

"You just tried to flatter me because I'm your girlfriend," Kyouko argued.

He chuckled. "I didn't."

She disagreed. "You did."

"I didn't. To me, you're always beautiful even if you're pouting and crying and in demoness mode."

She blinked. "Demoness mode? You're the one to talk. You've got pretty scary face when you're a Demon Lord."

"Demon Lord? I've never been one." He smiled. So, she secretly named me with 'Demon Lord'? Interesting!

"You're in denial."

"No. I've always been good."

"If your creepy dazzling smile counts as good, you do. I can imitate your Demon Lord face and your creepy dazzling smile."

"Why don't you show me what you've got?"

"Watch me!" Kyouko flashed him his signature dazzling smile when he was angry.

Kuon was stunned. "What kind of smile is that?" He actually knew about it since he had been trying so hard to disguise it whenever he felt he would alert her with that smile. He just never knew that she was capable of imitating it.

He noticed that Kyouko seemed always so tense at one moment after he smiled with that manner at her sometimes. Yashiro was the one who told him that.

"It's you when you're angry about something," Kyouko said and flashed him his Demon Lord look.

Kuon jerked in surprise. "That's quite scary, Kyouko. Can you stop that?" He laughed. Is it that scary? I didn't do a good job in disguising it then.

Kyouko laughed. "You're scared of yourself?" She squeaked when Kuon caught her in a tight embrace. Their bodies pressed tight with them lying side by side. She could feel his hard body to her soft one. She blushed.

"I love you, Kyouko. I'm sorry about today. I didn't mean it," he said it in low whisper.

She shivered. His voice near her ear made her spine tingled in a way that terrified her. Danger! The alarm was blaring loudly inside her head. She stared up at him and relieved when she didn't see the Emperor. She smiled and shook her head. "There's nothing to forgive. I'm partly at fault. I'm sorry I'm dense."

He chuckled. "I'm a jealous bastard and you're dense."

She giggled and hit his chest. "You're a jealous prick and a meanie."

He laughed. "Are we good now?"

"That's my question."

"Then we are." He lowered his head and kissed her softly. "We should sleep now. You've got shooting practice tomorrow right?"

She nodded. "Good night, Corn. I'm sorry I disturbed your sleep." She leant up and brushed his lips with hers.

"No, I was wrong too. I should have told you why I got irritated. I disturbed your beauty sleep." He smiled. "Night, Kyouko."

Suzuko was confined in a building like what Fuyuki saw in her vision. She watched her captors and thought that she wasn't a danger to them since they weren't wearing any disguises. One of the captors told her that she was just in bad luck. Suzuko glared at her captor. He said that he would let her go if her family cooperated.

Right at the moment, Fuyuki entered the room and told the captor to quit lying since all hostages were killed after the ransoms were paid. The captors were all surprised with Fuyuki's appearance whilst Fuyuki was relieved that Suzuko was unharmed. Fuyuki then told them all that the building had been surrounded by the police. She told them to look outside if they didn't believe her.

Turning around, they found Kuze with his gun pointed at them. Kuze fired his gun and wounded one of the captors' ears. Kuze told them that he never expected the kidnappers to be brave enough to kidnap an officer's family member. He gave them a choice. Death or surrender!

The kidnappers were forced back and told Kuze to put his gun down or they would hurt his sister. Right then, Fuyuki used her power to break the ceiling and walls. It scared the hell out of the kidnappers. Kuze put down his gun whilst Fuyuki went to Suzuko and was relieved that Suzuko was fine. Suzuko hugged Fuyuki tight.

Fuyuki then slumped down. She was worn out after using so much power and fainted in Kuze's arm.

In a private conversation, Suzuko told Kuze how it surprised her that Kuze didn't flip this time. Kuze told her it was because some idiot had already flipped before him and Suzuko immediately knew that he meant Fuyuki. Suzuko said that Fuyuki's existence was just like having Naoko by their side.

Suzuko knew that Kuze was still mourning over Naoko's death. She asked him when he would take the black tie off and stopped blaming himself for Naoko's death. He just told her that he didn't plan to be masochistic by blaming himself and left Suzuko pissed off.

Meanwhile, Yuuji who met Kuze right after he got out of Suzuko's room asked him whether Kuze saw Fuyuki as Naoko's replacement. Yuuji told him that it would be cruel to Fuyuki if Kuze thought of her like that since Fuyuki liked Kuze. Before Yuuji got to that, he was cut off by Kuze. Kuze asked for a camera and freaked Yuuji since he borrowed it right after Yuuji's words.

Fuyuki herself felt uncomfortable and powerless since she had used up her ability. She never thought that Naoko was Kuze's little sister. She thought that she couldn't be happy even with that fact. Right then, Kuze knocked on the door and entered the room.

He asked about her condition. After contemplating for a while, Fuyuki finally asked how Naoko passed away. Kuze explained that she died 12 years ago. If she was alive, she would be Fuyuki's age. Fuyuki then teased him that Naoko called Kuze with Kyou-chan. Kuze got angry and told her to go sleep.

Fuyuki kept teasing him then their talks suddenly averted. Kuze asked her why she flipped at the kidnappers earlier. Fuyuki said if she hadn't, Kuze would have and she then told him that he could only be angry when they caught Naoko's murderer. If something like this happened again, she would get angry on his behalf.

Kuze suddenly pushed Fuyuki down on the bed. She tried to wriggle out from his embrace. She thought even though Kuze had so many flaws and was an obnoxious person, she still liked him.

Fuyuki felt asleep afterwards. Kuze stared at her peaceful sleeping face and said that she was a nosy girl. Remembering what she had told him about never having a natural picture taken before; Kuze secretly took her picture with Yuuji's camera.

Fuyuki and Kuze left the next day. Yuuji told her that it must be tough working as Kuze's partner and also told her to not hate Kuze. Fuyuki said she wouldn't with a wide smile. Yuuji patted her head and Kuze slapped his hand. Other than that, Yuuji also earned a heated glare from Kuze. At the same moment, Yuuji realised that Kuze was probably jealous.

Meanwhile, Suzuko felt bored after the couple left. She was thinking of adopting Fuyuki and Yuuji mumbled that Fuyuki would probably be a part of Kuze's family in the future.

Kyouko couldn't believe her luck that she was able to maintain her acting with an actress with high calibre like Nabatame Yuuko. She was fun to work with and the scenes takes were really smooth. Other than that…

"Kyouko-chan, you're a friend of Kotonami-san right?" Yuuko asked in low whisper.

Kyouko nodded. "Yes."

"So, do you know what she thinks about Hiou?"

"Hiou?" Kyouko tilted her head, confused with the question. She seemed to think why with the sudden question then she remembered that Nabatame Yuuko was Uesugi Hiou's mother. "Ah, Uesugi Hiou-san?"

Yuuko giggled and nodded enthusiastically. "Really, my son is growing up. I'd bet anything he has a crush on Kotonami-san."

I think so too. Kyouko giggled. "I reckon so. Mouko…um, I mean Kanae-san didn't say anything aside from respects as a fellow actor." And vice versa. Perhaps.

"No… how boring!" Yuuko waved her hand. "Well, Hiou is still 13 years old so he's in the right age of having a crush."

Kyouko cringed. Mouko-san wouldn't like this topic. She denies it with all her might since she thought of it as absurd with the 6 years of age differences. I think it will be okay. It won't be a matter when they are in their twenties later. She shrugged and grinned inwardly.

"By the way…" Yuuko nudged Kyouko. "You and…" Yuuko nodded towards Ren's direction. "Barebare… I just don't believe about the foreigner rumour. Perhaps the foreigner is him. You two are only hiding it. I have eyes for news."

Kyouko blushed. "Err…"

Yuuko giggled. "Don't worry! I won't tell anyone. Tsuruga-kun is such a handsome young man. If only I was fifteen years younger. Be careful if you want to hide your relationship from the public. Ryoutarou and I had a hard time hiding it. I expect to hear wedding bell soon." Yuuko winked at Kyouko.

Kyouko blushed redder. "I'm only 18, Nabatame-san."

"Age doesn't matter. I married young as well." She winked again. "Ah, don't forget to try out before you buy."

"I'm not sure I understand." Kyouko smiled nervously. Try out?

Yuuko smiled secretively and whispered it in Kyouko's ear. Kyouko went beetroot even her ears were red with embarrassment.


"Ah? Not yet? Take your time then, Kyouko-chan then you can prove whether he's worth his title." Yuuko winked again. "Anyway, it's nice to work with you. You're a great actress."

"Ah eh?" She felt uneasy over the compliment.

"Nah, don't be shy. You're worth the compliment. The awards proved it." Yuuko smiled. "I've got to go now."

"Eh? Yes, thanks again. It's nice to work with you too, Nabatame-san. Be careful on your way." Kyouko bowed slightly.

Yuuko waved her goodbye and left Kyouko speechless, red-faced and bothered. She almost screamed when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Kyouko? What's with you and Nabatame-san? Secret talk?" Ren teased.

Kyouko swivelled and stared at Ren, still with red face. "No… nothing. We just talked about things."

"If you say so. By the way, Director Shingai is calling for us. About the out of town shoot schedule."

Yashiro grinned evilly when he settled in his seat besides Ren in the shinkansen. "Too bad that the one sitting with Kyouko-chan is Hiro."

"Manager sits with his charge and we're departing later than they are." Ren replied, he didn't bother with Yashiro's teasing. Damn Yashiro and his teasing! Managers sit with their charge, I know but… He wanted to sigh. I actually could do that but I'd got a job and we're in different train.

"Hoho… but you're jealous right? Right? Right?" Yashiro continued with his teasing.

"That's funny. Hiro is her manager. It's okay." And he knew about us. Not that Yashiro knows about it.

"Che… you're no fun. Careful, don't let other men snatch her away."

Ren smiled. "Sure thing."

"Eat before I got murdered by the Demon Queen." Yashiro handed Ren a box of bentou.

Ren laughed and accepted the box. "Thanks."


"I'd bet anything that Yuki-nii is teasing Ren all the way to Hakone." Hiromi sniggered. "About the departure. Too bad they board on the later train. Ren sure is busy."

Kyouko laughed. "He's the number one celebrity. He's indeed very busy."

"Kyouko-chan, are you really up to the filming next morning? You okay now?"

"I can manage. Thanks for your concern, Hiro-san."

"I'm your manager. That's part of my job." Hiromi shrugged. "Want to eat the ekiben?" He handed out the bentou he got from the crews. "I sure don't want to feel the Prince of Darkness' wrath."

Kyouko took the bentou from Hiromi. "He's not that scary. He's just strict." He could be very scary, I agree but it's because he's got the reason to be angry. Sometimes I don't understand why he got angry as well, Kyouko added inwardly.

"I'd say he's in the same degree with Taishou-san." Hiromi laughed.

"I hope he eats well," Kyouko mumbled her concern.

"Or Yuki-nii would face an angry Demon Queen," Hiromi muttered under his breath. They match. If Kyouko is Demon Queen, then Ren is Demon King. They both are scary in their own way. I hope they're aware of that.

"I'm sorry. Did you say something?"

"Nothing you'd find interesting."

"Okay then."

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Note on terms :

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Ekiben : bentou that is being sold in station (eki)