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Chapter one: The note.

A bastard's final testimony!

"In other news, well-known investigator Neji Hyuuga has been found dead in his apartment this morning. Police suspect that Neji Hyuuga was mur-"

Sasuke switched off the radio. Investigator Uchiha Sasuke, head of the investigation department of Konoha's police force, had never been so shocked then when he had found out his partner had been found dead in his own home. How many times had he visited Neji in his home, not knowing it would be the scene of his death?

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel. "Don't worry Neji, I'm on my way." Sasuke said under his breath. As he pulled up to Neji's apartment building, Chouji ran up to his car. The usually cheerful man was now pale and bug-eyed, panting from the long run down the stairs and to Sasuke's car.

"Sasuke, you've gotta see this!" he gasped.

Sasuke stepped out of his car and slammed the door shut. He tossed the valet his car keys and shot Chouji a cool look as he passed him. "Never call me that again, it's Mr. Uchiha to you." he said coldly.

Entering the lobby, he could see the hysterical tenants crowded around the poor,poor teen working at the feeble desk in the corner of the lobby, screaming about the murder.

"What happened!"


"I want to move out immediately!"

"He was my neighbor!"

"The water shut off in my apartment again!"

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke rudely pushed through the crowd near the elevators, earning many dirty looks and complaints which were silenced with chilling stares. He pushed past one man with a ponytail, who simply muttered, 'tch, troublesome' in response. When Sasuke finally managed to squeeze into an elevator, he none-too-politely asked the poor poor man who worked in the elevator to hit the button for level twelve. Of course, this brought up many objections and sharp retorts, as the level had been cut off from the public, and apartment owners were being evacuated from for the time being. The argument however ended when Sasuke flashed his badge at the attendant and he was immediately granted access to the floor. By the time the elevator arrived on Neji's level, Sasuke was beyond irritated and could feel the beginning of a migraine starting behind his eyes. The second he had stepped out he was being swarmed with officers and investigators of all kinds.

"Ah, Sasuke. You've finally , for once I'm on time and you're not, you're behind your game today."

Sasuke turned towards the familiar voice. Kakashi."Good evening, Captain Kakashi. How are you?"Sasuke greeted stiffly, manners in mind. Hatake Kakashi, leaned against the frame of the doorway he was currently standing in, hands casually in the pockets of his slacks. Kakashi chuckled. "Fine, Sasuke , thank you for asking. And I've already told you it's okay just to call me Kakashi."

"Understood. Is there any other reason you've stopped me?"

"Ah yes," Kakashi, replied, pulling up the mask that covered half of his face, easy-going demeanor fading. "I believe Officer Akimichi was sent down after you earlier. We've discovered something...interesting. The other investigators are waiting for you inside the apartment."

Sasuke nodded, face as emotionless as ever. "Yes sir." he saluted.

When Sasuke entered Neji's apartment it was as neat and pristine as usual, except there was something wrong with the scene...


Blood soaked the vanilla carpets, stained the white walls, was dried and flaking off the spines of the books on the bookshelf. Police swarmed everywhere, dusting for fingerprints, talking to others, a few rookies who had been assigned to the case just stood there, gaping at the bloody scene. Sasuke walked up behind a young ginger man, who simply gawked in horror around the room, eyes wide and unfocused, sweat rolling down the side of his face. Sasuke put a hand on his shoulder. The man flinched and stared at him. "Sir..." he whispered.

"It's alright, why don't you just step outside for a bit." It wasn't a suggestion, it was a command. The rookie nodded weakly at him, shuffling out of the room with an empty look in his eyes.

"Yo! Sasuke!" Kiba saluted, running up to him. The dog-loving officer had been put on the case with his best hound, Akamaru, to find clues humans couldn't.

"Where's the dobe?" Sasuke asked him immediately. Indeed, there was no hint of his blonde friend to be seen, and Sasuke knew he had been assigned to this case as well. Kiba scratched the back of his head, further ruffling his already matted brown hair. "He was sent back to HQ for a bit because he got so upset after seeing...Neji's body..Captain Kakashi said he needed to calm down.."

Sasuke rolled his course, leave it to the dobe to get over-emotional for him. He hardly spoke to Neji and now he was acting like it was the death of his closest friend. Idiot. "Where's the body?" Sasuke demanded.

Kiba ruffled his hair again and avoided looking Sasuke in the eyes. Though he wold never admit it, not even while being beaten to death, Sasuke kind of scared him sometimes.

"It was removed from the apartment and taken to a hospital close by shortly after his body was recovered. But...they searched him before sending him off and they found something..A note. Addressed to you." Kiba hesitantly pulled a manilla envelope from his pocket and handing it to Sasuke, before shuffling off awkwardly to discuss the case with a fellow officer.

The manilla envelope had silver lining around the edges, like all of Neji's did. And in the middle in tall, elegant, swooping letters, was Sasuke's name. Sasuke snorted and and smiled grimly at the note. Even when he was about to die, leave it to Neji to still be perfect in every way. He carefully sliced the envelope open, pulling out a sheet of similarly designed paper.

For a second, all Sasuke could do was stare at the paper. He reread it over and over again, wondering if maybe he'd misread something, maybe the rest of the letter was in invisible ink, maybe, maybe...

Maybe Neji Hyuuga was the biggest jackass that had walked the earth.

One sentence, in code no less, graced the paper. One. Sentence.

"Bastard..." Sasuke whispered through gritted teeth.

He reread once more just to be sure, but by now the words were permanently engraved in his mind:

A Deer shadows the murder...

Bastard always did like making Sasuke's life harder for him.

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Next Time, Chapter 2: The Deer, found!

"Heh, took you long enough, Sasuke Uchiha."

"Don't fuck with me! You know what happened to Neji!"

" This bastard, screwing with me…"

"That, is when the game started."