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First and final curtain call.

"It is said a swan only has one lover in his entire life. If he, or she, dies, the other swan might die of a broken heart." Thomas announced. The party of dancers turned to look at him. It was the day after the first show – they were all in shock. Nina, the head dancer, had killed herself. Driven mad by some desire unknown to them. Lily hadn't even bothered to show up. "That was what happened last night. Only a twisted version. You see, Swan Lake, had come to life."

His tone implied sadness and macabre.

"You see, Nina was the white swan. She was sweet, she was innocent – unlike the black swan. The black swan was full of passion, lust and wont."

"I don't understand how this has anything to do with Nina." One of the dancers said. Thomas' eyes fell on her.

"Of course you don't – I haven't fully explained it yet. You see, Nina's last words were 'I've lived it. I was perfect.' Nina, you see, had gone insane. Her mother confided this to me – after many harsh words, that is. Lily had confided to me another of Nina's disillusions. Nina was as mad as a hatter, if I could use such a term."

"It still doesn't explain why she killed herself." Another dancer noted.

"A swan only has one lover – and if that lover dies, the swan may die of heartbreak. Repetition of this phrase, I realise that. But what if the swan's meant lover fell for another? The swan would still die of heartbreak… or what say you?"


"Nina fell in love. The white swan, that part of her fell in love… but the black swan did too. The problem was that her meant lover fell in love with the black swan. The wrong prince. So – Nina, who was more white swan than anything, killed herself. Just like they did in the ballet."

Some dancers nodded, starting to comprehend. Thomas took a deep breath. Nina's suicide rested entirely on his shoulders. It was his fault – he'd been enchanted by the black swan, who wouldn't be? He'd been taken in by the white swan's innocence, though.

He'd seen her fall for him – not moving a finger to stop it. He didn't want to. She hadn't been alone in the feelings, after all.

But he'd pushed her to change into some horrendous being.

It ended in her first and final curtain call.

"Which is why I'm stepping down. Another director will take over – another lead dancer. Lily, too, will leave."

"Why's Lily leaving?"

"Same reason as I will – too many to name and none of them your business. I will give you this: Never get so carried away with something that it makes you go insane."

Thomas turned and left, leaving some dancers confused and others enlightened.

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