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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 drama filming was about to finish anytime soon. They had shot the scene in which Kounogi set up a date for Kuze and Fuyuki to celebrate Fuyuki's 18th birthday. He arranged their date in an amusement park, followed by a fancy dinner at a restaurant and ended with having them stay in a hotel room. As usual, Fuyuki was drunk from the liqueur in the cake she had eaten. She practically assaulted Kuze with her kiss. She stated to Kuze that she wanted Kuze for her 18th birthday, but since she was drunk, Kuze already knew what would happen next though they still kissed at the end. As Kuze had predicted, Fuyuki forgot everything the next morning.

The shot about Fuyuki's childhood friends –Arashi and Ryuu – coming to celebrate her birthday, and at the same time to remind her about her promise to return to the institute, were also completed. Aside from that, the scene between Kuze and Fuyuki in which Fuyuki revealed her hesitancy to go back to the institute and Kuze asked her to make up her mind was also done. Fuyuki stated that she didn't want to go back. Inwardly, she admitted to wanting to stay by Kuze's side.

They only had several scenes left, the one about Kuze's meeting with Ichikawa Hakase, Kuze's sister wedding, Kuze and Fuyuki's scene in which Kuze indirectly declared his undying love towards Fuyuki. Meanwhile, they had already taken the scene about Kuze Naoki –Kuze and Fuyuki's son— who stated that he wanted to have the kind of love that his parents had.

They were now about to shoot the scene where Kuze met Ichikawa Hakase. Ichikawa Hakase was Fuyuki's adoptive father. He adopted Fuyuki from her parents when she was still a two years old. Fuyuki's mother was a child of a Japanese woman and a Russian man. She worked in a bar in Kyuushuu and met Fuyuki's father who was the guest in the bar she worked. Fuyuki's supernatural power was discovered early. Since both her parents were not responsible parents, Ichikawa fully adopted Fuyuki as his own daughter.

"I should have been the one who played Ichikawa Hakase," Kuu said with a grin. "After all, I'm already like a father to Kyouko. Even if it's only an act, I think I'd enjoy having a talk with her future husband." Kuu glanced briefly at Ren.

Ren said nothing.

Abe Junichi shrugged. "Well, too bad, Shuuhei. I got the role. Moreover, it's fun to see you act as a comic in this series." Abe grinned.

Kuu laughed and slapped Abe's upper arm hard and made the other actor wince.

In between her fully packed schedule –as Setsu and herself—, Kyouko still had the time to accompany Julie touring around Tokyo. Julie had told her that she would be in Tokyo till after they finished shooting Keishichou Tokuhanka 007. Hence, they made a plan along with Kuu and Ren to go to Okinawa for a trip with prolong stay for the younger couple since they had already planned to have a trip together to begin with. It wasn't easy to slip away but they managed to book the tickets for the trip to go right after the shooting was finished. Moreover, Kyouko would have her summer break by the time they went on the trip.

It was probably a good effect of playing Fuyuki because she was offered more protagonist roles. From so many offers, Kyouko had decided on her next drama. She would be playing a waka okami of a ryoutei in Asakusa area trying to survive in a modern Tokyo where most people bought their foods in convenience stores and only needed a microwave to reheat the food. For this role, she would have to get familiar with Tokyo traditional gourmet. Even though she helped quite a lot in Daruma-ya that was a ryouriten in Tokyo that served Japanese Tokyo style cooking, she still had to train more. She started her training after she decided to accept the role. She and her co-stars –especially those who would play itamae and kitchen helpers— trained in Daruma-ya. Kyouko sometimes also practised her skills at Ren's place whenever she stayed there.

Since the training started, Kuon had been fed with Tokyo traditional gourmet from time to time. He wasn't really picky when it came to food, and he liked whatever she cooked for him so he could bear with it though he started to miss some non-Japanese food.

Kuu, on the other hand, was quite happy to eat her cooking when Kyouko cooked a big Tokyo traditional feast for him. Though as a Kyoto native, he said, "I still like Kyoto traditional food more especially obanzai. The flavour is subtler, fresh, and to my liking. Moreover, it's aesthetically appealing. Well, sorry if I'm bias, but what can I say? I'm from Kyoto after all."

Other than that, she would appear in a movie as Setsu though it was for next year. Konoe was the director for the movie she would be in. He decided to try a hand on filming another action movie with a foreign touch. This time, it was about bounty hunting. Ren would appear in the same movie as the lead actor and playing the bounty hunter whilst Setsu would be playing as his target. They would be filming it in the USA.

"Nabatame-san, you look so beautiful," Kyouko said when she saw Nabatame Yuuko emerged in a wedding dress for the day's shoot.

The older actress smiled. "Thanks. It's like dream comes true." She then winked.

"Eh? But aren't you married? So you supposedly already had worn a wedding gown." Kyouko frowned.

Yuuko chuckled. "Yes, I'm married but it was a Japanese style wedding. So, white kimono instead of white wedding gown."

"Ah I see." Kyouko giggled. "I'm sorry for assuming that you had worn one before."

"No, it's okay." She smiled. "By the way, when is your wedding? I've been wondering about that ring ever since we shot that Christmas family gathering scene." She pointed at the ring on Kyouko's left hand. "That's diamond right? So are you engaged now?"

Kyouko shook her head.

"No way! That's clearly a diamond so it's safe for me to assume that you're engaged. Wow, Tsuruga-kun's fast."

Kyouko blushed.

Yuuko chuckled. "Oh well, sorry if I'm too nosy."

"No. I didn't think you're nosy. It's just… I'm not engaged. It's a…" She wondered what to call that ring aside from gift. Since she didn't have any alternative answer, she ended up finishing it with, "Gift."

Yuuko blinked several times, confused with the answer. "But if a man had given you a ring, I think it's not just a plain gift. He must have a reason as to why he gave you that. If it's not an engagement ring then it could only be…" Yuuko tried to think of the right term, "a promise ring?"

"Promise ring?" Kyouko tilted her head.

"Yes. By that, he was trying to bind you to him. Something like that." She chuckled. "Wow, Tsuruga-kun is quite possessive then."

I'd lock you in a chamber if I must. I'm possessive too, Kyouko, when it comes to you. She blushed redder upon remembering his words to her the other day. She had heard he confessed that he was possessive about her.

"Guess I'm right about it." Yuuko patted Kyouko on her shoulder. "Ah and if you worry about the announcement, don't be! You're free to date or marry anyone you want. Some people will say something, either bad or good but it's not important. What matters the most are your feelings towards each other."

"Did you…" she hesitated to ask and ended up clamming up again.

Yuuko seemed to notice that. She nonchalantly said, "Yes. Every celebrity has the same problem. It's tough to be one." She shrugged. "Ah… though I still want to talk with you some more, especially about this and something related to Kotonami-san, Shingai is already calling for us. Let's go!"

Fuyuki and Kuze kissed after Kuze had somehow confessed to her about his true feelings in a somewhat unromantic way, and Fuyuki accepted his feelings and his invitation to move in with him. The scene marked the ending of Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 shooting.

"CUT! Great! Our last scene is finally finished," Shingai said.

Everyone near the shooting location clapped including the bystanders. They were shooting the scenes outdoor in some park.

Kyouko and Ren hadn't pulled away from their kisses. It was due to Shingai's fake coughing sound and his teasing, "Guys, I understand that you two are soooooooo lovey-dovey but do it in your private time, please." that they finally pulled away.

Kyouko went totally red and immediately got off Ren's lap. She apologised profusely for behaving like that. The crews, Shingai, assistant director and the other casts only laughed it off whilst the crowds protested.

Shingai had found out about their relationship right after he heard Ren said to Jones that he had a girlfriend and that he didn't want his girlfriend to misunderstand him with Jones kept pestering him. He saw the whole incident. From Kyouko's scowling till Ren got away to go after her. He wasn't that surprised about their relationship though he wondered when the two actors had started dating.

Ren only smiled upon seeing her reddened face. He knew that he couldn't force her to announce their relationship. They talked about that and he was okay with that. He was willing to wait till she was more ready.

Both actors accepted congratulatory bouquets for their hard work in the drama filming afterwards. Shingai reminded them that they would have the closing party in another two weeks.

"You two don't have to see us off, actually," Kuu said whilst Julie only nodded.

"No, it's okay," Kuon said. "Kyouko said it wouldn't be good if we don't see you two off."

"Ah, so it's Kyouko's idea?" Julie raised her brows then hugged Kyouko. "I just knew that you're such a sensible and lovable kid." She kissed Kyouko full on her face.

Kyouko froze. She was gobsmacked because she didn't expect the 'assault'.

Julie giggled when she saw Kyouko freezing.

Kuon and Kuu cringed.

Though she was freezing, she felt the warmth of family love from Julie's kisses. Kyouko hugged Julie back and surprised the older lady. She then pulled away with a shy smile.

Julie chuckled. She felt really happy since it was Kyouko's first time hugging her on her own, not the other way around. "Now you made me don't want to leave you here with this big bad wolf son of mine." Julie patted Kuon's upper arm.

Kyouko blushed. "Don't worry, Mother! Kuon is a perfect gentleman."

"I doubt that," Kuu and Julie simultaneously said.

Kuon cringed. "Uh, you three talk like I'm not here."

Kuu laughed. "Sorry about that!"

"Uh, I really don't want to leave, but…" Julie shrugged. "We're being called to the waiting room already. Boarding time."

"Yeah, so… guys. Have fun and…" Kuu winked to Julie.

"Stay safe!" both parents finished with a grin.

The younger couple blushed. They wondered why Kuu and Julie found it funny to always remind them to stay safe. It wasn't like they did anything dangerous, literally and figuratively speaking. They knew perfectly what the older couple meant, though.

"Ah, you two, have a safe trip!" Kuon answered whilst Kyouko only bowed.

The parents waved then walked towards the waiting room. Before Kuu disappeared from their sights, he swivelled and said, "Good luck!"

Kyouko lifted her brows, wondering the meaning of Kuu's good luck whilst Kuon only gave him a thumb up.

After doing boat sailing, the couple walked hand in hand along the Kadena Marina beach. Kuon had started to feel agitated. He had planned to propose when it was just the two of them without people around. He led her farther from the crowd.

He had to admit that he wasn't a romantic person despite years of acting as Tsuruga Ren though he doubted that Ren was romantic at all. Despite having had acted in several light romantic dramas, he still had no idea how to be a romantic man. He was provided a script and just acted accordingly. Lory had even told him that his acting of love was so fake when he was about to take a part in Dark Moon as Katsuki.

Simply put, he felt that he was kind of like Kuze in that department but again, he had to acknowledge that he was quite a chicken and didn't have the same courage Kuze had. He knew that Kyouko was a hopeless romantic and desperately wanted to make his proposal somewhat romantic.

"Kyouko," he called out. He unconsciously squeezed her hand.

Kyouko felt that his hand was cold and started to worry. "Are you okay, Kuon? You look pale."

Kuon's other hand was in his pocket. He fiddled with the ring box.

"Kuon?" With her unoccupied hand, she reached out to his face and saw his nervous face. She smiled reassuringly. "What's up? You know you can tell me anything. Ah, but… I don't mean to pry. Really…"

Kuon took a deep breath and confused Kyouko even more. He let out a desperate sigh. "Ah, I'm really no good at this."

Kyouko tilted her head. "At this?"

He knelt down and Kyouko blinked. "Ah, uh… I…Kyouko."


"I'm not good with words. I'll just be frank." He took another deep breath.

"Maybe you should stand up." She looked around and worried that people might misunderstand their current predicament especially with Kuon's face paling like now. She worried that people might think that she bullied him or dumped him or something close to that.

"No." Kuon took her both hands and put the ring box in her hands.

Her eyes widened. "Another gift?"

He smiled nervously and took another deep breath. "Kyouko, listen to me well."

She nodded.

"Will you marry me?"

She blushed upon hearing the question. Kuon is proposing to me?

"I wanted to make it romantic but I'm sorry I don't know how. I know that we have just only dated for several months and you might think it's too fast. I know that perhaps we can't do it right now but I'll ask you again anyway. Will you marry me and entrust your happiness and life to me? Will you take your chances with me again but this time for better, for worse, for the rest of our lives?" He smiled heavenly.

Kyouko's tears fell down and kind of scared Kuon for a second. She then smiled and said, "Yes. Yes. I will marry you, Corn."

His face lit up and he let out a relieved sigh. "Thank you Kyouko for making me the happiest man alive."

"Thank you Kuon for making me the happiest woman alive." She leant down and kissed him on his lips softly.

She pulled away immediately because they were still in a public place, but Kuon pulled her back and kissed her deeply. She decided that she didn't care because she was officially engaged to the man she loved deeply and she reciprocated the kiss.

It was the yearly Grateful party again. The Grateful party's guests list grew larger from year to year. Kyouko had worked with so many celebrities after all and felt bad if she didn't invite them.

She was happy that Kuu and Julie went all the trouble to attend this year Grateful party. She was also happy when she saw Maria chatting happily with her father.

She smiled serenely whilst watching the happy crowd in the party. It was soon nearing midnight. Only one hour left. Last year, her birthday was celebrated again at the midnight, just like her seventeenth birthday. It wasn't a surprise anymore though she was still not used to having people celebrate her birthday.

"Kyouko." Julie pulled on her elbow.

"Yes, Mother?"

"Come with me!" Julie winked.

"Eh? Has Ren come then?"

"He will be arriving on time. Don't worry!" Julie grinned.

Julie's cryptic words left her confused but she went along with Julie.

"Wow, the dress is so beautiful," Kyouko commented when Julie told her to wear the white gown.

"I know, right?" Julie winked. "For the birthday girl, Mother wants you to wear this dress."

"Hmm? Why?" She looked down at her soft pink dress. "Is this dress no good?"

"No, it's not that." Julie coughed and in not so good Japanese, she continued, "Kotonami-san, Amamiya-san, Miss Woods, please help me to makeover our… bride to be."

Three yeses were heard at the same time. Kanae appeared with the veil whilst Amamiya was holding the bouquet. Jelly appeared with makeup brushes in her hands.

Kyouko blinked. "Bride to be?"

"Yes, this is a surprise wedding." Julie giggled.

"Your groom is in the other room with the two Yashiros, though." Kanae smiled. "I'd like to congratulate you in advance."

"I'm surprised again. That blond foreigner was actually Tsuruga-san then? So he disguised himself as a foreigner? It's somehow right!" Chiori chuckled. "I actually had thought that you liked Tsuruga-san romantically and really surprised when you got into a headline with a foreigner instead. But I'm glad that I was right about it. Congratulations in advance, Kyouko-san."

"Don't forget me! So, your boyfriend is Ren-chan? I'm surprised! He's a good boy." Jelly grinned. "Congratulations, Kyouko-chan."

Kyouko was utterly surprised. She didn't know what to say.

"It's okay right? You're engaged to him anyway," Julie said with a smile. "Ah, don't worry about the legal paperwork. All settled including guardian consent. You just have to sign the marriage registration form later."

Kyouko blinked. "How? Did you find my mother?"

"No. We hired a PI to find her but… actually your legal guardian is Fuwa Hiroko, Fuwa ryokan's okami. She couldn't come but she and her husband wished you a happily ever after with Mr Tsuruga." Julie smiled. "You should give them a phone call or card or letter or something to thank them. After all, they raised you, right?"

Kyouko nodded though she still had question and she felt a bit ashamed that she had betrayed their trusts and ran away from their home to follow Shou. She would properly apologise and thank them later. "I will but…" she hesitated to ask. She fiddled with her dress.

I guess she wants to ask about that woman. Julie sighed. "Meanwhile your mother… uh, she's not even your mother."

"What do you mean?" Kyouko's brows furrowed.

Julie took a deep breath. It was going to be long and she hoped she could make it short but Kyouko deserved to know everything. "She's your aunt, your father's younger sister. Your real parents died in an aeroplane accident when you were still one year old. From the investigation report, Mogami Saena was your only blood relative. She currently resides in Fukuoka and remains unmarried. She's a ruthless businesswoman. Maybe that's why she was bitter? I don't know and I have to say I hate that woman. Sorry though." Julie patted Kyouko's head. "It's a long story really and we have limited time." Julie pointed to the clock. It was 40 minutes to midnight.

Kyouko shook her head, waving off Julie's apology. It was surprising to learn that the woman she thought was her mother was in fact not her mother, and her real parents had actually died years ago, and that she had really no relatives left at all. Maybe that's why she hated me? She wouldn't want to be burdened with me.

"Now, don't go all sad like that. Be happy!" Julie said whilst the other three nodded encouragingly. They all took turn patting her shoulder to comfort her. "It's up to you to whether to go on with this wedding or not. If you don't want to get married now, we could cancel it." She was sure that Kyouko would go along. "Moreover, you have me." Julie grinned.

She smiled and then went to hug Julie. "Thanks, Mother." She pulled away and went to hug the three other ladies with bone cracking hug and made them wince. "Thank you for the surprise early birthday gift. I guess, I'm going to get married today, after all." She grinned and they grinned back at her.


"Why do you have to go with that blond hair? You want to hide from public that badly?" Yashiro sighed.

"That's too sad for Kyouko-chan to marry a fictive guy, don't you think?" Hiromi added.

Kuon shot them both an impassive smile. "This is the real me." He shrugged.

Both Yashiros were gobsmacked. They froze completely then laughed. They thought he was only joking and it kind of got them for a second.

"Okay, so Ren's dreaming." Yashiro laughed harder. "Hey, I know you were great when you played Cain Heel but this is too much a joke, Ren."

"Right!" Hiromi grinned.

"Well, it's up to you whether you want to believe me or not. This is the real me. This hair is originally blond and the colour of my eyes is originally green. I'm an American. I only have a quarter of Japanese blood in me. Since I think it's important for you two as my and Kyouko's managers to know, and that because I think of you two as friends, I decided to reveal it now before it explodes later. My name is actually Kuon Hizuri and I believed you two had seen my parents out there." He smiled.

Both the Yashiros stopped laughing and snickering.

"Damn, that's why you were so calm when we got to meet Kuu? He's your father." Yashiro sighed and slapped Kuon on his back hard. "Damn you, Ren." Though he said so, he grinned like a Cheshire cat.

Kuon winced.

"This is the best news for this wedding. Haha… Sorry for doubting you, Ren eh Kuon?" Hiromi patted him on his shoulder.

"Ren's fine." He smiled. "Thanks, guys."

"Well, then, you should head there now." Yashiro said. He was about to squeal when he saw Hiromi's warning gaze. He immediately schooled his face and put on his gloves. He wouldn't miss taking a record on the couple's wedding. "Well, let's get ready, shall we all?"

Right at the midnight, the party hall's light went off and surprised the guests. Many of them were heard asking what had happened. Then they all saw the spotlight on a white bungalow set. Another spotlight was on a tall blond haired guy near the table. They were surprised upon seeing the guy in his white tux.

And then the whole light was turned on again. The setting had changed. They saw sea of white flowers everywhere and there were paper white butterflies falling down.

Lory enjoyed the surprised looks of the guests. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is a surprise wedding between the blond guy…" He grinned wickedly when he said it. He didn't know what Kuon had planned and just went along with it. He was already happy that he got to arrange the surprise wedding. "And…" He pointed towards the entrance to the party hall. Wedding march was now heard in the room. Maria was the one playing the tunes on the grand piano. She had been practising on it since she heard about the surprise wedding party plan. She smiled towards the view.

Kyouko appeared with the white wedding gown Julie told her to wear. The veil covered her face and a bouquet of red roses in her hands. She walked slowly towards the man she loved.

The guests were ooh and ahh though they still had no idea who the bride and the groom were. They couldn't see the bride's face and they didn't recognise the groom. Julie and the girls appeared right after Kyouko.

It was a short distance till Kyouko took Kuon's offered hand.

Lory coughed. "Well, so, without further ado, it's a wedding between the blond guy and Kyouko."

The guests were all dumbfounded. They were surprised that it was Kyouko's wedding instead of her birthday party like most of them knew. Public knew that the actress was engaged. Her engagement ring gave that away.

Some of her co-stars in Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 were surprised as well. Some of them who knew she dated Tsuruga Ren were even more confused though they had started to think that probably the blond guy was Ren.

Kijima sighed in defeat, "Darn that Tsuruga-kun. He wins in the end huh? Surprise wedding? That's sly!" The guy still corresponded regularly with Kyouko. He even asked her out several times though she always rejected his invitations.

"I, Hizuri Kuon, take you Mogami Kyouko, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness." Kuon said his vow and slid the wedding ring on Kyouko's left ring finger.

The guests were all stunned. They only recognised the surname 'Hizuri'. They could only conclude that the guy had something to do with the Hizuri couple because they saw Kuu and his wife amongst the guest but never thought that Kyouko would be married to someone with same surname.

"I, Mogami Kyouko, take you Hizuri Kuon, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness." Kyouko repeated after Kuon since she didn't know what to do for the vow. She smiled and slid the wedding ring on Kuon's left ring finger.

"It's jinzen shiki anyway so…" Lory continued. "I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!"

Kuon lifted Kyouko's veil and the couple kissed to seal their union. They then proceeded with signing the marriage registration form. Both Yashiros acted as the witness with writing their names on the form and put their inkan on it.

The Yashiros congratulated them with wide smiles and the crowd cheered loudly. They shouted out, "Congratulations, Kyouko-chan and husband. Hope you two live happily ever after," almost simultaneously.

A conference press was held afterwards. Kuon revealed his identity and surprised the entire hall. There were many questions directed at him and Kyouko. Kuon answered that he came to Japan because he wanted to find himself and to follow his father's footsteps and that he wanted people acknowledged his talent as him, not because he was Kuu's son.

When asked about how he knew Kyouko was the one for him, he smiled and admitted, "As a boy, I had a childhood crush on Kyouko."

"As a boy?"

"Yes, I met her when she was 6 and I was 10. She was really cute at that time, with her pig tails." Kuon laughed and the guests laughed along. Kyouko blushed and Kuon squeezed her hand. "Ten years later, I met her again and it didn't take me long to fall in love with her though I didn't realised it at first. I realised it when I was playing Katsuki. She helped me with my acting practice that time. It was one sided love and she really had no idea that I fell for her." He chuckled. "It took me almost three long agonising years before I gathered up my courage and confessed to her."

Kyouko stared up at him and squeezed his hand. She mouthed, "Sorry that I was dense."

Kuon grinned and whilst still staring at Kyouko, he continued, "And Kyouko is the only woman who sees me for me. She accepts my weaknesses and copes with my selfishness. I feel that I belong when I'm with her." He smiled. "I love you, Kyouko."

"I love you too, Kuon." Kyouko smiled back. She almost cried and desperately held back her tears.

Many guests especially the women found it so romantic though many of them were disappointed that Ren was officially off market.

Julie and Kuu came forward. They both gave the younger couple a hug. Daruma-ya's Taishou and Okami also came forward and congratulated the couple. Kyouko went to hug them. There were many people that also came forward to congratulate them.

The guys that were Ren's rivals for Kyouko's attentions had to admit defeat to the guy. Adam patted Kuon's arm and expressed his amazement towards his fellow countryman. Kijima shook his head and jokingly called him sly.

Chiori and Kanae were bear hugged by Kyouko and winced once again when they expressed their amazement over Kuon's real identity and to congratulate Kyouko once again.

"Okay, so this feels right," Kuon said when he walked towards their bedroom and carried her bridal style. "You're finally my wife."

Kyouko smiled shyly. "And now that I am officially moved in with you."

"Yes. I have never thought that I have to wait till marriage too for this moving-in-thing." He chuckled.

"I had actually wanted to tell you tonight that I'd decided to move in with you after New Year."


She nodded.

"But this is just okay." He grinned and dropped her on the bed slowly. He knelt down and hugged her waist. "Thanks for today, Kyouko."

Kyouko bent down and kissed him on his head. "No. Thanks for the surprise, Kuon."

He lifted his head and shot her Emperor of the Night smile she knew well. She knew what he intended to do to her. She shivered in anticipation and smiled back nervously.

And the rest was a long sleepless hours for the two of them.

"Sorry, I have no interest in you," 15 years old Yuu Hizuri said to the girl who had just confessed to him on the school's rooftop.

The girl showed a sad face upon hearing Yuu's cold words and ran away with tears on her face.

His hazel eyes stared at the girl's retreating form. He sighed and stared up at the sky.

"Yo, this stupid guy! You don't have to be that cold towards her. She's crying, you know?" came a sweet voice from behind him.

He swivelled and shrugged when he saw that it was his older twin sister. "Well, I was only telling the truth, Yuua."

The girl had the same hazel eyes like him though the colour of her eyes was leaning towards gold instead of green like him. Both of them had dark blond hair. Most of their features were inherited from their father especially their faces. "But couldn't you say it with softer tone?"

Yuu scowled at her. "Well, although we are twins, we are different. I'm a guy anyway and if I don't outright rejected her, she'd probably pester me. I hate fan girls."

"Still you don't have to be that harsh. It took courage for a girl to confess to a guy."

Yuu made an impatient tsk. "Okay okay, got it. I was wrong, okay? Moreover, if someday I am going to date someone, I would want it to be the girl I fall in love with, not just randomly picking out any girls who want to go out with me. I want someone who sees me for me. Just like our parents."

"I have to agree. It was really romantic. They met when they were children and such. After 16 years of marriage, they are still lovey-dovey. No gossip whatsoever even though they're popular as celebrities. I would want to be like them too, someday." The image of her parents came into her mind. She smiled dreamily.

Yuu chuckled and resisted an urge to tease his sister for that dreamy look on her face. "Right. But I wouldn't want so many kids like them."

Yuua grimaced when Yuu's words reminded her that she had four more siblings aside from Yuu, making them a family of 8. "Couldn't agree more, Bro."

"We still have a long way to go especially since we're in showbiz as well. I'm off to my class first."

"Hey, Yuu. Wait for me!"

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Note on terms:

Waka okami : young okami

Ryoutei : traditional restaurant in Japan (high class)

Ryouriten : restaurant/eating house

Hakase : professor

Obanzai : Kyoto home style cooking

Itamae : head chef

Jinzen shiki : civil ceremony before guests as witness.

Inkan : stamp that acted as signature in Japan.